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  1. Great interview with Tony Watt on the Lower League Ramblings podcast.
  2. Nothing changes, Celtic players chasing the ref for a penalty...
  3. Motherwell 2 Rangers 2 in Feb 1961 at Fir Park. Max Murray scores for Rangers in the Scottish Cup 4th Round, watched by over 33,000.
  4. Chris Cadden was speaking about the Covid-19 shutdown on Sportsound this afternoon. He’s currently on lockdown in the US of A.
  5. What you need isn’t always what you get.
  6. I suspect Rangers could have a similar problem, stay tuned.
  7. Partick Thistle and Raith Rovers asking fans for help
  8. I’ve heard it could signal the end for Hearts. Ordinary fans have no more money to give due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 and I suspect other clubs will follow soon. Worrying times.
  9. Hearts have asked staff to take a 50% wage cut
  10. I think it’s a different tour. The cancelled game one was the early 70s not the mid 70s.
  11. The latest update meeting by Boris and his medical team looks bleak. Any football is a long, long way off.
  12. Anyone remember why this final close season early 70s tour game in Columbia was cancelled?

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