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    Dundee Utd

    Randolph no question. Had little to do for the first 60 mins, but had some tremendous saves towards the end. Carswell had a good 1st half but lost his way in the 2nd. Everyone else was rank. EDIT: Perhaps should add ZFA and Faddy looked sharp enough when they came on. But with little or no movement around them there was only so much they could do.
  2. As daft as it may sound, I think we could be looking at a similar situation to Murphy with a lot of these guys in the summer, in that a lot of them would be more than happy to stay but the club will be looking to get them off the wage bill and happy enough to let them leave.
  3. Aye, against us. We always seem to have the knack of making him look like Messi.
  4. Tony Vaughan was pre-admin. Stick Klimpl in his place.
  5. EDIT: Oh aye, and will some c**t not just take a fucking shot from outside the box!
  6. Took 60 fucking minutes to realise that playing the ball into Higdon's feet, rather than up to his coupon, was far more productive. Law and Lasley had howlers in centre mid, when that happens you are always going to struggle, no matter who you are, and their performances set the tone. Cummins had a good game, and I thought Hutch was decent up until the sending off. Murphy is far too timid out left, to feart to take guys on at times. Jonny Russell or Mackay-Steven would have rrun at that right back all night.
  7. Made this same point last night. A few of us have been saying this for a few seasons now, we are definitely not 'street-wise' enough when it comes to situations like this.
  8. Shit! Can't get our tickets until Saturday, looks like it'll be south stand, if anything, for us.
  9. Hearts Champions League game was definitely on TV, AEK was it they played? I remember setting it up on the big screens at work. Pretty sure it was the BBC who showed that. With that in mind hopefully it will be shown, at least by STV, if the BBC are too busy with their table tennis and shot put coverage.
  10. Jonesy

    Martyn Corrigan

    Those that can't do, teach.
  11. The Scotrail deal with Sainsburys was running not too long ago, it might still be on. Other than that can get Friends Fare tickets for groups of 3 or 4 for £47. Just need to get your Motherwell-Glasgow and Inverness-Dingwall seperate, but sgould still work out cheaper. Pretty sure these are limited in number though, so need to be quick on them.
  12. I gave up my season ticket last season as I was going to be missing a fair few games at the start of the season through work, so it just wasn't worth it. With timings of a few other things I've got going on just now I can't get a season ticket this year either, but any game I can't make I'll make sure I'm up at Fir Park through the week to purchase a ticket, which will go unused, but at least i've paid in. I'll be making a concerted effort, along with my brother, to get my Dad back to the games who hasn't been a regular since Davies was in charge, and like a few mentioned hitting the Cooper for a few before/after rather than JD's will make a difference too, that's if we can get in.
  13. Was it not that the forum has 1 vote?
  14. Think I read somewhere the team was off to Portugal for a week or 2 during pre-season. Maybe a bounce game organised with another team who'll be training there?
  15. I take it our site vote will be a simple 'no'? No need to put it out to a poll.
  16. Lasley vs Inverness. Home and away ones, take your pick.
  17. Thought he had pulled out of the team in tonights match? According to his quotes in todays papers, anyway.
  18. Coyne had a spell at Clydebank when they were still in the SFL. No sure if he was their last manager, before Airdrie's shananigans.
  19. I'd have Sasa Curcic in there somewhere. What a player he was. Not even kidding.
  20. Was the Dortmund game not an early kick off for German TV? I remember being taken out of school early afternoon to go to the game.
  21. £30 sent, plus the extra £1odds to cover the charges. Not got Paypal, so used the Mrs account. Attached my details in the e mail.

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