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    I am not an Alexander out man yet but his team selections are shocking . O, Donnell played 9 league games we got 6 points he missed 3 games we got 9 points . Carroll has 2nd most assists in league yet missed last 8 league games had 3 assists in 4 games . His replacement does not tackle , does not block crosses and thinks he’s a central defender as never in his position yet plays every week . Until Alexander ditches the current 2 full backs we are going nowhere at least 1 suspended next game
  2. Scored winning penalty so even better fir him
  3. Orta said both Steven’s and Gotts were signing fir Barrow according to Leeds site
  4. Victor Orta just announced Gotts is signing for Barrow so that’s that put to bed
  5. Johannsen confirmed 3 year deal
  6. Robbie Gotts has played as a right back wonder if we will only go for him if O,Donnell leaves tomorrow .
  7. I also think it’s good to be kept informed as long as never mentions players involved until officially signed . We know we are still weak in center of defence and midfield so gives fans a lift knowing they are working on recruits hopefully in they positions .
  8. O,Donnell possibly but can’t think of anyone else unless it’s the young ones going out on loan
  9. Burrows saying hopefully at least 1 signing before weekend and another 2 before deadline so that is definitely hopeful .
  10. People saying would have been a meltdown if Livi scored at end after bringing on all the defenders . Trust me would have been a bigger meltdown if brought on KVV and Lawless and they scored . Would have got why did we not just shut up shop and see game out . Well we did the latter and we won so it’s a thumbs up from me as the amount of times fans on here were screaming at losing last minute goals saying why not just shut up shop, it’s now laughable that when we do that and win they still moan . Great 3 points abs let’s hope we get the same next week COYW
  11. Could be but definitely said last week he was out through illness. Their is no consistency in Alexander,s team picks these days let’s just hope he knows what he’s doing .
  12. No O,Donnell again weard 1 as was fit enough to play golf on Monday with a few of the team at Bothwell and as Alexander said missed Saturday due to illness seems strange still out .
  13. I’m sure everyone who wants a ticket will get 1
  14. 3 actually as had a runout v Celtic lost 1 0 although think it was only 60 minutes as 3 periods of 20 but might be wrong
  15. Wishful thinking though trying to be positive lol
  16. Wonder if we will announce anyone tomorrow as 1st July as a few contracts end on 30th June here’s hoping
  17. Carson is from Hartlepool area so maybe letting him return would be beneficial to him and after all he’s went through I can understand that . I thought Ash Taylor was very good 1st time at Aberdeen so player in there and would be fine with him as Alexander might bring the best out of him . Not many experienced Centre half’s kicking about and Ross County have offered him the captaincy as well if he signs so there obviously very interested as well .
  18. As training starts tomorrow good time for pictures to be taken of our new arrivals so expecting some inward transfer news tomorrow .
  19. According to Flow we will have new signings Very Very soon to me that means today but with Flow you never know as his scout statement was replacement will be announced shortly and took 22 days lol . Does sound positive though
  20. How long is contract as don’t see any mention of it anywhere ?
  21. Seemingly us and DU in talks to take Kelly on loan would hope the fact he played here last season would give us an advantage
  22. Cant believe it took 97 minutes for Alexander to get yellow card as every 50/50 , 40/60 , 30/70 decision went to DU ref was howling no game changers but he was biggest Homer I’ve seen in a long time .

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