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  1. Superb result against a team in form. Hopefully that puts us on an upward trajectory in the league now.
  2. Play like we did in that second half and we're onto a pumping from Be'er Sheva or any of the 6 potential opponents in the next round. And aye, they're never penalties. Cheating bastards.
  3. Watt deserves a bit of credit for the shift he put in and the goal. One of the few players who looked interested.
  4. This is genuinely unforgivable. A decent junior team would pump this mob.
  5. It was quite refreshing watching Montpellier v Lyon last night with a what looked like a relatively decent crowd.
  6. Outwith Edouard, Turnbull is the best player in the league. The lad is genuinely far above the level of the Premiership. Celtic have a massive Turnbull shaped hole in their team and I would not be surprised to see them fill that before October.
  7. Have to say, that's a fucking disgrace. Forget top 6, we need to focus on staying in this league.
  8. 2 wins from 14 league fixtures in 2020 isn't a particularly great return. We've certainly carried on our mediocre and sometimes downright shite form from the later part of last season into this one. Eventually the manager will come under the spotlight if he can't rectify it soon enough and that focus will arrive much quicker if a truly rotten Accies team beat us tomorrow.
  9. This indeed should be one of the most pertinent topics of discussion at present.
  10. I really feel we need a specialist right back or at least someone who is well used to the position. Like everyone else, I love the attitude, passion and work rate Grimmy brings to the team, but he is never a right back.
  11. If I were to reject a contract at my work then return the said rejected contract months after the event then I would be rightly ridiculed and told to fuck off. There's no industry I can think of that would accept such mincing about from staff during contract negotiations. He's gambled on a new deal and lost. It's on him and agent and no one else. It's not as if Covid 19 came out of nowhere either so I'm not buying that. Has he failed to watch the news , read the papers or online since November 2019? We had contract renewals at our workplace on April 1 due to IR35 and every single person was shiting themselves that they weren't going to be in a job due to Covid 19 so I can't believe a footballer would allow such a situation to develop especially when they have offers on the table.

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