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  1. I'll just copy and paste my thoughts: First half I thought we knocked the ball about well but never really threatened. Few chances but we weren't very creative. The midfield and the front 3 had nothing linking them. I thought Cornelius played well and I thought Maguire was ok but having Maguire as the creative one in the first half got us nowhere. The two goals we lost were woeful and people booed. Seen a lot of folk slag the booing patrons but I think that booing is well within their right. It was a shocking scoreline and although I wasn't booing myself I defend their right to. A quick goal back was needed and we got it. The game changed when Lawless went play between the midfield and the forwards. Everyone knows we are screaming out for the creative midfield link in there and if we don't bring in another to play in there I'd want Lawless in there at all times. It seemed to open Queens up and Woolery's direct running was fun to watch. I like the look of him too. Big deflection on his goal but these things sometimes work for ye. Van Veen looks like a nice player. Should have burst the net a couple of times but had 2 efforts cleared off the line. Maybe he was using too much finesse but again he looks like he'll be a good player for us. Ten to go and we brought on our usual 6 defenders. This was something I thought GA maybe thought he had to do last year but looks more like a "go to move" when we are trying to see out a win. Which is the wrong phrase for today as at the point we did it we were in complete control and only Kelly with a big Schmeichelesque leap save us the win at the end. My main takeaway is the same it's been all summer. We need an attacking midfielder. I'd like to have Lawless as that option with another rather than only him in there.
  2. We sat in our allocated seats but there was a dude on his todd sitting right in front of us. I suspect he wanted his season ticket seat
  3. the dutch guy is fat?
  4. I'd disagree, You deserve to be winning a game when you score more goals.
  5. I hate this kinda of thing. You only get goals for putting it in the net.
  6. This is still preseason. It's been the same since they changed the league cup format. Couple of jobby friendlies until the competitive friendlies in the group stage start.
  7. From what I read I have been offered both games. I can only make one. Edit: nah I can make two
  8. I don't know anything about Harry's personal life but I often find it kinda mad that fitba players are often given the opportunity to retrain in other professions as if they hadn't just had a belting (often well paid) opportunity. So that isn't related to Harry in particular.
  9. It certainly seems like it. There is basically no mention from anyone of away fans (that I have noticed).
  10. That is how they are trying to do it. You don't think it is really complicated giving people no choice in what dates they are able to attend but once you give them the date trying to shuffle around people who need shuffled? I understand the club's issue with the ticketmaster system but why not shuffle folk around before giving them a ticket.
  11. I like it but the badge is annoying
  12. Not sure why this wasn't split into Ballot for each game. Everyone I have spoken to so far (small number no less) has plans to attend only one of the games due to prior engagements. Myself included. I now have to enter a ballot hoping I get tickets for the correct day or I understand there is some mad swap shop happening.
  13. What division are Rangers B goin into again? He will light up the juniors
  14. Based on nothing I think they were planning on moving him to Mo Ross' job.

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