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  1. Why do we give right hand side to old firm every home game . Tavernier had acres of space scored , Abada today scored and involved in all 3 goals 1st half . Used to think was down to McGinlay now realise it’s down to Alexander as today Carroll was on left and was nowhere when all 3 1st half goals scored . Fir reasons. beyond my understanding seems players must be instructed to allow the right hand side so much space v old firm but 10 goals lost in 2 home games tells me it’s wrong tactic .
  2. Can only make the substitutions on 3 occasions during game but think because Shaw was a concussion sub they were allowed a 4h sub during game
  3. If none of the subs were fir concussion I’m sure they have broke the rules as only allowed to stop game 3 times maximum , so can make double subs same time or half time . Never seen last sub but none of 1st 3 all at different times were due to concussion
  4. Problem is Alexander is against 5 sub rule but tonight if not going to plan should be using it as strong attacking bench
  5. Surely someone will play off KVV possibly Shaw but who knows
  6. Would expect him to say that to encourage Dundee to pay a fee if want now as we do not want to lose him so will only release if compensated accordingly.
  7. What has Slattery done to be out of picture i know had a 1 game suspension but missed last 3 now and imo he is sorely missed. We need to play Donnelly or Maguire with Goss & Slattery but as mentioned above to play both is not the way forward
  8. I agree , also is it not January before can talk to other clubs officially so how is it done already, unless it’s 6 months from deal ending . Seems strange 1 when Championship teams interested but I would sell in Jan for small fee as players on pre contracts down tools aka Gallagher last season .
  9. wellowell


    I am not an Alexander out man yet but his team selections are shocking . O, Donnell played 9 league games we got 6 points he missed 3 games we got 9 points . Carroll has 2nd most assists in league yet missed last 8 league games had 3 assists in 4 games . His replacement does not tackle , does not block crosses and thinks he’s a central defender as never in his position yet plays every week . Until Alexander ditches the current 2 full backs we are going nowhere at least 1 suspended next game
  10. Scored winning penalty so even better fir him
  11. Orta said both Steven’s and Gotts were signing fir Barrow according to Leeds site
  12. Victor Orta just announced Gotts is signing for Barrow so that’s that put to bed
  13. Johannsen confirmed 3 year deal
  14. Robbie Gotts has played as a right back wonder if we will only go for him if O,Donnell leaves tomorrow .

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