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  1. Seedorf would struggle to get a game for ,the big girls blouse 11, no effert in covering for his team mates and diving about all over the place when an opponent is near. Never make a player.
  2. stv

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If we do sign Griffiths , could we afford the extra expense of having to open the top half of the south stand every Saturday so all his weans can watch him play ?
  3. stv

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I get that as well never been on offical site since it changed over . We both must have shitty phones.
  4. five defenders is shit tactics, , is that managing the game stevie ?
  5. Mirror image of the fir pak game. Two in the last 10 minutes. To win
  6. This is how we play against the better teams. Manager has to do something to gee them up.
  7. "ugly nature of our goals " what ?. Looked good goals to me. But then i may be a happy claper at 4-0.
  8. If thays your outlook on things maybe supporting a team like us , which does loose its fair share of games is not good for your blood pressure. Chill out man.
  9. Ffs dont go sayin sorry on here when you get somthing not quite right . You could start a trend . We would need to start a new five page topic to cope with all the appologies.
  10. Without Les our club would have been fecked . Thats a fact. He was the man who put his money where his mouth was, and his buisness expertese . With no hidden agenda other than saving the club and getting a proper structure and people in place for the future. It has worked no one can deny that.
  11. Nope think the linesman called it. Ref delayed pointing to the spot immediatley
  12. Micheal Stewart says Im a perfect fit as he knows the club, knows all the footballing formations in the world, where the ball will be played to before it happens, can work a wee tv marker on screen, has media contacts and he has the sun shinning out his maroon arse hole. Hes a dead cert ......or so he thinks.

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