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  1. Horrible stinking basturds
  2. what's the modern equivalent of a wing half?
  3. I know we're moving on from the Wark/Hammell chat but I was too young for Wark. My da raved about him though. And I'd love to have a LB of Hammell's calibre in the team right now.
  4. Considering the prices quoted by a previous poster that cap does seem like a step in the right direction. A cap at £20 up here would be ideal. Still is a tourist league down there.
  5. Is that the EPL I take it? I know folk who've paid £50 for old firm games
  6. Oh lucky us. Fuck the English fitba. It's a fucking circus down there. I do agree children and seniors have decent pricing at FP. Ma da is in a similar Families may do well out of it. (I get a FREE St for my kid, She's too wee though) My gripe here isn't at Motherwell. (although I'd like to see us try and address it somehow). I'm not one to moan about the "standard" of Scottish fitba. Anything over £20 though is a disgrace for what's on show 90% of the time. If there is 5 of us going to Tynecastle for example, we'll be looking at closer to £30 a head. I've zero complaints about our method of shitfesting a result either but I am not sure it's worth the price of 4/5/6 pints. I know I am howling at the moon cos nothing is going to change, in fact it will only get more expensive. It really boils my piss, even more so now I canny really just piss my money away, at how expensive it can be.
  7. £24 & £30 is astronomical, it's an utter disgrace we charge that. I've often wondered why a few mates who support either arse cheek don't bother with away games and I failed to take pricing into it tbh. It's a joke.
  8. I quite often forget to have a go at our prices for away fans cos I don't see them. They are also a disgrace. Fitba is too dear 90% of the time.
  9. Aye they stated this the other day. I doubt there will be no away fans, they just want clarification on what the score is. We'll get tickets. £30 a heed probably from the cunts
  10. Charles Dunne played very little in his last two seasons. Think he played about 43 games in his first and about 30 in his second. Then about 5 over two years
  11. I agree we won't break 10K. It's rare we ever do these days. I am not sure the authorities will accept that thought if the potential capacity is nearly 14K. Sure we can limit the capacity but that means ticketing all the games regardless of opponents.
  12. treat me as if i'm 8 years old and point out where it's going on a map please.
  13. I am not sure what the big deal is. Get jabbed. Get yer QR code. Get to the fitba. Or don't and stay home.

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