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  1. Future St Mirren legend and manager when he decides to hang up his boots. No barrier to what Hastie can achieve at the Buddies.
  2. I’d bite your hand off for a point, however, I suspect we will take nothing from this tricky opener.
  3. I’ve always been a fan of the classic ‘extra wide’ hooped Boca Juniors shirts. The bold South America style would suit a modern take on Motherwell’s 60s claret/amber hoop away. My mock up is based on Sampdoria’s new Macron home shirt.
  4. They will need to play a lot better than they did midweek that’s for sure. Our main focus should be to win it and secondly score as many goals as possible in the process.
  5. We currently look disjointed and don’t appear to be working as a coherent team. However, it’s early days and perhaps GA is using the cup as an experiment to find his best eleven for the season ahead. I hope this isn’t the case as the cup is one of the few opportunities we have to get silverware. If we don’t start playing like a side capable of holding our own against lower division opposition we will be meat and drink for the likes of ‘mini Motherwell’, St Mirren. I suspect there will be a few sleepless nights ahead for GA as he puzzles how to get our current squad ready for the season ahead.
  6. We have been very, very poor tonight. Airdrieonians seem to want it more.
  7. Sadly if it was any different he wouldn’t be playing for us. Although, for me he’s probably the kind of player that make watching the Well more interesting than watching more successful teams than us. Who needs a St John, Pettigrew, McClair, Coyne, Higdon or a Moult etc to enjoy a game? Cult status comes in all shapes and sizes.
  8. We are currently heading (Queen of the) South. As you say thought it’s early days.
  9. If Queens can get an early goal in the second half it could be a long, long night.
  10. Fingers crossed this is a one off as we sound dire.
  11. Listening on Radio Scotland and we sound very ring rusty. Queens Park definitely the better side and probably should be in front.
  12. James Scott. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/exclusive-hearts-dundee-st-mirren-and-st-johnstone-interested-in-hull-city-transfer-agreement/
  13. I agree, black is for referees and goths. Todays kit mash up worked quite well.
  14. Same colour shirt/shorts and crest are on trend, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Macron all follow trends. As for the kit, I suspect Alan Provan may have a commercial sales interest in keeping the away kits as distinct as possible each year, to make each one completely different from the previous one. Flow and Proven Sports will guide Macron on the route they should take and leave it to them. Personally I would only have white, claret and now the occasional blue away kit with flashes of C&A. However, there is no way that is going to happen in this day and age. I said this years would be different and to an extent it is. Although, it could have been a whole lot worse. Not to worry, I’m sure we will be back on track with a more traditional away next year.

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