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  1. Amazing how despite hearing similar chat for about 5 years now Hammell and Lasley have still managed to pull their weight. No one lasts forever and Hammell like Lasley are generally underated players whose flaws are massively overstated more often than not.
  2. Malky79

    Bob Mc Hugh

    Nah, but pleased to see him doing alright.
  3. Who knows what we'll need, Moult could be sold on for a decent fee in the summer. Given the hand to mouth existence we lead any time we do get a player banging in goals or standing out from the crowd as much as you want to keep them part of you is hoping for some seven figure transfer bid coming in.
  4. Yeah I agree but I was unaware it was as low as £5 a month until a conversation the other day. It was also £5 a month to go to the Well Society with only indirect influence in running of the club rather than the body that essentially owns the club. Massive difference for me anyway.
  5. I haven't even thought about joining the Well Society in a while, it's felt like a project that was stagnating and basically very little positive coverage of it could be found. That being said if we are on the verge of an era where the fans via the Well Society are about to be in control of the club that really has to change. We should be shouting from the rooftops about the potential, and the potential goes both ways if the response remains lukewarm but I look on Facebook and see Motherwell FC has something close to 25,000 likes and whilst that isn't likely to translate into 25,000 people trotting up to Fir Park or with the means to dip into their pockets it certainsly suggests to me we need to be more ambitious in terms of the numbers of people that can be involved. We should be looking to target about 10,000 members, make the joining fee modest. £50 annual fee, free entry to one game with it. Something tangible for the money along with voting rights on board make up and key issues that it suitable to canvas the wider membership over.. Between diehards, fair weather fans, those whose working pattern doesn't allow regular attendance, the slightly disillusioned, the far flung fans who makes occasional if any visits over a season we should certainly be looking for a membership comfortably greater than the three to four thousand who get along fairly regular. It sounds a bit of a stretch, but hitting that annual 10k membership would generate approx half a million a year, I know I'd certainly pay that kind of sum and would jump at it if I felt the upatake was getting close to even half that. But it needs to be aggressively marketed and the mistakes of previous eras of Well Trusts and Well Society will need to be consigned to the past.
  6. You can only piss with the cock you have but like in the Hearts game he didn't give us a chance, in the Hearts game he disrupted the defence much more than was required and on Saturday we never looked like we could get on the front foot and this Caley team are not the team from last season. Indeed they don't even have Christie on loan anymore from the previous game you mention, we should have played to our own strengths and by and large this season that has been with Moult and McDonald together. I have no issue with a 4-5-1 that could become a 4-3-3 with the right players in the right roles, however we set up at home to nullify a currently average SPL outfit. We played our arguably most energetic midfield player almost as a deep lying forward and he looked lost, at no point in the game did it ever look like it was working beyond at best frustrating Inverness. That is a chronic lack of ambition and belief in your players in my view especially in a one of cup tie at home, might have accepted it up at theirs at a push.
  7. Malky79

    Inverness Motm

    For me Cadden, our biggest threat but mention for Gomis who looked composed in the middle. Could have went with either.
  8. Only change I really want is Moult in for Lasley and pulling Pearson back into the middle of the park where he can effective and getting two back up top. It is a must win game if we want to have any hoipes of not getting mired in the relegation fight.
  9. The thing that annoys me most about yesterdays game is the nonsense that ICT are so good we needed to play one up front for fear of being over run. Just bollocks, fair enough doing that if we had a lead to defend late on perhaps but they are a bang average SPL team not even in the top half of the table. Now I am a massive fan of Lasley and reckon he still does an ok job, but he isn't the player he was and frankly in Gomis and Pearson we could have had a central midfield two more than able to mix it with the physical stuff and play a bit of football, with Cadden on the right offering a bit more of a rounded game than Ainsworth and Marvin on the left we should have been looking to take the game to Inverness at home with our top score and McDonald up front. A simple change that in all liklihood would have seen us carry significantly more attacking threat. Leaving us options on the bench in Fletcher, Ainsworth even the raw and slightly overhyped Dom Thomas if we needed to change up our attacking options and a bit of experience in Lasley to throw on if we had a game to see out. Not shoehorning in Gomis and pushing Pearson up the park looking like a fish out of water. Utter shite from McGhee in his justification, tries to be to clever by half and despite thinking he is twat I'd much rather put up with him winning games than losing games. There has been bad luck in amongst some of our recent bad results and I wouldn't be calling for his head at the moment early signs are he is no different from the last time he was here. Essentially has some good managerial qualities but after a few decent reuslts he reckons he is the messiah and is all about laying the blame anywhere he can when it isn't working with his elaborate tactical genious not being appreciated but us ungrateful plebs.
  10. Pearson was nearly up front for half the game, it is Stephen Hughes at left mid all over again. We had one decent bit of play in the second half when Cadden set up Pearon on a plate to miss the ball completely with the goal gaping. We equalised from a corner Inverness defended horribly and that convinced McGhee to sit Moult back down, our formation was not in any way working. Moult for Lasley was the right change but it should have camr a hell of a lot sooner to give Moult a chance to get in the game. Why we took of McDonald for Ainsworth when you could see Cadden was about burst as well. McGhee is an arsehole of a man and we'll overlook that if he gets results but his massive ego will likely get in the way of that.
  11. Well right now Dave it is Grimshaw that Cadden is filling in for and the early signs are good. In fullness of time he might well replace Pearson but right now he doing well with the grizzled duo right more in the thick of the battle beside him. I'd also suggest Grimshaw was increasingly becoming the star of the show before he sadly departed and was doing more than just the unglamourous side of the game although he certainly was doing that quite well. Reminded me of a young Keith Lasley so he did, maybe a bit more potential.
  12. Well barring having another lively looking youth prospect coming through this is now surely our second priority after beefing up the midfield options. I know what I'd take first mind, but get two in today that can do a job and I'll quietly confident we can kick on and finish the second half of the season pretty strongly.
  13. There is very rarely been a time when we not wanted to add a player or two but I'd hope we have one or two lined up for today or out of contract in the next few days. Cadden coming in looks like he can do a turn and replace Grimshaw but that still leaves us in bother if Pearson or Lasley are missing so someone who can play that role still looks essential. Also whilst between them they didn't do much in their time here if Robinson, Clarkson and McFadden have moved on then that only leaves Fletcher as competition and cover up front. Perhaps a sharper and fitter Craig Moore might be back but if not I'd hope for someone else in up front given how many games Fletcher has been fit for this season as well.
  14. If Cadden connects with the Dundee players foot as they both swing for the ball it could just as easily have been given the other way. Two players swing a foot at the ball and make contact with each others foot how exactly the ref worked out who infringed who I can't tell, certainly didn't look like the Dundee player got the ball and then got clipped. It a nonsense that whistle blew for anything there.
  15. My only problem with Lasley and Pearson is that we have no one capable it seems of filling their shoes. Cadden made an encouraging full debut yesterday and might one day move more central who knows. Right now we definitely need someone that can go right in there when Lasley or Pearson are missing, that will put pressure on them for a starting position and with luck if we can get someone for the longer term will look to replace firstly most likely Lasley who despite holding his own at SPL level will eventually later than expected need replaced.

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