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  1. We are currently in a shit Hamilton teams back pocket, sadly I haven’t seen anything in recent games that will change that run. Hamilton four from four and 4-0 Accies.
  2. I wonder how much Kyle Lafferty is earning at Killie? He’s proven in his short time in Ayrshire that he can still bang the goals in for a team that’s currently having a worse season than us. He’s the type of striker we are missing and in his short spell has banged in more goals in two months than most of our strikers have all season. A missed opportunity?
  3. Sorry to hear that mate, fingers crossed you get the treatment you need and it results in a positive outcome for you. I was diagnosed with a genetic blood condition at the start of lockdown and I’m only now starting to get seen at the hospital. Covid has been a bastard for getting access to regular medical treatment. There is no cure for what I’ve got, however, they can at least keep it under control with continuous blood checks.
  4. Sadly we aren’t good enough to win a one horse race. I’m predicting we are going no further in this competition, especially if we play like we did tonight. Take the next round money and run, and let’s see what next season brings. Especially as I’d like to be there if we win another trophy, not watching it online.
  5. Morton deserve this. We can have no complaints
  6. If we do win this there is no way we are beating Hibs in the next round. (Assuming they go through)
  7. As poor a team as I’ve watched in my 50+ years watching the Well. Painful stuff
  8. You wouldn’t begrudge Morton winning this
  9. Where’s Colin O’Neil when you need him for penalties against Morton? I suspect this game is going to the wire.
  10. On tonight’s form I wouldn’t trust Long or Hastie to take a penalty
  11. Lamie and Kelly are the only two with pass marks.
  12. Very, very poor performance. We could play all weekend and still not score.
  13. I’m looking forward to this one. A great evening for football!
  14. Anyone know any of these 78-79 Admiral kit design finalists?
  15. So ideally I want... Hamilton 0 - Motherwell 5 Kilmarnock 1 - Dundee United 0 Ross County 1 - St Mirren 0 Dundee United 0 - Ross County 1 Motherwell 3 - Kilmarnock 0 St Mirren 0 - Hamilton 0 Dundee United 0 - Motherwell 6 Kilmarnock 1 - St Mirren 0 Ross County 4 - Hamilton 0 Hamilton 0 - Kilmarnock 0 Motherwell 2 - Ross County 0 St Mirren 0 - Dundee United 0 Bottom six final standings Motherwell - 50pts Dundee United - 43pts St Mirren - 42pts Ross County - 39pts Kilmarnock - 36pts Hamilton - 29pts
  16. This needs to be our goal, and whatever results are required to achieve it I hope it happens. So I want Dundee United and St.Mirren crash and burn and hope we win all our remaining games by a cricket score. As long as we do this, I don’t care who goes down.
  17. Tony Watt was a guest on Off The Ball earlier today and mentioned that Graham Alexander is a vegan. Not unusual these days, however, interesting none the less with regard to players diets.
  18. Games probably off due to some funeral taking place at 3pm. Absolute nonsense. This burial should be a private affair for the 30 people attending and let the rest of us get on with our life. By all means show it on the telly and give people the choice of what to watch, however, for me it’s the football every time.
  19. A terrible game, however, it was great to beat them. Lots of improvement required for next season.
  20. Very poor performance so far. St.Mirren look the most likely to take all three points.
  21. Has draw written all over it as there is very little separating us from them.

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