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  1. Utterly bizarre that the police didn't interview the alleged victim, but there you go. For the Caroline Flack references, Scots law is very different and the PF and Crown decide if there is a case to answer and if it in the public interest to prosecute. I'm glad that the case called in Edinburgh and not Glasgow. If it appeared before Sheriff Crozier it may have been very different.
  2. If Tommy Coakley had got his hands on the club, the stadium would be housing and we'd probably have been the most recent Clydebank.
  3. Illic is back in the squad, but what has happened to Sloth? Taking O'Hara on loan was probably a give away that we wouldn't see Sloth feature much, if at all. I can see Scott leave on an 'Erwin type' transfer. He's been good this season and has lots of potential. I thought he'd be a Lee McCulloch type, physical presence up front, but he's a player with considerable technical ability. Turnbull should be aiming higher than Celtic when fit.
  4. The packages being offered in the MLS, with clubs offering houses and schooling for player's children, along with the potential in endorsements from the likes of Nike, means the MLS is hoovering up talent in Mexico.
  5. We've never replaced Hammell, in over a decade, maybe?
  6. Actually, forget that, it was another game Hastie played in. A friendly. Hastie wasn't listed in the match squad in Gibraltar.
  7. I read on Twitter that Hastie had played and done quite well.
  8. Anyone know about the Cadden situation? He's left the club, but has he signed with anyone and is there a potential fee due to us?
  9. Which rival team did Petravicius fail at before us?

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