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  1. stv

    Aberdeen Man of the Match

    Null vote whole team including manager and phyisio where shite. Carbon copy of Hearts cup game . Opposition keep behind the ball, waiting on a slip or mistake and we cant cope. Roll on next week emm perhaps not.
  2. stv

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Perfect ........ hope we play well the next few game so we dont get to read ur pearls of wisdom.
  3. stv

    New Year Player Sale

    Aw crap , thats ma bubble burst ....... dismantling the team already , i cant even enjoy the recent good performances as anyone performing well will be off. I wish we were shite and could keep all our players.
  4. stv

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Good move by the club . Looking out for the long term.
  5. stv

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Thats because Forster is a big herman munster and once hes in between the posts there no much open space to score. 38% to be presice
  6. stv

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Well noted.
  7. stv

    2019'20 Game 6: Ross County (H)

    Poor subs by the manager , the game was going no where other than our way until he made them. Was someone injured or tierd. Or was he being smart trying to "Close the game out". Move on to next week and keep tryin to score til the final whistle please.
  8. stv

    2019-20 Rebuild

    He can pish up the wall higher than any of the first team squad. Now that is really impressive .
  9. stv

    Hearts away, 14/9

    Robbin basrtards, Too dear im no goin. They dont want away supporters. Cmon the Well
  10. stv

    Vs Hibs

    Cant wait to see how u turn that around into to being a shite team performance, as usual. You can sure suss out players.
  11. You against us now is it. If ur jubilant ur just a happy clapper like the fukin rest of us. Enjoy yor weekend.
  12. Ya tight wad, what a poor excuse no to go. Go and support yer team. We need all the support we can get there and last season the new park was deffo playing better than before. And you get to shout abuse at our local rival .
  13. stv

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If a Celtic fan told me it what day it was , i would have to check a calander. Behave yer sell.
  14. Champions league team my arse.

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