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  1. He has put £50 on us to win by the odd goal , but his maw had to put the bet on for him , due to circumstances , that will do for me.
  2. No if your Jake Hastie it isn’t. How long would most folk take to earn that? I’m sure it won’t be anywhere near 18 months.
  3. Great …….. showing the players his commitment to the club.
  4. Maybe he has some mysterious clause in his contract re leaving in January if he has a certain offer or a pre contract signed. If not make an example of him and hold him to his contract with us ,on the bench he will never regain fitness levels after that .
  5. I see you got yer crackers from Tesco as well this year. I got that joke in two of mine.
  6. Must have been the steam I was watching which was different to others posting . Thought we played very well and could have scored more. Thought we were well worth the win.
  7. Hush ma mouth and have another beer.
  8. If he is going then leave him on the bench for as long as it takes. Let him get out of condition and unfit again. Give United a challenge to get him fit and back on form , will he manage that after a long break from competitive matches , given his past record don’t think he will be able to do that. Pre contract deals are a joke for all concerned , except for agents .
  9. How do we allocate seats to the 500 allowed in. All in one stand or 175 in each stand or 250 behind each goal. Anywhere as long as your 1m away from anyone else . Will there be a singing section. Will the pie stalls be open or do you bring a packed lunch . Will there be one in one out in the toilets. These are all questions that need answers. Answers on a postcard to , wee crankie ,c/o bute house ,edinburgh. Dont worry she wont read them as she hates all football supporters anyway.
  10. That damn award again , now we have no chance.

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