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  1. Questionable attitude is what I’ve heard, turning up late for training on a number of occasions is one of the things that has cost him a bit this season (allegedly)
  2. It’s my firm belief that Robinson will be away at the end of the season if not before and I would not be surprised in the slightest if Craigan took over. Call it a hunch!
  3. I’d imagine we will be in for Michael O Halleron again now he’s back from playing in OZ
  4. Thought we were decent in possession , trying where possible to get the ball on the deck but lacked efforts on goal after Carson went off as much as I like Cadden he’s wasted as RWB and I’d actually be happy for him to step aside for a spell on the sides Wasn’t happy to see Johnson go off, at that stage would have preferred to have seen us play with 3 up top and go for it Carson going off limited our options with subs and as much as I hope he’s ok not out for a long time I think we have a decent deputy in Gillespie
  5. Centre half we were linked to signs for Dundee and callaghan of hearts goes to st Johnstone so can rule those two out now
  6. I take your point in regards to place holders which if true would show we have a strategic plan in place which would be great however we have 8 defenders possibly 9 if I include someone like grimmy who can play at the back and are allegedly looking at another centre half . Why does maguire or any other youth defender not become our 9th choice? At which stage do our youth become a back up to the first team? There is similar numbers in midfield and a forward line of 5 to pick from before scott comes into contention. thats effectively the barrier in itself
  7. Personally I’m disapointed at the perceived lack of first team opportunities our younger players will be getting prime example turnbull, maguire etc when I think back to when pearo,Faddy etc broke through although we toiled in the league I had huge satisfaction at seeing “our own” play for the first team and the club no doubt were satisfied when we sold them project brave demands a huge level of investment so the academy needs to bear fruit to become sustainable through the SFAs demands. This fruit will be measured by how many players break through and ultimately be funded by ones we sell on. As a club we have to be realistic of our short term goals and not be “scared” to play a mix of young players who are more than capable of doing a job. Are the likes of sammon/grimmy/ and the new lad at the back far superior to scott/turnbull/maguire? we have invested in the academy and have a fantastic 20s manager in craggs, we have to give them the opportunity to play or it makes Hammell/Clarkson’s/micks job harder in attracting players into the club at a young age if they think they will get better opportunities across the road. The first Team and the way it’s set up has massive ramifications for the future of our club Long term So bring in your non league with a view to selling but please give our youth a chance over players we know will be hard to shift at a profit such as the ones mentioned
  8. Told by the manager he had a couple of lower league clubs interested he could go , bigi thot he could get a championship club. Didn’t materialise . Bigi stays another year and we all get on like a happy family. thats my understanding from a current player happens every day in football, let’s hope like someone else said he can be like another player for us given the opportunity
  9. Connor riply loaned out again, how many clubs has that guy had now.
  10. Pretty simple for me, to play a system you need to have the players for it. I like 3-5-2 but without two quick wingbacks and a balanced middle 3 it doesn’t work Bigi, Johnson, Gorrin and frear the better performers in pre season so you need to play the system that allows them to feature
  11. Ironically he was seen to be the better of the two last year
  12. I’d be reading into this as well and be expecting to say Au revoir to the two of them and biggi as well next week
  13. Not following this, presuming Elliott was a tad dodgy?
  14. Worrying that you say we got out muscled by a smaller team when it appears our game plan is to depend on being big and physical this season you can argue that when given the opportunity bigi may not have grabbed it however in a midfield 3 of physical players with two wing backs I can’t see how given a run of games and the licence to be our attacking midfielder with 2 holding he wouldn’t thrive personally I don’t think he has ever been given a long enough run and without him or the likes of turnbull getting an opportunity I can see myself get bored of watching the way we played last season Hate to write players off before they have started but watching Connor sammon and Main all season gives me the fear

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