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  1. What is player 2 / 3? Someone told me not to go into?
  2. Ssssshhhhhh I’m watching it after game!
  3. What a pile of s***e
  4. If it was nicer then I’d be glad I spent £10. It’s not. Haven’t sent 2 emails to the shop & no one got back to me.
  5. Anyone getting through to the ticket enquiries? Been on for an hour!
  6. Enough of the auld!!!!!!! :-p
  7. Got it from the club. Fair enough getting your own sign on it but why have it round at the side? Why not have it in the middle? Might as well have done it myself.
  8. Sorry if it’s been discussed, Has anyone else got the face mask? Really disappointed costing me £10. Not worth it.
  9. Wee reminder that MFCDSA are collecting money tonight. Please bring whatever you can give in your pockets tonight. Thanks!
  10. There are barriers now that can lock you in.
  11. Does anyone know what’s happening at the Civic with the barriers regarding parking? Can you get locked in?
  12. Turnbull didn’t win young POTY. Wtf?? I couldn’t even tell you who this player who won it was. The Rangers guy.
  13. It wasn’t. I think that rather than leaving we would give him a chance. Unfortunately, it’s Robinson’s time up.
  14. Stephen Craigan? It’s a shame he’s leaving
  15. Do you seriously think that’s? He gets the ball took off him from behind ALL the time
  16. If Thompson is the ref then surely we can appeal this? Seriously. On another note: what do you all think about Mchugh? I think he has to be on the bench (or out) Time & time again he gives the ball away. When will he learn someone is going to get it. But who plays?
  17. Kind of disappointed me tbh. But Answorth was really nice.
  18. On holiday in Benidorm & just ran into Lionel Answorth & Marvin Johnston. Couldn't ask for a nicer guy than Answorth. Night before he left he came and said he'd be away early next day. He was happy to have pics taken but it was strange to see ex Motherwell player in Benidorm!
  19. Either/or. Don't want to go to ibrox bar. Have got my iPad

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