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  1. Good luck G&F. Thanks for the update Busta
  2. Naw he loves Brisbane Roar Captain Aldred
  3. And here’s old c&a eyes Tam Cowan man whit a guy https://t.co/YSJhLOdlBn
  4. This is great well done our media team
  5. Yes officially 3rd could have been 2nd, yes?
  6. Happy birthday Motherwell FC
  7. This was one of the great teams we had in the 70’s that never won anything. From the gobstopper68 vault. Enjoy
  8. The ‘Well were very good that game. From the vaults of gobstopper.
  9. Fantastic. Like the weathering of the stands A wee bit to go before the first game, who would we be playing? Or are we playing behind closed doors. Looking forward to the finished model. Well done
  10. [email protected] is very popular in the USA. You can’t really see this at Fir Park?

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