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  1. scott_mossend_mfc


    Sutton for me covered the whole pitch.
  2. We definately have more grass on our pitch than Pittodrie but will we hear talk of fines and SPL visitations to Pittodrie i think not.
  3. BBC say we are in talks with craig brown. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ell/8433200.stm
  4. It is good to see a manager at last that truely sees what goes on on the pitch and has the know how and ability to change things and adapt as games progress.
  5. I would be more concerned if Mcghee was still manager and boyle was telling stories in the back of a taxi.
  6. Jim O`brien for me very direct and looked dangerous every time on the ball.
  7. I must admit i am starting to warm to the idea of Sanchez as manager.
  8. I bumped in to that guy after the game about 4-30 he was just out of the police station gave him directions to the train station.

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