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  1. I’m sure I heard Alexander say he was injured.
  2. Between Magabe, Cole and Watt. I went for Magabe.
  3. Didn’t look offside, however, I’d need to see it again.
  4. Great result considering who we were playing.
  5. We need to remember that like last season this season could finish at anytime and whoever is bottom at that time will be relegated. The bar was set when Hearts were sent down. Going into the latter part of the season the quicker we get ourselves off the bottom the better.
  6. To do that would require a miracle, something Motherwell hasn’t seen in a while.
  7. 4-1 Ross County now. We are officially bottom.
  8. Self preservation is always a fans first thought. The SPFL handled this appallingly, by first awarding us the points then removing them on appeal. However, both Killie and St Mirren admitted to breaking Covid rules and I would be interested to read what the official rules are with regard to teams not fulfilling games. I know we are in the middle of a global pandemic, but unless the existing rules are changed before the competition starts then surely the pre existing rules should stand. If those state that 3 points and a 3-0 score line is the sanction then clubs should accept their punishment. Even though given the current circumstances it may seem harsh.
  9. We are currently bottom of the league so the only way is up. Sadly I don’t see us moving on up tomorrow. 3-0 Rangers.
  10. Any reason why we are not appealing this decision? As it stands we appear to be just bending over and accepting this change of heart?
  11. Still no news yet? What is the hold up here? The longer they leave it the more I’m convinced we will be ordered to play these games.
  12. If we don”to get awarded the 6 points, do we have a right to appeal?
  13. Interesting to see both teams wearing their home kit.
  14. He barely touched him. As far as I can see from the available camera angles he was attempting to stop him from turning before Erwin theatrically conned the officials by throwing himself to the ground. The boy should have been cautioned.

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