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  1. I don't boo players or managers at all. I'm seeing a lot of comments on twitter and Facebook saying we have to get behind Stevie because he's a motherwell man through and through? What if he wasn't? I'm not rooting for him to do well because he's a motherwell legend as folk call it. I just hope he does the job he's there to do. I think the entire club has gone off the boil lately tbh. I had a query I wanted answered. Nothing major. No answer on twitter including from Alan, no response to an email. Gave up in the end. I get that folk are busy but it was really noticeable to me that Alan didn't tweet in a week after the Sligo loss. I'm not ready to throw the towel in with motherwell but I know some folk who are. I also think it must be speculation as to why Las left. He was offered a better job but everything is the fault of Alexander Nah. Not buying that. If the board had wanted him in place he would have been manager before now. I'd rather have taken the chance with Simo. Nothing about this appointment makes me enthusiastic. I do think Burrows and the board lack ambition and its visible. I'm probably still on a low after sitting through the shit show that was last weekend to be fair
  2. Its been suggested in some quarters that the working relationships between O"Donnell and Alexander had broken down but agree to the extent that we have two experienced players who can play in the same position. I'm personally not very inspired by the Hamnell appointment or basically very much to do with the club at this point (and I don't often feel like that). The display on Saturday is probably part of that Hopefully Hammell can turn it around but tbh all he's going to have to do to keep his job is keep us a couple of spots above the relegation zone because let's face it that's what we expect given the way we play at times and that's not taking credit away from the times we have had bigger success. Hopefully we will see a new striker asap.
  3. It's the same team Alexander left us with so we aren't going to see serious improvement until we get some new players in and a new manager. On twitter a lot of people were saying how great we were under Hammell and then one guy said we're still shite (which did make me laugh). We shouldn't have to rely on Kelly to save us but that's the way it's going to be until we get a decent striker in the door. Yeah St Mirren will be feeling hard done by but that's football. We've lost plenty of games over the years when we were by far the better team. St Mirren fans not happy on twitter, some of their fans really don't rate Robbo.
  4. wellgirl


    That would be the Liam Kelly who is on 200k a year and who conceded 3 goals against a team Motherwell should have beaten easily? Fans are to blame for the fact that Motherwell didn't get the equaliser at Fir Park? With all due respect to Liam that's a load of cobblers. The reason we didn't get the equaliser is because we don't have a prolific striker. Van Veen is too inconsistent. Efford hasn't produced the goods either. Absolutely it can't be nice to be in front of a hostile crowd but that's what happens in football at times. He's kidding himself on if he thinks a supportive crowd would have got us an equaliser. Look at the travelling support we took to the Livi game last season. Fans were behind the team from the off and it took that Lamie strike to secure top six. Kevin Van Veen has spoken to the press and been honest about his own poor performance without pointing the finger at Motherwell fans. Absolutely agree that alcohol in the mix didn't help. Even before kick off at Fir Park police were called to club 100 as it was getting a bit rowdy even though there was no trouble. The word my brother used to describe the team at the Sligo home game was rancid and he maybe missed two home games last season due to work so like a lot of fans he's been watching Motherwell regularly enough to come to a conclusion about how good or bad we are.
  5. wellgirl


    I don't think anyone should get a just fuck off if they are crap at their job. Most other jobs have probationary periods built in and if they aren't performing in that time normally six months they are shown the door. People deserve some employment security but football isn't that secure, managers know that when they take the job. They could put managers on a rolling contract and it would be up to them to accept it or not when they were offered the job. The issue is that the board offered Alexander an extended contract so if they've had to pay more money to get him out of that contract that's on them. They made that decision clearly based on the results he got before the end of 2021.
  6. wellgirl


    The board and Alan Burrows have to take responsibility for this mess. They must have been aware that feelings were running high over Alexander. Absolutely we need to be realistic given the budget we have and the players we have but every year we want to avoid relegation (of course) and if we can make top six. I don't believe Alexander downed tools after he got a new contract and we did scrape through more than a few games to get top 6 but the board and Burrows knew there was a section of the support who were talking about boycotts and not going back to Fir Park if he was manager next season. Of course managers need to take abuse on the chin but all I saw on twitter was demands for him to go for months. The board let this fester until it boiled over and we are 24 hours from the first game and no manager. I also get that Burrows has a job to do and maybe won't want to face criticism on social media but he's tweeted nothing for a week. I'm not demanding an explanation from him but if you expect fans to buy season tickets and merch particularly given that we are in Europe then surely there should be a bit of accountability when things go wrong. If folk want to boo the team and the manager fair enough but giving the manager abuse mid interview? Someone grabbing his mic off him and giving him abuse? Too far and it could have been prevented. The boards indecision helped cause this situation. It just makes us look like arseholes when actually Motherwell fans are on the whole a very decent fan base. As for Liam Kelly of course he's entitled to his opinion but part of me thinks he should just sit the fuck down and say his piece another time. He's our highest paid player and its us who help pay his wages. I think he's an excellent player as well. I just think it's crap when you have fans who haven't liked Alexander and have expressed it privately or in an non offensive way and are getting the finger pointed at them when the team haven't been delivering for months. I hope the folk at the top learn from this mess.
  7. wellgirl


    A motherwell fan tweeted after the Sligo home game that he had never seen such a poisonous atmosphere inside Fir Park in all the time he has been supporting Motherwell. What I mean is fans were openly discussing how poisonous they thought the atmosphere was. I don't think Liam is that active on twitter but he has an account and I assume he'll also have seen some of the abuse flung Alexander's way on social media I was in the east stand and it wasn't that bad where I was but other people said it was awful in their part or the stand
  8. wellgirl


    I don't go to football to boo players or the manager. Never have no matter how badly we play but that's just me. Sometimes frustrations boil over and obviously they have here. I personally think Alexander had lost a section of the fan base so badly that it was just a matter of time before he was gone. I actually said this to my brother yesterday if Alexander goes and in a year the same thing happens again is another manager going to be forced out the same way? It was obvious that he wasn't going to stay after the European games. Fans would have been on his back from the off. I absolutely don't condone anyone grabbing the managers mic and abusing him. I just think it got a bit too personal with Alexander. I said that the other night on twitter. He was getting criticised for anything by the end. Not playing injured players and not playing suspended players. I saw people criticise him for his accent. In hindsight he probably should have gone earlier in the season for his sake as much as anyone else's but that's hindsight. The frustrations have clearly come from us losing to a team we should have beaten comfortably. The daily rancid is out to make headlines so its possible what Liam has said has been put together in the most sensational way (no shit sherlock).
  9. wellgirl


    I very much agree with you. I don't think today was the time or the place. He's completely entitled to his opinion as is Alexander. If people abuse you of course you have a public right of reply. But you have a situation where Alexander left on a positive note at least publicly and the next day Kelly is in the press criticising the fans. It's just the timing that's off and basically if the players had done the business on the park since January we wouldn't be having this conversation anyway. Players also need to take responsibility as well and he does say that in the interview.
  10. wellgirl


    The main criticism from Kelly seems to be that the atmosphere turned toxic at Fir Park when Sligo scored. I do think that some of the stuff directed at Alexander over the months was over the top and it hasn't been just lately its been from when we went on that poor run after Christmas. There were fans last night on twitter making laughing gifs and celebrating that he was going. I think with Alexander some people just didn't like him. They didn't like his style of play plus the way he delivered interviews. The bottom line is though people will all react differently. I don't go to Fir Park to boo the team or the manager but some people will when they feel frustrated and when you have a group of people all feeling the same way it was obvious that a section of fans wouldn't be happy until he was gone. There were people saying they weren't going to renew their season tickets even when we got the European place and even getting 5th spot wasn't enough to placate a section of the support
  11. wellgirl


    I wasn't comfortable at some of the stuff I saw levelled at Alexander. On twitter in particular but people have their opinions and fans booed in one home game as far as I know and obviously at the away game too. That's not hounding a manager out by any stretch of the imagination. I've personally never said anything negative about Alexander on my social media. Kelly has probably looked at some of the comments fans have been making on twitter and not been happy. I like Kelly as a player but he's on a six figure salary yes? Same as Alexander would have been. Yes he saved us lots of times last season but we've just crashed out of Europe having been well beaten by a team we should have beaten easily. Fans have the right to be unhappy and Alexander said himself last week that being booed didn't bother him. If Alexander did leave for the sake of the club its disappointing to see it being spun another way now.
  12. But that was the situation Alexander was in when Robbo left. I completely get where you are coming from but there are fans who wouldn't have given Alexander time. Even a win tomorrow wouldn't have been enough for a lot of fans after the Sligo games. There was talk of fans not renewing tickets even before the European games. It is terrible timing but the alternative could have been 4 or 5 games in and zero points on the board. We are always relegation favourites in a lot of people's eyes anyway.
  13. I can't see that happening. His style is too similar to Alexander. We need a fresh face. He's probably happy enough where he is as well.
  14. I'm one of these fans who would take a last minute goal over entertaining football but that's just me. Probably because I've been going long enough like lots of folk on here that you'll take 3 points no matter how you get them:) My brother has been going to fir park over 30 years now and I've never seen him as disillusioned with Motherwell as I have last season. He just thought the football was dire. I do understand completely though why fans want to be entertained. Fans pay the money and even though our club does a lot of decent offers to get fans through the doors it's still not cheap and people want a return for their money. I think Slattery has a lot of potential and I'd like to see him develop.

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