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  1. Last day to renew and keep your seat tomorrow.
  2. Hope he disappears without a trace , what a complete waste of time training him up .
  3. Or The Motherwell expats. St Midden
  4. And breathe , let it go man
  5. Just booked a bike n a tent from go outdoors ,with a canoe on hold ,so all bases covered.
  6. I would “be ready” season after season for the kind of wages he will be on
  7. Thats 19mins 30secs more than most new signings get to be judged
  8. You can satisfy some of the people some of the time, but you can’t satisfy some on here any of the time . Unless we signed Lionel Messi on a four year deal. Then again he would probably be past it and no attacking enough. I’m prepared to wait n see new signings actually play for us then judge after a couple of months.
  9. Still got the Stevie Cowan appreciation society badge somewhere
  10. I knowed it was Spanish all along
  11. Wow, French , you must have went to a right good school.
  12. Naw i mean if you have anything else your planning doing on a saturday. How can you tell if a game will be good or shite especially with Motherwell
  13. Mmmm . Theres a lot more important things nowadays to spend yer money on large increases in utility and shopping bills in general. Picking n choosing games looks a good option the way we played this season . But i do like my seat. COYW
  14. Aye GA has his Money on 6-0

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