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  1. I have Stevie Hammell's top from when he launched it into the crowd when he left for Southend. He's a legend.
  2. Who are you Robbos Boy? I am sure you called me James at one point.
  3. Wasn't McInnes shagging his wife? She must be some ride.
  4. We made relegation fodder Accies look world class on many occasion. There's been about 4 players in 15 years I would have taken from them.
  5. Jake Hastie has 18 months of being paid a fortune to jog about. Madness
  6. Na I wasn't having a dig, Like yer self I was thinking the same and had a search.
  7. I dunno how they work but there will no doubt be compensation of some sort involved, hence why we are making bids. probably shady wee bids. Loan them TW for 6 months
  8. about 180 according to websites
  9. I will always stand by this being a lot of shite. I love a stat too. These aren't really stats.
  10. I am not sure what you want me to say here. I believe we've got the best out of him. I don't think he will manage to carry that over. If he does then fair play to him. If he doesn't then it's only good for us.
  11. Yes. His history shows that. He may have talent but only when it suits him, we seem to be a good match for him. So I don't think it will work too well for him. Fair fucks to him.
  12. I think regardless of where Watt goes he is gonna fade away. I was hoping he'd go down south and fade while earning 10-15K a week. Rumours mentioned see both Dundee clubs are where he is headed. I have no issue with him joining either on a daft wage and being Tony Watt of auld.
  13. I am sure I read there have been deaths with the new variant of Covid. That's irrelevant to me anyway. As @0Neils40yarder said. Like them or not the politicians here and in the rest of the UK are in a no win situation. Who applied for a ticket?
  14. Sturgeon stopped crowds for quite a few other countries too.
  15. (That's obviously if we are to have any restrictions)
  16. I'd like to see an approach like the beginning of the year. Spaced out. etc.
  17. Great win IMO. Felt it was a banana skin type game that we often falter on. I don't think St Johnstone were ever a threat. Great goal by Deano. Taking it down and hitting it on the half volley as quickly as that isn't easy. Keeping it low and into the corner was lovely. Let's go an another run.
  18. Bottom of league? Canny score much? This should be fun...
  19. Yeah I was gonna say in the last 2 or 3 years I can only think of Turnbull. Maybe Kipre. Must be missing some though eh?
  20. It's clearly sensationalised anaw but it's not really a surprise.
  21. Coyne McDonald Higdon Moult McFadden Probably Arnott next. I loved Porter too. I get your point about Sutton. He did look like he was running in concrete boots but I loved Sutton. Great goal scorer. Pretty sure he was a bit antivaxxer recently though.
  22. See I love Arnott too but I doubt he'd make my top 5. Didn't score enough.
  23. There is a historian on twitter. (I like this post)
  24. give the lad a couple of weeks off and then a wee mini preseason bring him in about 2nd week in Jan

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