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  1. If the players aren't up for a newco under the TUPE regs, how about Ness and Mccabe from rangers B team. Young and no doubt hungry to prove themselves at a bigger club. Well a club with more history than newco Rangers.
  2. happyslappy

    Rally Call

    With hearts in third on goal difference and us having played two games less then this next three weeks is massive. First is dunfermline on Tuesday and then st Johnstone followed by hearts. Win these games and we can have a great psychological boast and put us right back on track. So craigen you are the leader of the team, hammer hutch hately you are the rocks in defence, raNdolph the saviour Jenny and Lesley you guys are the powerhouse,Ojamma show us what you can do, law murphy and Omar t he creative brilliance and higdon the man with the plan up front. Let's get off this rollercoaster and shoot into Europe. Mon the well, mon the fans and mon the nine points, let's get right behind the team.
  3. Welcome Henrik.. Hope you have a blinder for the rest of the season. Can even give the ball away for a goal, as long as you turn out to be as good as another henrik.
  4. disappointing McCall has ruled out any transfer activity. Was hoping we could get a few of the hearts players for nowt. Higdon and sutton would be interesting up front.
  5. Not sure about the shoe bit but search on you tube for lillestrom singing fans looks a good laugh. Could do both ends of the shed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq7hr-C0L3Q
  6. Think hughes gives us different options but worry for the youngsters such as forbes and carswell. Would like to think Hughes with his experience and being more of a creative player than jennings etc will take these younger guys on and help develop them to there full ability. I still think Forbes has something to add but gets lost some times. Hope this can energise us for the next few games and it will be interesting to see mccalls formation for the up coming celtic game (i take it any signing is too late for the caley game). Will he go attacking or sit with two holding midfielders in lasley and jennings. Does this mean that they envisage Jennings being off in Jan?
  7. would anyone take leon clarke after his bust up with di caneo he is available for loan? Must be mental to have a go at di canio. Figure he would fit in nicely. would also mean that the player isn't playing for a rival down south.
  8. Twitter seems to suggest there was a game today. Ok I'l bite anyone know anything about it? seemingly we won 4-2. Sounds doubtfull to me.
  9. so if the next few(?) players coming in are going to be loanee's anyone got any hidden gems? How about Nsiala centre back from everton. He was/is a welsh u19 and seemingly is eligable for Scotland. Someone let craig know. Six foot four so he matches Mcghees criteria. Not sure if he is left sided centre back but if he is could be worth a shout if we loose out on gunning. He was loaned out to maccasfield last year and has said he wants to go on loan again.
  10. Am undecided, but if we did move it would be crucial that we got a fixed fee deal. No ballooning costs from say 5 mill to 12 (like the trams) and the building company would also be fined if they were late in delivering and guaranteed there work for 10 years or so. Now where did I put that euro lottery ticket.....
  11. Murphy is clearly a vital player for us this year. Hopefully he will be moved off the left mid role and put up front. Personnally I think mccall may be looking to change his tactics with a 4 3 2 1 formation leaving murphy out on the left wing. This would mean he may only need 3 strikers. Problem then is who do you use on the left if murphy is injured or played up front i.e the other strikers are injured/suspended? Law? From what I have heard his best position is centre left mid, can anyone confirm this? page/saunders crags hutch hammy lasley jennings law hump murphy hig It is this scenario that makes me believe that we need another striker. Hately has played on the left mid before but surely that is not his best position. Should murphy go then we have to demand 1 million at least. then significant add ons for starts and goals. we are leaving boyles stewardship, moving towards fan rule with this money it would be a good start. We can then surely get in a couple of players one of which would have to be a striker.
  12. I would like to see us sign mcdonald. At 6 foot or so he would add a bit of hight to the team. He has also been playing at a good level albiet he only had some 11 or so games for Notts county (that must have been the erikson era). Worth a gamble for the man who scored 2 against arsenal and was supposedly the next big thing. He would know that this would be the last chance so would have some reason to stay around for the second halh of games. He would be hungry to show what he can do and with jenno law humphrey that would be a decent midfield. Not saying he would be an automatic starter but he must have the hunger to show he is not a complete lady part!
  13. if randolph goes then turner would be a good replacement. scott cuthbert and marc laird could do a job. think though the two best ones for us might be burke and mcdonald. both had seasons with bad injuries which might put other teams off them.
  14. If sutton goes which I think he will down to england would like to think we can keep murphy on the premise that he will be up front which I think is by far his best position. Craigen off to the BBC is a good bet to. Means we have to keep hutch. Hollis I thought was quite good in the celtic game so think the club would want to generate money for Randolph particularly as he is getting national call ups. humphrey will go down to england to play. Jones - is someone really going to look to take him on. He may want to stay depending on how he has settled particularly if Murphy won't be challenging for his place on the left. Ross will go - page to show us what he can do or hately. If jennings does go though we will need hately in midfield. As other posters have suggested I can see quite a different squad next year. With boyle away what money will there be to get in new players? Now is the time for pollock carswell forbes mchugh to step up and show us what they can do.

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