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  1. I heard it was Stephen O,Donnell but find that hard to believe as was waiting on a championship club down south and we will pay peanuts compared to them
  2. Robbo deserves time due to last season but his comments last night were horrendous . Said we are playing with 7 men every week yet he picks team and waited 77 minutes last night to make a change so I’m afraid the buck stops with him . The fact he kept White on full game imo shows he accepted the hoof ball policy we played all game so imo last night his tactics were shocking . Yes certain players need to look in the mirror but so does he imo no idea what Watt has done wrong but I expected him to kick on this season but not getting a chance . It’s early days but we need to get a settled formation quick and it’s his job to this by picking right players in right positions .
  3. What happened to the Rangers game quite strange Robbo announces playing Celtic on Sunday and then Rangers again this week yet neither went ahead esp as Celtic had to find other teams to play
  4. Certainly played them today so sure will be correct
  5. Have we another friendly this weekend ?
  6. Obviously can’t trust him to stay on park as hooked at half time
  7. Sun talking about Lang as if he’s a certainty as saying Long will have to battle Watt/MacIver/White/ and Lang for a starting spot although it is the Sun
  8. I would go for 5 subs as there is many a game when you think could make 10 changes lol . Got to keep same rule though that can only be made on 3 occasions plus half time . If no reserve league if we have a 21 man squad would give more game time to fringe players . I’m for it but need to decide soon as season starts in 3 weeks
  9. wellowell

    Season Tickets

    Said on Clyde last night Motherwell had announced the uptake on refunds but not seen anywhere dies anyone know what % took the refund .
  10. wellowell

    Season Tickets

    Would also be good to hear what the uptake on refunds were I’m sure would have been quite low , but as deadline was week past Wednesday thought if uptake was low would have come out and thanked the fans for their generosity.
  11. wellowell


    My opinion is if Tait had signed contract when it was offered it would have been honoured but he rejected it which is his choice . He then signed previous contract offer when Covid 19 hit but Motherwell at this time could not honour old terms so offered less ,again it’s up to them as both parties need to sign contract for it to be binding .Tait then refuses new terms and leaves again it’s his choice . Nobody is in the wrong imo here ,Tait refused original terms then changed mind and accepted them but by then Motherwell,s financial situation had changed so they offered different terms . The problem is Tait then moans to press about it which means Motherwell have to reply as 2 sides to every story as sure everything Tait said was true ,but he conveniently missed out part he refused contract initially and only signed once season suspended . Time to move on now he’s no longer a Well player but would have been better fir all concerned imo if he had said nothing at all as does seem to be having a go at club over not honouring a contract he had actually turned down . In any occupation if you get sent a new job contract and decline it you can’t expect to be able to change your mind weeks later due to a change in circumstances and expect it to be honoured unless both parties are still happy to proceed on same basis .
  12. With O,Hara do you think we might be waiting to see how many take up season ticket refunds as would make sense .
  13. wellowell

    Season Tickets

    I would imagine big majority will waive refund I know all of my mates have , but agree 100% if a refund can help finances people must take it it’s your money after all . People who are waiving their refund are giving a donation to club so if you can’t afford to do that take your refund and certainly please don’t feel bad about it .Its the same with next season if you can afford to buy now do but if money is tight make sure you look after number 1 which is yourself .
  14. wellowell

    Season Tickets

    Would prefer that not sure about going on a plane for the next few months

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