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  1. There's still the match day gear available as well (we have someone working on them currently) , although the back of the shirt is the cheaper option but has to be sorted by Tuesday as the order goes into the manufacturer. The match day stuff will stay open for another week or so before the order goes in. Cheers to the guys who have offered to pitch in.
  2. That describes about 90% of the team these days Busta, get yourself involved.
  3. As well as our usual plea for new players this summer we are also on the hunt for a new manager and sponsors. Having just lost 5/6 players from last year's squad we're looking to add players for all positions in the team. If anyone would be interested in sponsoring us for the coming season we are looking to get sponsors on our new match day tracksuits - £300, new match day polo shirts - £250 and on the back of our new home kit - £150, (Our away kit is currently sponsored by Strongman Removals). In return we will push your business online, give you a mention on all our match reports and will do what we can to get involved with the business and bring some custom your way. We are also in the process of linking up with a charity and are hoping this will gain a bit of publicity in the local papers. Lastly, our manager from last year is making a playing comeback so we are looking for someone looking to take his place running purely the football side of the team, alongside the guys we have running all the teams off field business. We play on Saturday mornings and arrange our games around the Motherwell fixture list so everyone has the chance to make it to the game in the afternoon, if they wish. If you or anyone you know might be interested send us a message here, on Twitter (@firparkcornerfc) or on Facebook (/firparkcornerfc) Cheers.
  4. Haha, I've got another 3 years left in me yet before that time comes. It's always nice to be head hunted though, clearly (as with most games) I was our stand out player on the night.
  5. Jonesy


    I reckon he'll be here next year continuing in his current under 20s role and combining it with either the 1st team coach role Robinson vacated or taking over as assistant from Faddy, who I don't think too many expect will hang around next season.
  6. It's that time of year again. We are on the hunt for new players to add to our squad for the 2017/18 season. We play on Saturday mornings, with kick off usually around 10/11am, in the IFA Scottish League as well as the Scottish and British Cups. Our fixture list is arranged around the SPFL fixtures to allow everyone the chance to make it to the Motherwell game in the afternoon. Training is on twice a week, (we're looking at Tuesday/Thursday next season), to give shift workers the chance to make it along as often as possible. If anyone is interested we have a few training sessions left for this season before starting back in July to begin for next year. You can get in touch by leaving me a message here, on Twitter (@firparkcornerfc), Facebook (Firparkcornerfc) or email [email protected]
  7. Fir Park Corner FC are hosting a Race Night a week on Saturday, September 3rd, in Club 100 in Holytown (formerly the GM Club). Doors open from 7pm. Tickets are available at £2, or get 3 for £5 on advance purchase only. We have plenty of cracking prizes to be won including: A signed Chris Cadden shirt A signed Lee Erwin Shirt A claret hospitality package for 4 people Goalie gloves signed by Sieb Dijkstra A 4 ball match at Torrance Park Bottles of whisky £100 Slaters voucher 2x meals for 4 at Ravens Cliff Men and Women pamper kits Hair grooming packs Copious amounts of other booze And hopefully a few more to be secured this week. These can be won by buying a horse (£3) or a jockey (£2), or via a raffle and auction If you'd like to buy into a race or for tickets please get in touch here or via Twitter (@firparkcornerfc) or Facebook (firparkcornerfc)
  8. The guys are all from round the Motherwell and Wishaw area I'm sure mate.
  9. We're looking to add to every position in the team. Generally training is at Aquatec/Fir Park 3g on Monday nights (8-10pm) and Keir Hardie in Holytown on a Thursday (9-10pm). However, for the first month or so we'll be at the Beltane in Wishaw starting slightly earlier just to make the most of the light nights, so likely to start at 7/7.30pm until 9.30/10pm.
  10. We're currently on the look out for new players to add to our squad for the start of next season. After winning the IFA Scottish Cup last Saturday we're currently taking a few weeks off before easing ourselves back with some 7s before pre-season training starts proper in July, quickly followed by some friendlies. Send a message on here or get in contact via our Twitter or Facebook if you're interested or if you know anyone who might be interested point them in our direction. Games are played on Saturday mornings and are arranged around the big teams fixtures, so no need to worry about missing any games if you have a season ticket.
  11. *BUMP* We've had a few guys get in touch, so just an added bit of info incase anyone else may be interested. Pre-season training is starting back in 2 weeks time, (week commencing 6th July), most likely sticking to our original Monday and Thursday nights and with our first friendly on the Saturday. For the first month or 2 training will run from 7.30pm-9.30pm before we switch to our 8-10pm and 9-10pm bookings at Fir Park and Ravenscraig/Holytown. We will also be playing a trialists game, most likely on the 15th August, if that may interest anyone. Again if anyone may be considering it or looking for any other info you can message myself on here or get in contact via the Fir Park Corner FC Twitter and Facebook pages.
  12. And his signings over the last 2 seasons were beyond a joke. He may have had a decent strike rate with signings beforehand (first season excepted). But over the past 2 years most of the signings that were made were pure laziness.
  13. We're always on the look out for new players, so when you're recovered from the surgery feel free to get in touch and join. There is no restriction with having to have players registered before a certain point, so you'd be able to join up at any point.

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