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  1. He also brought Willie Pettigrew to FP,
  2. Sad news indeed. He was fond of claiming he built the POD yeah I know it was the transfer money from Liverpool for him. Another home town legend gone. RIP Ian Saint John.
  3. Went for Roberts hard choice with everyone in team outstanding
  4. Will he has he signed his new contract?
  5. In Oz it’s well after midnight Sunday morning down here before we start. The African can answer for NZ.
  6. SteelmaninOZ

    2021 AGM

    Thanks Andy for taking the time and effort you put in to have this report published here for the overseas fans.
  7. Robbie Fowler then manager of Brisbane they met in England and talked Tom Aldred to come down under. As for Scott McDonald it was no secret he wanted to come back to Australia started at Western United and then moved to Brisbane. Maybe the weather helped I do know they keep in touch with Motherwell FC.
  8. I went to the Brisbane Roar game today just to see the former Well players Scotty scored and so did Tom an (og) have a peek.

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