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  1. I never needed the toilet either - still had to wade through piss though.
  2. Bought my half-season ticket today and already having regrets. Today I queued 45 minutes in the freezing cold for a ticket - ONE woman serving at the desk, and with every single customer, their name and address are required. Mental. I then took my seat in the East Stand. No pies. Mental. No coke. Mental. No toilets (both sets were out) Mental. Motherwell playing like shitey school kids. Mental. The East stand literally turned into a large waterfall with all the water from the bogs (raw feckin sewage) running freely down the steps so thousands of us were ankle deep in piss. Mental. All of this was frustrating to say the least, but the icing on the cake for me was seeing a pensioner, mustve been pushing 70, getting his boaby out and pissing into one of the bins on the concourse, positioned to catch the gushing water. Now THAT was mental. These conditions were dangerous, disgusting and completely unnecessary, and in all honestly could and perhaps should have resulted in a postponed match. There aren't many of us Well fans turn up, which means we are far more important to our club as individuals, than the fans of other bigger clubs. Treating us like this is the last thing the club should be doing. I do hope there weren't any kids there for the 1st time, cause there's fuck all chance they'll be back
  3. Me and my mates usually make our own way to away games we attend, but lookin at the train fare - the robbing bastards are charging 50 quid a skull. Can anyone tell me how do I get us on a supporters bus??

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