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  1. I recognise the name. Wishing him all the best for a full recovery.
  2. Of course the ‘petrol blue’ shade is misleading due to the card printing, but I can understand why we have adopted that shade. The blue would have more than likely been a blue not too dissimilar (whisper it) Glasgow Rangers.
  3. A few SPFL kits are starting to surface (Hibs, Dundee, Hearts etc). Any news/rumours on when the new seasons kit will be showcased?
  4. Posted on Facebook, Joe Wark’s original late 60s shirt.
  5. I love experimenting with basic team wear and what potentially can be achieved with some no frills off the shelf kit. These Motherwell kit concepts are based on the current Umbro and Joma range. The claret hoop would require some basic sublimated printing.
  6. Signature trademark gone in a blink of an eye. A woeful excuse from the club. Can you imagine telling Celtic fans something similar?
  7. A bit of spin doctor kit cost cutting down Motherwell way....
  8. He’s putting in some ripped out seats in the away end in their honour.
  9. Yes perhaps it has more of a sweatshirt feel than a football shirt.
  10. A classic shirt mash up between the popular bold claret hooped sleeve designs of the 20s/30s/40s/50s, and our 1960s signature crew neck shirt. I’m a sucker for the classic Motherwell claret hooped shirt design as it’s instantly recognisable the world over as ‘our shirt’.
  11. Todays shirt concept has its design roots in the iconic Peru ‘extra wide’ sash shirt. We also had a split claret and amber sash white away in the 70s with a similar collar. A black sash shirt will also evoke memories of ‘Skippy Sunday’ and the day the helicopter turned.
  12. Wow, superb. I can’t wait to see the finished model.
  13. A shirt concept that has roots in the early 2000s when we wore an all claret away shirt with some amber piping. The two bold amber stripes echo the traditional chest hoop/band. I’ve selected Admiral to manufacture this one.
  14. Sadly the away will change. I’m expecting perhaps a black or claret kit with flashes of C&A. Or they may even go back to blue.
  15. As long as the white sections are dyed amber, I’m fine with that.
  16. So next seasons kits will have been decided and no doubt ready to roll. What are you hoping for? Something traditional or perhaps something more radical?
  17. I bet the kitman hates white away kits as they must be a nightmare to wash.. However, they look great under the floodlights.
  18. Last one for today. White would be my away colour of choice, but the kit washer wouldn’t thank me. This is a mash up between Roma 80s and Motherwell 70s. I’ve always loved a two tone sash shirt especially in claret & amber.
  19. A smaller three striped hoop might work, however, with smaller graphics there is always a danger that it looks more like a tee shirt rather than a football shirt.
  20. Here it is. Admiral did a bold stripe sash in the 70s and my original idea was to do a take on that. However, the Macron badge complicates it a bit.
  21. First thing that I tried, but I rejected it. I might stick it on here later to see what you think.
  22. A less traditional design concept from me. An away shirt based around the classic 1960s Fred Perry mod style crewneck collar. Also with a hint of 1970s Admiral on the three bold front stripes.
  23. I recently did a fun take on the Admiral tramline shirt to reimagine it in C&A. I also did one for Leeds United fans as we used the same Admiral template as us.
  24. The reverse of our traditional claret hoop/amber shirt has been utilised several times over the years by various manufacturers. Here’s my ‘what if’ adidas had produced it in the 80s. I think it’s probably due a reboot as we last utilised it in 2002.

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