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  1. Surrounding streets were full last time so we parked in the Stadium car park . Costs a fiver but it was ideal, straight out and on to the motorway
  2. They score they'll be on the track trying to out do the proddy "scenes ' of last week. Saying that , I would love to beat them and send them away with their tails between their legs. Mon the Well
  3. Right, let's see if we have the fight and gumption to stop this mob strolling about doing what they want. Scott Brown decked slyly in the first couple of mins please. Guaranteed those Green Brigade wanks will be on the park if they score. Have to outdo the h**s to keep face. I'd take draw but would love a win.
  4. Might head down to dumbarton on Tues. I'm getting all nostalgic about that nil nil draw on a foggy night in the 80's.
  5. Right, say he'd quit today , give me two realistic names of candidates you think would A...apply for the job and B.. do a better job than him.
  6. I actually met this legend near to Fir Park
  7. I think if we do sell Turnbull to Celtic then i'll be done with the fitba regardless of the fee. This is not a knee jerk reaction but more of a sick of the same old pish for the last 50 years. it'll be like the SFA giving McLeish the Scotland job. Nothing's changed and never will . It's not the selling or the fee that matters most to me but who we sell him to . If Hastie had left for any other club bar Rangers or Celtic our support would have just shrugged their shoulders and went " that's pish" but going to one of those two is not on for all the reasons we know too well. I am not going to spend my time and money watching Turnbull rattling 12 goals a season into us. We stood up to Rangers when they fucked us over in the Play off ticket allocation , we've papped their scummy fans out the Main Stand, now its time to stand up to Celtic and their money. Let's see if a fan based club can do what's best for the fans again.
  8. All this positivity is doing fuck all good for my nerves
  9. Got hospitality with free booze and bets with workmates on Friday night at Hamilton Races so that'll help me get some sleep.Christ knows what my liver is gonna do if we win this cup.
  10. Cannae believe how much I want us to win this game. At the semi draw I was a bit "meh , we'll get Celtic anyway " who cares. Now I would love to win with a replica League cup penalty in our favour with Bowman forearm smashing Scott Brown in their penalty box and falling over, only for the ref to point to the penalty spot and send Broony packing. You can but dream
  11. I hope we take 8000 fans pump Aberdeen then get 17 to 20000 tickets for the final causing a meltdown and subsequent statement release from the Vanguard Bears/ Green Brigade cunts.
  12. ankles

    Club Statement

    Why did we not just put out a Celticesque statement in reply to Brown where we just ignore the facts completely and lie like fuck while keeping a straight face . Something along the lines of " We have the best fans ever , didnae happen "
  13. What a pile of shite. The SFA don't react to public pressure on anything. Their whole buisness plan is built round the old firm .As in all walks of life some of them support the old firm and believe in everything they are. The diddy clubs have never and will never gain anything from them againstthose two. As for Burrows your as bad as that numpty who blamed him on twitter for the hot air not defrosting the pitch.
  14. I know that tactics come in to it but i'm a firm believer in putting yer best 11 on the park and let them worry about it. McGhee with Well and Strachan with Scotland are prime examples of trying to cancel out other teams and making a right dick of things in the process. McGhee would have Moult out wide right and Campbell at left back on sunday after a brain freeze trying to figure out how to nullify the threat from The Invincibles
  15. This is starting to get on ma tits. This is as bad as Rangers trying to fuck us over with our away allocation in the play offs . Try any sort of shit to get an advantage however small in hope it helps them win. The football media in Scotland haven't been this far up someones arse since Sir David and Walter fecked off into the sunset. Saint Brendan has spoken .... everyone listen. You're supposed to be a team of invincibles ya walloper.
  16. I have this really positive attitude to this game but every now and then Craig Thompson pops into my head
  17. See we are 10/1 to win . I'll be having some of that. That will be the cherry on top of the big feck off cup winners cake
  18. Should be a great game between two good teams. If this doesn't get people to Fir Park , nothing will. A win to keep our run going would be fantastic. 3-2 us
  19. They had to find something to blame , taken over the Celtic mantle of always cheated never defeated. Did anybody actually think anything else would happen bar this pish. The demands for "justice" and Brendan Rodgers siding up with them tells you that the old firm shit is indeed still alive and kicking. Two cheeks of the same arse without doubt.
  20. Think the reality of actually being one of the diddy clubs now is hitting home.Not having the cash to buy your way out of diddyness is killing them.Welcome to our world fuckwits.
  21. Totally dingied any managers press conferences for a long time now but after listening to Robinson's last two , wow ,no wonder he is doing so well . Totally night and day from McGhee's slobbering. Delighted we got an extended contract out of him. Happy days.
  22. The sucking up to Saint Brendan by the media has become Walter Smithesque.Oooh let's ask Brendan what he thinks. Anybody with Scott Brown in their team greetin about heavy challenges Got to hand it to him , got the first blow in, Hey referees!!! ra poor creative Sellick players are gonna be hurt by the Motherwell cloggers. Help us out
  23. Hope the players slept better than me. Intae this mob. MON THE WELL

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