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  1. underboyleheating

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    Macron don’t do good collars due to their ongoing mission to reinvent the wheel. And yes I also no longer buy tops as well, especially ones with naff sponsors.
  2. underboyleheating

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    Right forget all this Turnbull nonsense, where’s the new kits?
  3. underboyleheating


    Money can do strange things to your brain and bank balance.
  4. underboyleheating


    As far as I’m aware nothing, and that’s why on a previous post I said “Where’s Dortmund when you need them?”
  5. underboyleheating


    Crispy or soft?
  6. underboyleheating


    Andy Robertson and Paul Lambert have the answer on how to make it at the top level in Europe. He could do worse than have a word with them before coming to a decision. Hull City was the best move Andy ever made as it gave him a platform to show Liverpool what he was all about. Dortmund was the best move that Lambert ever made and his European Cup medal is proof of that.
  7. underboyleheating


    Maybe they could have phrased it differently by saying... “We have received an improved offer from Glasgow Celtic and the board are meeting to discuss it.” Phrasing it like that would still have alerted other potential suitors without the need to say... “We have agreed a fee with Celtic...”
  8. underboyleheating


    It may also put other suitors off as the club statement said “We have agreed a fee with Celtic for the potential sale of David Turnbull”. Reading between the lines that may suggest to other suitors that David prefers to stay in Scotland. Who knows, I’m sure all will become clear either today or tomorrow. Obviously I would rather he went down south or abroad.
  9. underboyleheating


    Would we have been better to say nothing until it had all been finalised or was this announcement the correct approach? I’m not sure either way.
  10. underboyleheating


    I remember it well, I also remember my favourite player Dixie Deans going to Celtic (there they are again). Yip, some things never change.
  11. underboyleheating


    The story behind David Turnbull’s meteoric rise
  12. underboyleheating


    Whatever happened to players who have just broke into the first team hanging around for more than a year before seeking their fortune? Different times I know, however, players like Brian McClair, Tom Void, Phil O’Donnell etc at least gave us a few years before jumping ship. These days they are barely out of nappies before Celtic come calling. We never seem to get to enjoy these once in a lifetime players anymore unless they are scoring against us.
  13. underboyleheating


    Where’s Dortmund when you need them?
  14. underboyleheating


    Always good to prepare for what the future may bring.
  15. underboyleheating


    You also have to wonder what the young players coming through the ranks at Celtic are thinking about the Turnbull situation, especially if they play in his position. A few may be disgruntled that Celtic are looking to other clubs rather than bringing through players from their own academy.

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