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  1. madscot

    Sir Alex

    I know it not club chat guys ,the Guys a legend .
  2. madscot

    Sir Alex

    Sir Alex Ferguson looks like hes not doing very well ,bleeding on the brain and all the family are with him.Hopefully he can pull through .
  3. I went for Main ,today was up there with the the one against shellic in 91 .
  4. This type of comment is why I'm not on here often anymore ,FFS steelman1991 get a grip .
  5. Watched the 2nd half on Dundee tv ,it doesn't get any better .
  6. That's not installing flash its installing malware
  7. https://www.facebook.com/BroxiLoyalRsc/videos/2004601039818786/ Watched the first half on the stream above .
  8. And they are all over the statement on the clubs twitter account.
  9. He fell over his own feet.cheating bastard Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  10. That's why the emoji ,well up for it knows this .
  11. About the referee yesterday ,anyone remember the bounce up after a foul ...think it was Dens Park .Thomson wouldn't let a motherwell player contest the bounce up which is against the laws of the game .Trivial it maybe but the guy hasn't a clue.
  12. Sinclair on the stv news "I felt a tug and went down "Cheating Fucker.

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