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  1. Will Jake be giving his primary employers inside info before the two teams meet, if asked ?
  2. stv

    Party Bois

    Wow ,what a rebel you must have been in yer younger days. Bet you had long hair too.
  3. Didn't bother them previously.
  4. Hastie back would allow Rangers to see if he can cut it in this leauge . If he does well ........thanks very much Motherwell for spending valubale time and effort developing our player . We will have him back now. If hes not as good as we thought...... thanks very much Motherwell for wasting your valubale time trying to develope one of our players , we can cut our losses now and get rid. Better developing our own players for us. Loan signing a young player from a team in same leauge doesnt make sense and not fair on our players who are commited to the club.
  5. He's taking a long time to decide what to do.
  6. Amazing two Well managers interveiwed for same international managers job. Then one actually getting it. That reflects well on our club.
  7. stv


    He obviosly knew SR didnt rate him as fist team material any more. So a move will see him play evey week now and in the championship next year, which will suit his pace , as he will be even slower by next season. Still he did always gave 100% for us when he played.
  8. stv

    New home kit 2020-21

    Hope it doesnt come to that.
  9. stv

    New home kit 2020-21

    Hope they do them in 4xl . I will need it after all the crap iv ate during lockdown.
  10. stv

    Season Tickets

    Well now you know.
  11. stv

    Season Tickets

    Iv had a season ticket for 35 years. Was just askin if anyone knew.
  12. stv

    Season Tickets

    Do we get a credit for the games missed on last seasons tickets ?
  13. stv

    Season Tickets

    Leave it to the informed and the experts on this forum , cmon be realtstic.
  14. stv

    Scale Model Fir Park

    R u going to build on the missing bit of the main stand ?
  15. You will go blind doing that thing.

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