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  1. Did Craig Thomson do u20 games as well?
  2. Seriously? Hateley deserves a medal for having to play behind that imposter most weeks. Never seen anyone hide so much in a game! Seriously?! How many times has Humphrey been running into space only for Hately to boot it out the park or straight through to the goalie when it was a simple pass and his set pieces are shit, what 2 goals out of how many hundred free kicks makes him good from set pieces?He's a decent player but that's it, easily replaced.
  3. Possibly a sympathy vote for Hately. Having to play behind an imposter every week (who also gets a vote every game).
  4. "Humphrey would have a snif"...........is it you who votes for this imposter for MOM each game? I always thought he was a member of this board and came on to vote himself each game! 37 pages debating Higdon and this guy hides during games, What do people see in Humphrey? Looks like he was not quite good enough to be a sprinter so has decided to learn how to kick a ball! We start with ten men each week.
  5. You'll be the guy who votes Humphry MOM each week. Never kicked a ball in your life
  6. Think Daniels have something on but its a ticket job!
  7. Humphrey? unbelievable!
  8. Suspect Device

    St Mirren

    Agree, Humphrey got two votes. He's a man down!
  9. Has Murphy not been starting games for the U21s' ahead of Goodwillie?
  10. I think they write Humphries because there are two Chris Humphrey's on the books. One plays home games and the other plays the away games!
  11. Nice of the h**s to invite the wee baldy fat linesman Gilmour to the title party!
  12. Heard a tune played at half time and I'm sure it was from the Lloyds bank advert. Anybody confirm this!
  13. The lassies in blue got f*cked 5-2 by.....
  14. No colours Saturday Service?

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