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  1. I would expect Sloth to leave. Carson may want to leave. Between both keepers we need to get one of them tied down so I dunno how that will work. I'd like Cole to extend his loan. He looks a bit rough but is useful.
  2. I canny believe folk thought that he'd be back about September, Have you not got knees?
  3. I was looking up who the sweden goalie was there.
  4. I think McKenna is decent but decent at a Scottish top level. He's a big Centre half. decent enough however, When the talk of £10m valuations and the fact they reportedly knocked back £5m for him comes in to play it is then I'd turn round and tell ye he was fucking god awful.
  5. I think Dec should play RB
  6. I seriously think they have 4
  7. I just think he's a prick. Like the comment below says, he did well for us.
  8. Les was weapon years ago, he's a difficult weapon still. He did some good too.
  9. Las to get his first win as manager at the Tattiedome
  10. Louis Moult would be punted if they got promoted.

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