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  1. Merry Christmas to all 'Well fans. Hopefully Santa brings us all 3 points on Saturday. I not I'll be hunting him down, it was top of my list. Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays for Haggis, Wee Yin and Ian)
  2. Along the same lines as doesser1886. I always remember the level of excitement around the place when word started spreading that he was back training with the team. And the longer it dragged on the more people thought that he would end up heading somewhere else. The club was on its arse at that point and when he signed up again the whole mood seemed to change in that instant and the feeling that this was the start of something new for the club with Phil back leading the way.
  3. Jonesy

    Mark McGhee

    What the hell has Billy Reid ever done to merit being mentioned here? He's done OK in the lower leagues but Accies aren't any better off than us just now and people have been ranting for long and weary that it's about time we stopped giving managers their first chance or first big chance, and McGhee was the first time in donkey's years we got n experienced guy in. Althogh we are struggling this year, no-one can argue with what he achieved last year. As for Williamson, everyone is moaning that we have turned into a long ball team this season after the great football we witnessed last year. What do you think Williamson's tactics are going to be? His teams aren't exactly known for their sexy football.
  4. Jonesy

    Mark McGhee

    Fuck Bobby Williamson. McGhee is struggling just now but can't believe people actually want to replace him with this clown.
  5. Jonesy

    Season 09/10

    I was desperate to get one again for this season after giving mine up 2 years ago. Mainly to make life a bit easier getting UEFA Cup tickets. But I couldn't afford it as well as the trip away, so didn't bother. I'v started putting money by for one next season, but already getting ideas for what other uses it can be put to, depending largely on Boyle sorting out the ticket pricing farce and other issues. I'm totally undecided and it'll take a big effort from Boyle to convince myself and most others by the looks of it to hand their cash over. That said I am there on a Saturday to support my team, not it's owner.
  6. Jonesy

    Books and fanzines

    Ideal. Not sure if I'll make the ICT game. Looks like St. Mirren away is the next game I'll have a chance to get to. That might well change. I'll arrange something when I have the pennies. Cheers man.
  7. Jonesy

    Maroš Klimpl

    The bit in the first 2nd half when he tried keepie uppie with a few headers then clear it with an overhead kick had me thinking he's the white Benni Kemble. He was the same sometimes, just so blase. When all you need is a touch to the goalie or boot it away.
  8. Jonesy

    Mark McGhee

    That's a point I meant to make as well. He says he reduced the OF parices to help people out due to the'cridit crunch' and all that. So where's the fuckin' sweetener for anyone to go to a game live on TV on a cold, wet, miserable Monday night against bloody Kilmarnock 10 days before Christmas? The discount wsn't forthcoming because he couldn't get any money fromhis beloved Old Firm fans. Maybe thats why on their guide last night Setanta had the game listed as Motherwell V Celtic. Maybe Boyle asked them to try and help him get a few of his mates to come to the game.
  9. Jonesy

    Books and fanzines

    You still got any of the bundles left with all the books fatcalf? After Santa has been I think I'll use any money he gives me to ake a purchase.
  10. They don't bother me. At least they are trying something. Some songs are terrible though. Especially the Maros Klimpl 'He's only on loan' effort. That might be the worst song I'v ever heard.
  11. Jonesy


    On the subject of scouts. Is there something wrong with our own scouting network. I don't mean about the scouts themselves as they have picked out a few local gems over the years, but the actual set-up. Why is it Killie can find players like Taouil and get Pascali from Parma? Dundee Utd got Gomis and Swanson from Division 2 or 3 and have players like Sandaza and Zaluska. Even St. Mirren managed to find Andy Dorman. But it seems no matter who we have in charge , after they have been here a year or so we always end up looking at the same sort of players and almost always in Scotland and England. Even Sutton this year was a Malpas target last summer. We always seem to end up with players like O'Brien, McLean, Smith who get released from the OF youth teams, granted some of these have been successful, or it's players leaving other SPL clubs or players who used to be in the SPL and struggled down south. EDIT: I also note we could do much worse and be like Falkirk with signings like Lee Bullen, McNamara,McCann and Olijnek.
  12. Jonesy

    Mark McGhee

    I don't think you can really blame McGhee for fans staying away. That's gt more to do with Boyle and his hair brained get rich quick schemes.
  13. I hear it's past your bed time.
  14. Complete and utter fuckin' dross tonight. Saunders had a good game and as usual Las kept battling away in midfield, but you can only do so much on your own! We are now definitely in a relegation battle and anyone who thinks otherwise is talking out their rear end. The table doesn't lie at this time of the season. Absolutely no invention tonight, looked totally inept of ideas, no urgency, no fluidity and we continue to play punts up the park! Maybe its a good thing half the team are out of contract in the summer because on this seasons form they can't cut it. Deal with it McGhee.

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