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  1. I'm really disappointed by the reaction of some Steelmen to their fellow fans on here. I get that we're all stinging by what has happened, but everyone is entitled to express that however they want. Slagging or ridiculing fellow Well fan's expression of annoyance doesn't help, and makes us look like petty, squabbling, immature arseholes. Are we in this together or do we turn on each other at the first opportunity? The protests may or may not happen, they may or may not be your cup of tea, but those guys are as entitled to those opinions as any other. Calling fellow fans "dicks" is insulting and unnecessary.
  2. Back stabbing bastard... You're just a back stabbing bastard...
  3. Good for you Craggs. There's dignity right there.
  4. The original post was to suggest one way, not THE way... and I said IF people were wanting to protest what type would THEY suggest, perhaps people could have said "well, maybe not that, but how about this..." or just had a laugh with it. I'm not trying to stir up a load of people standing with their backs to the game, just giving one example of what could happen. You don't like it, fine. You don't need to be so aggressive about it. I also said "when they came out" not "miss some of the game". I wish you'd read it properly before jumping in there, son.
  5. Maybe we shoulda saw it coming with Craig and Archie swapped dug oots last time we played!
  6. It might not be what you want to do, mate, but it's hardly a load of nonsense. I'm trying to think of a better way of expressing ourselves without the need for calling people pedos. And no need for the "patronising" apostrophes either. We're all in this together. I thought, anyway. The start of your post you say "protests" are "nonsense" then suggest a banner! What's that?
  7. You know, when we went up to Aberdeen when Mutley left, we got a lot of stick for the way he was abuse, even being accused of saying things we didn't say, etc, but that's what happens when emotions are high and everyone is beeling. Instead of going up to the Shaggers with this fury in our bellies and venting it in a string of obsenities, why not try and come up with something we can all do at the same time that will let everyone know just how much we hold the previous regime in contempt, whilst also showing that we are dignified and proud of our club, unlike the poison squirted from elsewhere in the SPL. So anyone got any ideas? Personally I think we should arrange for the whole away section, to a man, to stand up and turn out backs on them as they come out. No shouting, no jeering, no name calling, just silently stand up and turn around, show them our backs... it'd get us on the telly! Albeit our backs! LOL What do you think? Any other ideas?
  8. The problem with "potential" clubs now is money. In the 80s yir Dons and Hibs could compete because it was about talent and football, now, as the Auld Scum and the Premiership have shown, it's about buying your way into comps. Aberdeen don't have much more money than us, so it IS all about the football and the players there. Who are, in no way, any better than Motherwell. Aberdeen MIGHT have been a big club at one time, but, fuck, how many are languishing in the bottom of the lower leagues, both here and in England, that used to be too... Leeds? Nottingham Forest? QP? Tonnes.
  9. I think the thing is to give Boyle respect for due diligence in getting a new manager. Maybe Dodds and Chiz, or McCall are not for us, but he wouldn't be doing his job right if he dismissed them without even either speaking to them or considering what they would bring. THAT can amount to the cocks in the media having them "in talks" because, to be fair, the ARE talking.. just not getting very far!
  10. An affinity for MFC is important this time, I think, but as much as I do love Craggs, he has no experience at any level of management. As an Assistant to Leitch though, or as part of a team with Leitch and Adams, absolutely.
  11. I wouldn't be pleased to see Mutley back, for a few reason. Firstly, he's not a very good manager. His record is mediocre and his attitude and behaviour at Aberdeen has been bewildering. Secondly, for what he did on leaving us. Thinking he was probably going to Celtic, he spent his last six months doing fuck all, not resigning people, laying down a strategy to leave and didn't care about us. He showed a lack of loyalty that verges on Brownism. Thirdly, since going, he's been a bit scathing about us, mostly because we slaughtered him. I couldn't be two faced and welcome him back now. Bridges well and truly burned. Fourthly, after the way we treated HIM, I can't see him thinking this would be a good place to come. If he does, he's a mental. Out of all "old" managers, I think Butcher would do well with our resources now, because mostly he did a great job with less. Although, to be fair, he did have Faddy. Personally, I think we need someone who would have a connection and love for MFC.
  12. Here here. He took that job in terrible circumstances. And for very good reasons. And he hasn't nobbled anyone at all from Motherwell and to me is as good as his word on that. Slane went because Mutley promised him he was going too, it wasn't down to McCart.
  13. To be fair, yes. I think he's a decent commentator, if I'm honest. I've heard him be pretty positive about us.
  14. Well said. Profile lifting to the extreme. One thing the previous three managers have had in common has been their ability to bring in people from outside - Jukes, Ruddy, Randolph, Blackman etc... - and Dodds and Chiz have none of that, unless we want to go down St Mirren's route and bring a load of part time amateurs in!
  15. I think that's a good call too, however, did Leitchy get hit with any of the shit we all threw at Mutley? And are those bridges burned? Perhaps with the fans, but not Boyle...
  16. I don't think it's as much wee Craig going North that's the thing, although that's bad enough, but more about the way the whole thing was conducted... IF Motherwell were to approach Tel, I'm sure it would all be done above board and with respect for both clubs.

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