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  1. I canny get the image to load right. someone sort it for me.
  2. Bit of bad news. Stephen is a poster on here, think he'd taken a break recently but his name should be recognizable.
  3. IF Turnbull is still here at Christmas they will take any offer with a sell on fee. There seems to be a massive assumption Celtic still want him. When Turnbull were bidding for him I thought he'd get into that team nae bother. Since then he's not played in almost a year and Ryan Christie has come on leaps and bounds.
  4. Media team jumped the shark. Good promotional video to sell him
  5. Hearts have been charging everyone £29. They apparently do have a lower costing teir but don't offer those tickets out. I am happy to have a go at hearts shocking prices but ours at £24 for away fans are shocking tae. I reckon I will have to give up goin away soon.
  6. There is a few comparisons to the Caroline Flack case in here. As tragic as the Flack case was Robbo Didn't smash anyone with an object. Pretty sure no one would be on his side if he did.
  7. WAG goes barmy after "4" wines
  8. I am in no way doubting Polworth ability and value to the team. I just don't think he has the ability to defend very well which would be needed more out wide.
  9. Not really, Vigurs could have worked for us in a midfield 3.
  10. No offence taken, we can all have difference of opinion. My opinions vary week to week anyway. Maybe I am doing him a massive injustice. I wouldn't trust him to mark and tackle someone if needed though he's a massive shitebag.
  11. Looking forward to this. Fuck knows why.
  12. Suggesting to play Polworth anywhere other than in the middle of a midfield 3 is daft IMO. He doesn't have the work ethic to play anywhere else. Reminds me of Vigurs in the respect.
  13. Just to chip in on the Long bookings... The first was very much deserved IMO, the whistle had gone and a length of time had passed that it would be "unacceptable" to kick the ball. It wasn't as if he was travelling quickly toward the ball or in the backswing of a kick. second I had no issues with either.

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