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  1. My arse was partly responsible for the goal great ball in he won it well back headered it away not his fault man not marked he has not got eyes in the back of his head
  2. Great news makes the game interesting now
  3. Looks like Jack Ross in away dugout just hope they don’t have new manager bounce
  4. Goal was sloppy but very unlucky Gallagher won ball should have launched it into orbit but knocked it straight to Eduoard who finished well
  5. Got 5 plus Maguire who can play in defence also so should be covered
  6. No idea how we will line up as no Hartley but Grimmy , Tait and Carroll playing so will Tait play in a back 3 with Grimmy and Carroll either side
  7. I’m sure Donnelly is suspended so won’t be same team as Ibrox
  8. After watching that crap especially Mulgrew and Devlin I wound partner Gallagher and Findlay on Sunday as playing San Marino ,as they have 13 clean sheets between them this season ,and unfortunately even though would not class then as International class nobody in their position is . I would bring in they 2 as well as Forrest , Christie , McTominey, and start Shankland also . Really hope this is rock bottom as failure to beat San Marino would be biggest low in Scotland,s history
  9. Yorkered I never said we should win the league of 10 I said it’s a 2,horse league at top and yes Hearts , Hibs , and Aberdeen have much more resources than us but does not mean we can’t end above them but we will certainly be nowhere near the old firm so as it stands we are doing superb
  10. DT will walk into this team when fit but imo if we bring Hylton in for Seddorf and Long in for Cole we would improve any way, but in my head we are top of our league ,so no complaints as there is 2 leagues 1,with 2 teams and 1.with 10 as far as I’m concerned .
  11. McKinstry given a 3 year contract with Leeds today after starring for under 23s up to now amazing start for the boy as was only signed originally for academy .
  12. Have not heard any after match comments but it was not players being naive it was Robbo . I’m a big fan of him but he got his subs all wrong today 1st 1 fine but taking off Polworth was a howler and then bringing on Tait admitted defeat and proved to be the case . We all make mistakes but if he has blamed the players and took no responsibility for his howling decisions then disappointed in him . Just need to win next week now to get back on tract .
  13. Imo game changed as soon as polworth went off they never got near our goal whole game yet Robbo decides to bring O,Hara on and 2 mins later they run right through our midfield and then for second he makes no attempt to stop cross so taking polworth off changed whole dynamics of game
  14. Great game from McKinstry last night for Leeds under 23s playing alongside Nketiah, and Jack Clarke both multi million players, won 2 pens and looked assured whole game ,hope we have big sell on clause as looked the part.
  15. No idea but just shows no loyalty in football these days we give him an extension to September when injured and out of contract yet when fit says cheerio , could be genuine reasons but still a kick in the goolies for us .

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