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  1. Hey i guess he aint Human???? When someone offers you a better job in terms of prospects then its only human to take it!!!!! As a fan im sad, as a human im understanding
  2. My point exactly LadyTramp. He will pull Aberdeen out the gutter and and replace them in the top 4. Guarantee it. He has the boards ambitious backing in the way of funds.....
  3. The JIM GANNON Era. He didnt exactly leave the club in a gr8 situation. Brown and Knox pulled us up and when they could do no more left for a better job. Simple
  4. CRAIG BROWN CBE LEGEND. What other managers left Motherwell on a high????
  5. Nah Tamy im a well supporter however i am a supporter of Football and i see that a man regardless of team took a better job, simple. We all in life keep taking the next best thing. He is no different and deserves respect for pulling us from failure
  6. Craig Brown, left on a high! Took a falling club and picked it up and look where it is today. 70yrs mayybe but more ambition in his left finger than the Motherwell board. The man would have stayed if Motherwell had at least gave him assurances that we would keep Blackman and Gow and Fitzy. And maybe one new signing. But no funds means no ambition and thats the reason Craig took a BETTER job, a more promising job and a job where the ambition speaks volumes.... CRAIG BROWN CBE LEGEND!!!!!
  7. You lot wanna hear yourselves! Craig could do no more with Motherwell when Boyle confirmed no money for transfers and Blackman is going back to Sam Allerdyce in Jan. Gow's contract is up. Why stay and fall when the club shows no ambition then why should the manager? Motherwell were in the gutter when Craig and Archie took over. They did the best for the club and took them to the maximum possible. To be honest listening to you sad people bleatin sh"t im not surprised managers come and go. At least Craig left on a high!!!!

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