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  1. Threee away games in a row,in just over a week. Two away to european opposition , one exra time and penalties , one in Isreal in 30degree heat. No wonder we ran out of steam against Rangers.
  2. Aye, from behind the sofa with only one eye open.
  3. New invisible masks avaliable from club shop now, buy one get a free two meter tape measure.
  4. Ha got that one totally wrong then. In Trev we trust.
  5. He has to rebuild his team every season as all the decent or promising players are sold or leave for better wages. He has a shit budget , signing players against teams with bigger budgets and new teams can take a few games to gel. Give him a bit of credit for sticking with it and doing no too bad. . We r in a much better position now compared to when he was appointed . Who would do a better all round job given the circumstances ? Its Motherwell no Barcalona.
  6. Will do . Thanks for keeping me right.
  7. If my auntie had baws she'd be ma uncle.
  8. No chance of a crowd. Not in Scotland. She doesnt trust or like football fans.
  9. Thats why you sign on for Motherwell ......to confirm the positions you cant naturally play in. Does wonders in your future cv. Cant play..........
  10. Deal was acceptable to all partys last season. Flunked the medical. So I would think its the exact same deal with a passed medical. as last season. No crypitic ITK shit just a pure guess and speculation. Sticks in the throat but good move for DT, big wages no big upheaval to a new country. He has always been good to Motherwell , so no complaints if he does move .
  11. Goals needed to win games and a bit of flair , not ball retention and keeping your shape. We also need to come up with a solution when 70% of the teams in the leauge just sit in behind us and know the will get a chance to score eventually. Plan B for last 10 minutes doesnt work.
  12. Someone tell him you can change tactics during the game. Fuk keeping possesion and our shape ,just try and score thats how u win.
  13. Wire in. Its stil £3million ,ya cheapskates. A medical certificate will be included in the price .
  14. Diplomatic as usual i see.

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