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  1. Shocking behaviour from SPFL they even arranged games yesterday for Killie and SM to play sat 30th as cup off so once again Motherwell and Accies stuffed as surely should have played Accies v SM and Killie v Us that day . We will get a wed night now I had no problems with games being played originally but the way the league has shafted us as we wanted to play games yet they said No is shocking . I am embarrassed with this league really is Mickey Mouse as only in Scotland could the innocent teams be the ones to suffer . Should never have given the points but once they did should never have taken them away . TOTAL SHAMBLES
  2. Better than the wide options we have at the moment
  3. What about Adam Rooney as he used to play under Alexander at Salford
  4. I do not think games will be played as since this all teams have made an effort to play . If Celtic have 13, players out and still playing games then although Saints and Killie thought Celtic going to Dubai helped their case I think the opposite . If Celtic had not played tonight think it was a certainty our games would be replayed but as Killie and ST Mirren made no effort to play weakened teams sure appeal will be thrown out . It is the SPFL though so anything is possible .
  5. Going by Robbo comments expect Campbell to start but Maguire on bench
  6. Robbo to blame fir this imo keeps playing Lammie when he’s fit no idea why he’s a donkey, but not just him been poor most have but bad pass back for 1st and posted missing from left back position for 2nd
  7. Can’t believe how St Johnstone finished game with 11 men no matter how poor we were Chapman never had a save and ref was howling but a point in Perth never a bad result .
  8. St Mirren made statement saying they have pleaded their case and will receive outcome by end of Month surely it will not take another 2 to 3 weeks to decide on this the League have had enough time; play the games or award the points ,this delay, delay , delay helping no one
  9. Interesting fact is SPFL have said any games to be replayed must be done so on 1st available free week well us and Killie have a free week this week so why has it not been arranged . This makes me think they have not reached a decision on whether we will be awarded points or game rearranged as should be this week if the latter .
  10. Watching the old firm game if Turnbull can only get 6 minutes with Celtic so poor and so many players out as well don’t see him getting a lot of game time this season . He is young and has time on his side but looks like this will be a long frustrating season for him.
  11. Hope he does not have any baring on the game this time but think it’s ridiculous for a ref who has had a massive baring on a game to be given the same team on the receiving end of his dubious decisions in their next game . Imo just shows the contempt the beaks have for the smaller clubs with the amount of refs we have we should never be getting Madden 2 games in a row.
  12. wellowell

    Big Dec

    I would play Dec in the middle of our 3 as he can be a leader there like the 3 Scotland games . He can talk to Mugabi on his right and maybe sort out Lammie on his left . He seems lost on RHS with us so worth a try .
  13. If we ever qualify for Europe again I think our opponents should take a pen before game starts so we don’t need to watch whole game waiting for it . At least 1 pen conceded last 5 European games 7 in total us a shocking figure especially as most were as soft as putty
  14. Special mention to big Bevis thought he was outstanding today and to top it off with a goal as well was good to see . No matter what some think of him on here he will be sorely missed on Thursday night .
  15. Might be ,but lockdown does not start till 2pm today so last night would have been ok . Not sure how to will pan out but they seem to be taking it very seriously as can not go more than 1000 yards from home unless emergency and playing football is not that imo . Sure we will find out today

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