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  1. 3 actually as had a runout v Celtic lost 1 0 although think it was only 60 minutes as 3 periods of 20 but might be wrong
  2. Wishful thinking though trying to be positive lol
  3. Wonder if we will announce anyone tomorrow as 1st July as a few contracts end on 30th June here’s hoping
  4. Carson is from Hartlepool area so maybe letting him return would be beneficial to him and after all he’s went through I can understand that . I thought Ash Taylor was very good 1st time at Aberdeen so player in there and would be fine with him as Alexander might bring the best out of him . Not many experienced Centre half’s kicking about and Ross County have offered him the captaincy as well if he signs so there obviously very interested as well .
  5. As training starts tomorrow good time for pictures to be taken of our new arrivals so expecting some inward transfer news tomorrow .
  6. According to Flow we will have new signings Very Very soon to me that means today but with Flow you never know as his scout statement was replacement will be announced shortly and took 22 days lol . Does sound positive though
  7. How long is contract as don’t see any mention of it anywhere ?
  8. Seemingly us and DU in talks to take Kelly on loan would hope the fact he played here last season would give us an advantage
  9. Cant believe it took 97 minutes for Alexander to get yellow card as every 50/50 , 40/60 , 30/70 decision went to DU ref was howling no game changers but he was biggest Homer I’ve seen in a long time .
  10. Been absolute dire performance and lucky to be only 2 0 down but my god this ref is biggest homer I’ve seen in a long time . We are getting nothing from him DU getting everything, can see us going down to 10 as well . No excuse for our performance but wound be nice to get an even chance 2nd half
  11. I see Martin Foyle was at Port Vale v Mansfield game yesterday wonder who he was watching
  12. There’s another comparison Bobby Bingo in 1991 won 1st game in Aberdeen this year also won 1st game in Aberdeen might be different teams but still in Aberdeen

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