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  1. Take ma money!!! (would look great with Claret shorts)
  2. Can’t believe a Motherwell fan asked who’s number 10? In the twitters replies
  3. Aye the then manager saw it in a movie (The Hill -Sean Connery) he did it at all the clubs he managed.
  4. That’s yer home and away tops right there
  5. Another fantastic initiative of the society will they be others? I am thinking of getting these ‘scrapbooks’
  6. Did he no get a few other players oot the door? Never liked the ex Sargent of KOSB and former Berwick Rangers goalie.
  7. Just hope that the away kit is not black
  8. Some like him some don’t. I like him.
  9. Not bad some are good like the books
  10. For preseason training. Alan Burrows likes this place. BSFZ Obertraun training resort.
  11. Yip and it could be all amber top, shorts and socks with claret and white trim.
  12. Would take CK back. I think he really liked being here.

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