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  1. scott_mossend_mfc

    Dundee Utd (league)

    Humphrey for me.
  2. scott_mossend_mfc


    Lasley for me also.
  3. scott_mossend_mfc

    Clyde On Monday

    Me too.
  4. scott_mossend_mfc


    Sutton for me covered the whole pitch.
  5. scott_mossend_mfc

    The Green Green Grass Of Home

    We definately have more grass on our pitch than Pittodrie but will we hear talk of fines and SPL visitations to Pittodrie i think not.
  6. scott_mossend_mfc

    Congratulation Stephen Craigan

  7. scott_mossend_mfc

    New Manager

    BBC say we are in talks with craig brown. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ell/8433200.stm
  8. scott_mossend_mfc

    Motherwell Vs Kilmarnock-score Predictions,team Line-up

    It is good to see a manager at last that truely sees what goes on on the pitch and has the know how and ability to change things and adapt as games progress.
  9. scott_mossend_mfc

    Taxi Driver Story About Mr Mcghoo - Another Blinder From John Boyle!

    I would be more concerned if Mcghee was still manager and boyle was telling stories in the back of a taxi.
  10. scott_mossend_mfc

    Killie - Man Of The Match

    Jim O`brien for me very direct and looked dangerous every time on the ball.
  11. scott_mossend_mfc

    Taxi Driver Story About Mr Mcghoo - Another Blinder From John Boyle!

    No doubt another selfish act by Mcghee if true.
  12. scott_mossend_mfc

    Music When We Scored.....

    What! Eh! can`t hear a thing!
  13. scott_mossend_mfc

    New Manager-who Would We Get?

    I must admit i am starting to warm to the idea of Sanchez as manager.
  14. scott_mossend_mfc

    Well Done Fir Park Stewards

    I bumped in to that guy after the game about 4-30 he was just out of the police station gave him directions to the train station.

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