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  1. 100% correct. The replay shows that he wasn’t even looking in the direction of the ‘challenge’. Also his customary wee laugh as he dishes out the card. I wouldn’t trust him to referee a subuteo game.
  2. And did you see him trying the same tactic in the last couple of minutes just after Taits block? Exact same scenario, running to the corner of the box and goes down as if he has been shot.
  3. I went for Carson who was absolutely solid. Could easily have chosen five or six others. Campbell deserves a special mention, for such a young man he showed real maturity in dealing with one of the dirtiest midfielders in the country. But Carson was immense.
  4. As difficult as it is to go against Moult, I went for Bowman. He never stopped running all afternoon and gave Rangers exactly what they deserved. A bloody nose. Carson was on top form. What a difference it makes to have a Keeper that everyone has confidence in.
  5. A great result tonight. The players and manager deserve a lot of credit for that performance. Would ye credit it, a Motherwell team actually turning up at Ibrox and having a right good go at them.
  6. Couldn't have put it any better. That's two incompetent referees in two weeks.
  7. Thats an excellent result, all things considered. Should take great confidence from that result.
  8. Absolutely magic result tonight. A bit nervy near then end but who cares. We're all goin on a European tour!

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