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  1. I don't agree Polworth splits opinion. He's fantastic on the ball most of the time. Has a great delivery. His stats speak volumes. Do I think he's a shitebag at times? Defo, do I think he could put in more defensive work? Also yes! Doesn't change that he is a great player for us.
  2. Shankland is the stuff of fantasies, I doubt we will sign anyone else. Who knows though.
  3. Turnbull is going nowhere this summer. Any offer we get will be deemed too low and no one will bid what had been previously.
  4. Seedorf is a big part of our first team squad, I doubt he's going anywhere
  5. I am not sure I care about this. I know that's wrong but I have faith he will be found innocent.
  6. I am guessing but I have a shite knee and they are fucking rubbish. If he plays before March I will be shocked. Hope he signs an extension.
  7. Edinburgh polis are wankers. They'll have him down for murder.
  8. He was at braidy school of excellence or what ever it is and buggered off at 16. probably about 3 years ago
  9. I would expect Sloth to leave. Carson may want to leave. Between both keepers we need to get one of them tied down so I dunno how that will work. I'd like Cole to extend his loan. He looks a bit rough but is useful.
  10. I canny believe folk thought that he'd be back about September, Have you not got knees?

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