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  1. SteelmaninOZ

    2019'20 Game 8: St Mirren (H)

    When are we going to score? COYW
  2. SteelmaninOZ

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    We had a great supporters bus me and John and few others got on at the Westwood pick up.
  3. SteelmaninOZ

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    Inducted into the first MFC Hall of Fame: Congratulations to Willie Pettigrew.
  4. SteelmaninOZ

    2019'20 Game 6: Ross County (H)

  5. SteelmaninOZ

    Motherwell Fantasy Kits

    Yes I like it as well
  6. SteelmaninOZ

    Hearts away, 14/9

    Back in the day when the tv coverage was good... the ploughed field that Willie glides through and scores! Might see you in that old folk’s home mate
  7. SteelmaninOZ

    Vs Hibs

  8. SteelmaninOZ

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Aldred missed a penalty tonight he was feeling the heat here even though it is winter (cramps) he looks good as the skipper
  9. SteelmaninOZ

    2019/2020 Game 2: Celtic (H) August 10th 12pm Kick off

    Unlucky there for Long

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