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  1. One of John Boyle’s mad ideas no doubt. It looks so bad he probably did it himself. When it came to these kind of things he was a law unto himself. I was also the account handler/designer/art worker for his Zoom Airlines business and that was hard enough to keep under control. What John wanted John got! Except for Lanarkshire United or whatever he wanted to call it.
  2. I’m not sure what it is but it looks horrific. It certainly never came out of our studio. It would be good to see a clearer image of the graphic.
  3. I would need to see an image. I don’t remember ever being asked to create anything like that.
  4. Next thing I would like to see changed is for our kit to be at least listed on the official Macron website. They have a worldwide audience and if it means we can shift a few more shirts then surely that is a bonus? If you currently search on their official web page you get this message...
  5. I’ve campaigned for this to be fixed for years. It’s still not 100% perfect but then again I do have a touch of OCD. These little things will still annoy me but hopefully I can see past them. However, lets not forget it’s a marked improvement on what has gone before. I worked for the agency who handled the Motherwell account during the John Boyle era and we joked about the state of the artwork that was supplied to us by Motherwell. We sadly had no authority, or budget to change it despite making our concerns known to the club. I’m happy we have now given it a spruce up, even though it’s taken a while to put into motion. The ordinary punter won’t notice the changes, but for anyone with a keen eye for detail it’s everything. Getting ALL media outlets to update it will be the next challenge.
  6. Hull City’s new third kit wold be an interesting away kit. google image search from phone gallery
  7. Working today sadly, however, I’m hopeful we can sneak a win and get another three points in the bag. COYW!
  8. Apparently it was soft according to the commentary on the BBC Radio Scotland.
  9. Bid to play along side some former Well players.
  10. I can’t see that happening, I suspect we will need to make do with what we have got. Fingers crossed it’s enough to gather enough points to survive in this league.
  11. Starfeld is the weak link. The one poor performer for Celtic in my opinion.
  12. How the Celtic game finished 3-2 is remarkable. However, it does show Celtic can still be breached at the back on the counter.
  13. I’m currently watching the Celtic, Hearts game and to say that I’m fearing meeting Celtic is an understatement. Their pace upfront is frightening. How It’s still 0-0 I’ll never know.
  14. Have we got the wage budget to bring in 2/3 more players?
  15. Has the the manager indicated that he/we are making any more signings? I’m not up to speed, however, I assumed we were all but done.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/SIWYfanzine/posts/4305985216154722
  17. Yogi is both the messiah and a very naughty boy.
  18. I have a bad feeling about Alexander and I suspect he won’t be our manager before the 2021-22 season comes to a close. There is an Ian Baraclough/Jim Gannon vibe about him that doesn’t inspire me with any confidence in his decision making. I hope he proves me wrong, but there is something that tells me he’s not the right fit for us.
  19. Apparently we were ‘hammered’ 1-0 and can have no complaints.

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