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  1. Spot on. It’s been shocking stuff to watch. Our Euro opponents must be licking their lips.
  2. We look like a Championship team at best. Sadly I’ve seen very little positives from tonights game. At the end of the day a home tie against Livi should be winnable.
  3. We are shocking. Livi look the most likely to take all three points.
  4. By all accounts we have been poor, and we can only hope the Sturgeon cancels the season early. No creativity up front and to be honest we could probably play for a week and not score.
  5. Roma’s 2020-21 euro kit on the right and league kit on the left. Even Roma’s not immune from these odd numbering rules.
  6. Certainly difficult times as money is tight and businesses are cutting back. Fingers crossed we get something sorted
  7. Did he mention who the sponsor would be and why kit is already being sold without it?
  8. The only positive was the kit. No sponsor so I assume Paddy Power are back on board, despite no announcement?
  9. If you can’t score from 12 yards you deserve nothing out of the game. Ross County showed how it should be done. Lang red card.
  10. Strikers should take penalties end of.
  11. We look very poor, sharpness is a major issue. County look like they want it more.
  12. Win all our games out with the Old Firm and the league title would be ours. Just saying. Back to earth, this is a tough opener and to be honest I would take a point, although, I think we might sneak it 2-1.
  13. Will there be long sleeve replicas available? In my opinion traditional hooped sleeves look better when long.
  14. Yes that was the reason given by Flow a while back on Twitter. I don’t know his exact words but it’s definitely not due to SPFL regulations as full hoops are allowed. Edit: The quote.
  15. One simple legible number ‘solver’ is to thicken the line around the characters. This helps to visually separate the white section from the darker base colour, if the outline is too thin it won’t have the same separation effect. Although worth noting we have no control over the font chosen by the SPFL, however, in euro competitions we can choose our own font so this would not be an issue. Personally I can’t see how UEFA or the officials would have a problem approving this. The other way to aid the contrast issue would be slightly darken the amber shade and take it back to the original marginally darker 1913 shade. This would allow the white to pop even more when placed on top of amber.
  16. It’s my understanding that the rules are not strictly enforced until you reach the the group stages, something that we have sadly never achieved. This is mainly due to cost as UEFA realise that producing special kits to conform with their numbering rules can be costly. That’s the reason why Celtic have occasionally been allowed to wear full hoops in qualifying games. The number/colour contrast issue is the main issue, however, UEFA leave it to the club and the kit manufacturer as to how they interpret the guidelines. As such most clubs/kit providers will take the easy option and leave the back free of hoops/stripes, unless the club colours are of a similar contrast and the numbers can be easily read. Barcelona’s blue/red striped shirts are a good example as the contrast on both shades are similar allowing white numbers to be easily read. As a designer there are very simple ways to get around the number contrast issues, which for reasons unknown kit providers choose not to address. The way I see it, Motherwell should stipulate that they want a full claret hoop and let the kit provider resolve any contrast issues by adapting the design/shirt font to conform, but still providing a historical look. Personally I’ve never been a fan of the front only band as it reduces it to an advertising space rather than an integral part of the shirt design.
  17. With the premiership starting this weekend is there any news on our front of shirt sponsor yet? Or is Paddy Power back on board for another unsponsored season?
  18. I watched it on Premier sports and the coverage was fine. It was also illegally streamed on You Tube as these things occasionally are.
  19. I’m going to arrange some fine art prints with all the profits going to the Sporting Memories Group who meet at Fir Park for fans with dementia. I’ll need to get some costs and speak to some people in the know. I’ll keep you all updated.
  20. We shouldn’t be too ‘hasty’ in re-signing Hastie as I believe the wage would be better spent elsewhere.
  21. Exactly. We were all young once. I remember playing my newly purchased Iron Maiden vinyl album quite loud when I was a teenager and never thought anything about it. I was mortified, and apologetic when my middle aged neighbours chapped our door to ask me to turn it down a bit. After that I bought some headphones and if I did have people round for a party I kept any noise to a minimum. I still enjoy loud music, but in the right context eg: at a concert or festival. My daughter has autism and a side effect of her disability is that she has very sensitive hearing. Any loud noise is unbearable to her. My knuckle dragging ned neighbours didn’t care and would turn the volume up if approached. I basically had to call the police on a regular basis. Happily they sold up and our new neighbours are much better.

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