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  1. Na, Suffolk doesn't even touch the Midlands in terms of grimness and general depressing shiteness.
  2. The Midlands is the most downbeat place in Western Europe, so I'm not surprised the accent's tone matches the location.
  3. We just can't start the season with Lamie, Lawless and Crawford anywhere near our starting XI. We can't. Lamie has had a major hand in the 4 goals we've conceded in the last two games against lower league opposition. Better players in the Premiership will absolutely crucify us.
  4. Really not a lover of it. It's a Livingston strip with a Motherwell badge stuck on it. The home one still hasn't really grown on me yet either.
  5. Burn_Broomfield


    Really sad news. He was an absolute gentleman. RIP and deepest condolences to his friends and family.
  6. You take Trippier as No.1 then James as back up.
  7. I'm convinced Eddie Nolan doesn't actually exist.
  8. great chance for Watt to go 1 on 1, unfortunate first touch lets him down.
  9. I'd happily see Polworth sacked for that. An absolute tadger.
  10. I would take any type of win tomorrow, but I would be relatively satisfied if we handed out a scudding to the money launderers.
  11. A good and vital win in what was a turgid game. Killie saw a lot of the ball, but did little with it whilst we created the best chances with much more efficient use of possession.(Cole has to score and the move for Watt's effort was brilliant) Gollum gave us absolutely nothing as usual. I was slightly surprised by Wright's post-match assessment, but I suppose he is only saying what you expect new managers to say. Granted he's hardly going to come out proclaim Killie were shite and should have lost by more, but I thought he was vastly overselling their performance. He certainly has his work cut out to improve their offensive play otherwise they could be in a lot of bother this season.
  12. I disagree, he regularly gives the ball away. Played a proper suicide pass during the County win that better teams would have punished us with. Playing such passes and losing the ball in dangerous areas certainly seems to be his calling card. We're playing him to the detriment of our own youth players who genuinely couldn't be any worse.
  13. And rightfully so. I hope we utilise it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Celtic scrambling to get tomorrow's game called off. £10k is a small price to pay in their circumstances.

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