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  1. How long you been following Scottish football for ? You should know the answer to that off by heart by now.
  2. So the manager may actually have an idea what hes doing. Think he may have been our best signing for a while. Signed the right type of players.
  3. Tinny sounds is fine by me , as long as we keep playing like that .
  4. Thank feck , because your giving me a sair heed.
  5. Only if your vaccinated tho.
  6. If it gets even more folk vaccinated and therefore stops the spread,and more dying. I’m ok with that. I would be happy to know everyone around me was vaccinated. If only we could get over10,000 into the park,
  7. Its funny no matter who you are. Even Boris said so . Lighten up.
  8. Its going to be a bit hit n miss like that until we have a settled team and they get used to playing together. I think we will do well once that happens . We are going for points on the board once we are in front and im happy with that for time being.
  9. Can i just add zero points against Hibs, three points against Dundee .Where is the regression there ?
  10. Great start to season, couldnt expect much better with a new team. But by feck some folk are never happy . Play great n loose , play shite n win , iether way some folk are never happy. I would rather watch a winning team.
  11. Slattery starting to catch the eye ,had another a good game.
  12. Shite prediction but correct song.
  13. You will be expected to punch above your weight.

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