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  1. It was a great day plenty of people walking was very hard especially walking on ice for most of the way.
  2. Yeah should be good free food free drink can't complain The only reason im going is because i got the tickets for free there should be a few motherwell fans sitting in our box aswell. Couldn't have afforded it otherwise.
  3. Im in the Club deck what about yourself?
  4. my dad got myself and my sister hospitality tickets for the game so the 3 of us will be at ibrox don't know how im going to stay on my seat if we score
  5. Good Luck to the under 13s and 15s tomorrow at Toryglen. The Ladies are away to Tynecastle tomorrow so won't be able to come along and watch. Good Luck from all at the Ladies
  6. Well done Lucy, Heather and Emily!
  7. As angie said the Ladies team have a rebuilding job to do as has already been mentioned our old coach left to go to EK we only have 5 players from last years team. But with great new coaches and a new group of players willing to work hard we are hopefull the results will change starting with Hibs B on sunday
  8. Hope everything works out ok for Chris, his wife and new baby Humphrey. Good Luck!
  9. Well done Emily from myself and all at the ladies team. All the best!
  10. CaptainSusie

    Mark Cameron

    Sad news RIP Mark
  11. Keith is carrying a slight injury he said on sunday he hoped to be fit for today but wasn't likely.
  12. Myself, my sister and my dad are heading up so thats another 3

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