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  1. True I forgot about that one. It was a belter!
  2. Who doesn’t love a white two tone sash shirt? Motherwell last had one in the 70s, but sadly it has never been revived since. Surely it’s only a matter of time? This design mixes the popular 60s ‘V’ insert collar a classic70s C&A sash. Two for the price of one.
  3. Motherwell’s 1978/79 young fan designed Admiral shirt started life sporting a white, claret striped collar. This design was in use from Aug to around early/mid Sep 78 before we switched to all claret version. At the end of Jan 79 we reverted back to the 1976-78 design to complete what was a miserable season in which we were relegated. The Marinello/Jimmy Bone St.Mirren pic is from August 78, and the Aberdeen away one is from a 4-0 September 78 league thumping.
  4. I was in St.Mirren’s ground recently as part of my job, and like any professional football club they appear to have a good handle on the Covid and temperature testing situation. It’s not ideal, however, you can’t blame them for something that could happen to any club.
  5. If we don’t improve it won’t be an issue, as we won’t be in the same league as Rangers to lose to them.
  6. He lost five, however, Carson was still my MotM.
  7. Perhaps we should just concede the three points and rest the players for the next match instead. It used to be that 3-0 would be awarded against the team who didn’t show up. Far better than losing 5 or 6 nil plus any bookings that you may incur. I wonder if this rule is still around, and can we utilise it please? To be honest I think most fans sadly write these games off, me included. I long for the days of wee Dougie Arnott, Brian Martin, Tommy Coyne etc battling for every ball and giving the likes of Celtic and Rangers a game. I get the impression that players these days are just happy to be in a paying job, and don’t care about the side that pays their wages.
  8. Poorest first half I’ve watched in a while. Stream off, I’m off to do some food shopping. I’ll check the final score later.
  9. How quickly can we get the Chelsea team up to Fir Park?
  10. Even this early in the season we must be close to conceding a record number of penalties in a season.
  11. I can’t be arsed watching any more of this. It”s the same old, same old. I could have put on any Motherwell v Rangers game and it’s a carbon copy. I can’t be too annoyed as I watch them in hope rather than expectation. 3-0 now.this could be a cricket score.
  12. Game over after 30 minutes played. Pretty much going as I expected, another Rangers game, another defeat.

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