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  1. should have worked the keeper there
  2. Early boozing is always a recipe for a barney!!!!
  3. Any idea on who the number 7 in the white was? Seemed pretty quick off the ball and got into some decent pockets within the defense. Final finish looked poor mind you!
  4. if anybody was at the electric bar before the game will know how random but amazing their support was. Aalesund had one of their injured players up singing a song down the microphone not to mention their chairwoman sinking a pint!!!! much respect!!!
  5. Can't wait for tomorrow night now
  6. Right I plan on going up DL park tomorrow morning and seeing for myself if this Esteban Casagolda is the real deal!
  7. my god clearly not tap darts when it comes to proper talent!!!
  8. If you were a real Motherwell fan you would have known this already!!!!
  9. Thinking exactly the same thing.... People Iv met have said 'aw the icelandic burds are quality' and ' Norwegian burds are a full 10/10 ' where is the god damn photos!!!!
  10. garymurdoch

    Rent A Giant

    He will prob be shite and every Aaleslunds player will punt the ball up expecting him to do something!
  11. Who were the brothers that played for the well I think they were dutch? McLeish era?

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