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  1. Busta Nut


    I think he's still gonna sign for Celtic
  2. Busta Nut


    If he doesn't join Celtic are we happy selling him for less to someone else?
  3. Busta Nut


    I'd be willing to bet he's not "rejected" them but is waiting on his agent whoring him around England for a better offer.
  4. Busta Nut


    I asked about the bid(s) and was told that ONLY Celtic were willing to meet the valuation. Few others were interested but not on the terms Motherwell were asking for. Maybe that could have prompted someone else to act but I saw he completed a medical today according to the media. So it's probably getting announced soon.
  5. Busta Nut


    Imagine if the press was reporting it as they would but the club was saying nothing...
  6. Busta Nut


    I get that, I understand your reasoning too, I think we all feel the same regardless of how accepting of it we are. I can only imagine it will get worse as the years go on. See you in yer ST seat next year mate!!
  7. Busta Nut


    I am all for that. Float round the pitch
  8. Busta Nut


  9. Busta Nut


    Can we also stop talking about "Bidding Wars" they don't happen, at worst they all match the asking price and the only people to benefit from that are the player and agent
  10. Busta Nut


    As much as I hate that he'll be going to Celtic I can't believe some of the responses on here. Well I suppose I can but it is still an amazing read. Celtic are the only team that bothered to match our asking price. Sure some others may match it before the deal is done but no one else has yet. Talk of not renewing season tickets and never goin back is fucking wild. How long have you been Motherwell fans? 9 months? You may say how sick of the OF taking Motherwell players over the years but you surely understand that these sort of transactions are vital. If he was moving to Barnsley for £3m+ I am pretty sure no one would give a fuck never mind the chat of not renewing/never going back.
  11. Busta Nut

    Hall of Fame

    The inaugral inductees are always difficult cos their could be so many.
  12. Busta Nut

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I hope this guy scores 50 goals this season. Just cos.
  13. Busta Nut

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I am not keen on that. Would be looking to loan anyone in Scotland unless it was definite he would sign for us after. Which is obviously insane.
  14. Busta Nut

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I think a lot of folk have built Tanner up to be something he's not.
  15. Busta Nut


    I am annoyed Turnbull was overlooked, then I had a think about it and I am pleased he's getting a rest.

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