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  1. Sorry my bad not used to so many goals lol. in ahead at HT with county content to sit in the 2nd half and hit on counter.
  2. Sorry my bad not used to so many goals lol. in ahead at HT with county content to sit in the 2nd half and hit on counter.
  3. Seriously he couldn’t find a Fish in a Barrel in the first half
  4. In fairness that could have been said about most of them before tonight and possibly still about Polworth and Hartley.
  5. Game of 2 halves again. Awful start with Hartley losing his man. O Hara managed to poke home from close range to take us in level. HT County content to sit and hit on the break in 2nd half but also changed formation and shape and suddenly we werent creating as much, combined with poor choices and final balls it was a bit huff n puff though it was only a matter of time. So it was with Campbell rifling home after some superb play with the ball striking the crossbar before coming out to Him to convert. The 3rd was lovely and Long played a wonderful cutback for Campbell to tap in despite having just earlier squandering a chance by not passing and shooting off target much to the pain of the Goalside microphone that got volleyed Watt added the Icing in AET Good result and good to steady the ship but no bones county are poor. However we are not great at home so il take it as we are a better countering team so more suited away. But we will need better decisions and finishing against better opposition.
  6. Into extra time trying to get an equaliser and he can’t even keep it in the park from a kickout. Hardly helps. moat keepers are shot stoppers it’s their job but the really good ones can do other stuff. *edited typos
  7. Time to drop gillespie too. He’s not sticking around and his distribution is way too slow and all over the place. time to give Carson a run as he the one who has signed the contract.
  8. Brutal. 11 corners first half. Do we even practice them ? self inflicted defeat yet again.
  9. I was in Glasgow. Went to German Doner Kebab Shop then Cex for a few PS4 games. Immensely more pleasurable than sitting freezing in that dump watching a shitfest show. ;-)
  10. If family from down south who come to the odd game. Here before christmas and said is that the same team I watched before ? Then followed it up with why the hell wasnt no 52 on from the start he’s totally changed the team
  11. Penalty =. A free shot at you’re opponents goal un impeded by the opposition Players with only the keeper to beat. To not at least hit the target is Embarrassing We didn’t lose because of that tho all the damage was don’t in that 1st half shambles.
  12. Won nothing 2nd to every ball. Outfought yet again. This games done and it’s only HT. they are killing us down our right side
  13. gilmour

    ? Game on.

    What a stupid rule. I mind at Hampden too they couldn’t use the big screens as that was live broadcasting except only people there could see them Doh

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