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  1. I think that has already happened The rumours have come
  2. Thought this deserves a replay
  3. Well done to our Oscar winning media team for putting together the video.
  4. I love this club. Let’s raise money for free season tickets for the families that are on low incomes and unemployed what a great idea. Since I was young I follow On Motherwell fc the team for me.
  5. SteelmaninOZ

    POTY Time

    Who would you vote for? Tony Watt for me.
  6. Yes I would love to have him back 1. send him to the same Doctor that DT had 2. Reports good Sign him 3. We have the team to rebuild him 4. A fit Moult playing for us his mrs happy fans happy 5. very little cost to us 6. I may have had to many rums

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