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  1. I have gone right off this forum recently. The negative comments aimed at many of our players and the management have been way over the top. I have supported the Well for over sixty years and will always give the club and whoever is in charge my backing. Today was one of the best performances in years. It gave me as much pleasure as the two recent semi final wins. Every player was up for it and there wasn't one failure. Disappointingly I am writing this on page five. The Rangers defeat got 13 pages. That says a lot about this forum.
  2. The most despicable most horrible football club on the planet. Let's get right into them. COYW
  3. Alexander has identified that mid field is our problem so he hasn't picked a mid field. Very strange.
  4. I went to collect mine on Thursday but was told the machine had broken and they were waiting on a part they expected to be delivered on Friday. It would be best to check before travelling to Fir Park to collect to save a wasted journey.
  5. Are the club continuing their live streaming for stay at home season ticket holders? It is not really suitable for me to travel through to a 4.30 ko on a Sunday evening.
  6. if we only draw we need to win the pens as QP have a better go and seven points too.
  7. sinjy

    Stevie O'D

    Just asking but when Patterson came on at Hampden was that the first time he had played in front of a crowd? Rangers only had him and the third choice goalie in the squad. The media needed a Rangers player to write about to satisfy their readers. It is that sort of parochialism that harms the progress of our national team. Good on Clarke for ignoring them.
  8. According to Wiki he was Alexander's assistant at Scunthorpe for two years, taking over as manager when Alexander left.
  9. sinjy

    Stevie O'D

    You have clearly missed the point. McLaughlin is a Rangers ( reserve player) so thoroughly deserves to be in the squad. Why take a youngster when you have an experienced Rangers player. My piss is boiled again by his selection. Pandering to the OF has held us back for years. If McLaughlin and Paterson were not in the squad then there would have been no one for the sychofants in the press to write about.
  10. sinjy

    Stevie O'D

    The selection of Paterson really boils my piss. Eight first team games and he is in the squad. Is that because Rangers had only one other player there? To be a defender for 8 games in the team that wins the league by miles is not exactly someone who has been put under any pressure. Reminds me of Jack Hendry who played half a season with Dundee who were at the bottom of the league and under pressure every week - no where near Scotland squad and was then transferred to Celtic and only played intermittently for the rest of the season but got into the Scotland team. Old firm bias holds this country back. The press touting their players. No doubt we will now get extensive coverage of the Lowland League next season and there will be some wonder kids we will be told about and then never hear of again after next season. I hope O'Donnell does really well and keeps this recent media darling on the sidelines.
  11. I have some memory of reading that the first thought was to move the pitch towards the south to make equal space behind each goal. This was quickly ditched when it would have meant the POD stand would have been even more out of line
  12. I did not watch the game today but have just watched the highlights and I am absolutely raging. The incompetence of officials in this country is beyond belief. What is worse do they not even know the rules? Two players should be between the goal and the attacker and when the goalie steps out they should be well aware of this situation. On Sportscene they glossed over it by saying it was a great move as if that made it alright and then excused the officials as it was an unusual situation. Imagine the meltdown if the same move sees the bigots knocked out tomorrow .
  13. I don't think it is weird at all to be punting Alan Campbell. His transfer fee will be decided by training compensation this time. That sum will probably be more than we would get in a straight transfer if he resigned and we sold him at the end of next season.
  14. Of course Watt s a quality player. O'Donnell is an international. Where are the others in our retained group. Carson if he gets fit. Donnelly if he recovers full fitness. The rest are journeymen SPL players. Recruitment will be vital if we are to challenge for top six next year.
  15. Looking at our team just now I get a real fear about next season. Who are the best players in our squad? I would suggest Kelly, Gallagher, Campbell, and Cole. All four will be away come the summer. Huge boots to fill.
  16. Very light on forwards on the bench. Only Hastie as an attacker.
  17. You get a sight of someone in a no 38 tracksuit eating his dinner in the latest inside Motherwell video. I had to look up the squad list and Nolan is 38 so we are feeding him.
  18. As far as I am concerned Rangers fans are scum. It is a long time since I braved Ibrox but always found the walk from the car very intimidating. I am old enough to remember the time in the seventies when they broke in at Fir Park when we were ahead, the game got stopped and we lost after the restart. No action by the SFA. Rangers have been in three European finals and two of them, Barcelona and Manchester have ended in riots yet the media continue to fawn over them.
  19. Great win. Thought Alan Campbell set the tone with his first half performance. Kelly has made us forget Carson and Lamie is like a new player since Alexander arrived. Hope Tony Watt is Ok but we have a two week break so maybe some more players back. Competition for places can only be a good thing. Onward and upwards and if Celtic beat United tomorrow we go above them
  20. sinjy

    Season ticket

    I will be renewing. I have seen every home game for free so this year's season ticket has been used.
  21. My absolute hero. Remember as a kid telling the barber how I loved him and the barber gave me a crew cut just like him. I was at Ibrox when we beat Rangers 5-2. I think the next round when we lost to Airdrie made up his mind to leave. Hampden 1961. Centre forward for Scotland Ian St John FP of Calder Primary CF for England Joe Baker FP of Park Street School later Cathedral primary half a mile away. Thanks for the memories
  22. I am Scunnered by the team and the manager No fight or heart in the team Scunnered by injuries Scunnered by the seven signings made in January. Only Kelly has worked. Magloire the only other one to get a start. Mystery surrounds Foley, Nolan and Smith absences. Smith and Roberts look no better than White and Seedorf. Scunnered by the managers tactics. Our three man midfield gets over run when Campbell and O'Hara are there. On Saturday we have three Championship level midfielders and he persisted with the system. What did he expect to happen. With a make shift defence he should have been giving them maximum protection. The short passing at bye kick might be alright with a team full of confidence but not with this lot. Anyway one of the best long passers in the team is the goalie so why not use him. I have watched every away game this season apart from Rangers and Celtic but will be missing out on Wednesday. The six o'clock start does not go down well with Mrs Sinjy as she has spent all day in the kitchen preparing a Cordon Bleu meal and she is scunnered when half way through the meal I leave the table to set up the lap top. It is not worth the hassle any more.
  23. I am reminded of a lovely guy I worked beside in the mid nineties. He was a Partick Thistle die hard. When it was obvious they were going to be relegated from the premier league he said he was looking forward to seeing new teams and winning a lot more games than ten or so wins they were getting in the SPL each season. They got relegated again the following season. Be careful what you wish for. Relegation will be awful.
  24. So if the Kilmarnock and St Mirren games had gone ahead then it would be done by now. I would like to see a couple of more in but I do not want to lose Gallagher. O'Donnell and or Campbell going I could live with.
  25. As a usual happy clapper I am now worried that we may get relegated. While many will point to bad luck and unfair referee decisions there is still something very wrong with our team. For me the problem lies in mid field and the speed in which we change defence into attack. There were a few occasions today in the second half where we won the ball on the edge of our own box and were not able to move upfield with pace. When we got to the halfway line we usually turned back and played a square or back pass that allowed Aberdeen to regroup. it saddens me to say that the main culprit was Alan Campbell and to a lesser extent O'Donnell. The mark of our successful teams of late has been pace when breaking out of defence. This team does not have that attribute.

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