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  1. Allan Campbell bossed the game.
  2. Great result! Looks like Gollum did us a favour by not awarding a pen according to the BBC.
  3. Motherwell in deep amber with claret stripes, worn between 1924-28. I suspect these photos were taken in 1928 as that kit looks as if it has seen some things.
  4. !991 Cup Final. I’m sure it was up for auction, although I’m not sure how much it made.
  5. Stephen Robinson reveals Motherwell have opened contract talks with David Turnbull
  6. Looking forward to this one, it has the makings of a good, hard fought Scottish Cup tie. I think we’ll sneak it 1-0.
  7. Yes partner, not wife. I’ll amend the post to say partner.
  8. Is that a known fact? I had just assumed he was perhaps confronted/reported by a random stranger to the police, as that area of Edinburgh has always been pretty busy with tourists, taxi drivers and the like. However, if the CCTV from the area is conclusive that he assaulted his partner, then I suspect the club will be under media pressure to let him go. I’m sure it all will become clear at the trial on what they have, or haven’t got against him. Until then it’s all speculation.
  9. Thank god for CCTV, hopefully that will help his case, and perhaps prove his innocence? Edinburgh has CCTV cameras everywhere so there should be no shortage of footage.
  10. Jamie Murphy set to sign for Burton Albion on loan
  11. I posted a very similar mock up long before the shirt was released on here and Twitter. Who knows, maybe they were influenced by it and didn’t bother to check the original 60s top? My mocked up design was basically a old Macron Club Brugge shirt that I quickly converted to C&A. This was the mock up...
  12. I’ve located a better quality version.
  13. Nice image Grew, where did you get it? And is it available in a larger size?
  14. They are both pretty much the same age, 55 and 56. Both younger than me! Now that’s scary.

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