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  1. No chance! They have already dropped too many points and it’s only October.
  2. They are grinding out results and the old firm look vulnerable this season. I’m not saying they will win it, however, they look like they will be in the top three barring injuries.
  3. If Hearts can stay focussed and injury free we may just have been beaten by the main title challengers to Rangers this season.
  4. He’s the better keeper that’s for sure and is on a par with McGregor at Rangers in the points saving category.
  5. Early lapses in concentration cost us or we could have had a point from this one.
  6. A better second half, it couldn’t have been any worse. Unlucky not to have pulled at least one back as we have been the team pressing.
  7. Kelly makes some amends with the penalty save. Woolery should score at the other end although credit to Gordon for the save
  8. A early goal would give us some hope
  9. No early signs of any change. Pretty much the same as the first half.
  10. Surely we can’t be as bad in the second half? Do we have two goals in us to get back into this game?
  11. A jumbo jet at take off might work. Or should that be jambo jet?
  12. Mistake after mistake after mistake for Motherwell. You can’t do this against teams who have players who can hurt you. Things can surely only get better. Watt is the one shining light.
  13. We surely can’t be any worse in the second half.
  14. Boyce has ran the show upfront for Hearts

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