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  1. Well I am just glad I thought of waiting until the times and dates were confirmed like the wee UEFA guy suggested.
  2. I assume everyone who has booked somewhere / travel to somewhere has it on a refundable purchase? Since we don't know who we are playing.
  3. I wouldn't be so sure about who likes him.
  4. Like others, O'Hara leaving isn't the issue I don't think. I am going full tin foil hat mode. The players don't like the boss.
  5. Busta Nut


    I think that Covid put a stop to the youths, seemed as though we let everyone go and started again. So I think everyone at the youth level is about 16, Barring Johnstone and Cornelius. Dean is very much part of the first team anaw.
  6. I'd like Alexander to go. The players don't want to play for him. I doubt they are able to with his tactics anyway but I don't think anyone likes him. He's killing my interest completely. The players look like they don't know each other. They look like they've never spent the last 8 months playing together. 2 midfielders in a team is a fucking joke. He can try tell you it's a 3-4-3 but he's fucking at it if he thinks we don't see it. I am fucking scunnered.
  7. It's strange the way you refer to me but hide in anonymity
  8. Think that's just a poorly worded headline. I am scanning the article and Robbo said Watt thought he was working hard but they pushed him more.
  9. There seems to be a myth that O'Donnell turns into a different player when he is with Scotland. He makes the same basic technical mistakes, runs like he's towing a tractor but there is maybe a bit of better understanding of his ability from Clarke. He's not the only player that has those rumours are floating around.
  10. I get a lot worse. Barry.
  11. Absolutely frightening that SOD could have been the Scotland RB in an WC playoff game.
  12. Haha some of you are mad. Same folk who will laugh at OF fans doing the same kinda tin foil hat stuff.
  13. I'm 100% against VAR, If the ref didn't send him off they would have reviewed that and sent him off.
  14. I am actually quite shocked. Even for this place.

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