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  1. Personally I'd prefer a ticket scramble over a trip to NDP.
  2. marty

    New Away Kit

    Is the training top that kerr's wearing in the picture of him signing going to be available to buy? I prefer it to our away strip. http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2013/07/01/kerr-pens-extended-deal/
  3. marty

    U20 Fixtures

    He came on for a couple of minutes at pittodrie. Obviously there's a huge difference between that and actually starting a game.
  4. marty

    U20 Fixtures

    Thanks for the reply Noah!
  5. marty

    U20 Fixtures

    Does anyone know when the next U20s home game will be? Had a look at the fixtures there. I see we were meant to be playing St Mirren yesterday. Obviously that didn't happen, any idea of when it'll be rescheduled for?
  6. marty

    Vs Dundee Utd

    If we win, we'll go 10 points clear of united and have a game in hand of them.
  7. marty

    U20 Fixtures

    Currently 1-0 up against Celtic. Higginbotham Penalty. Supposedly a cheeky effort according to twitter.
  8. Celtic play Spartak Moscow away on the Tuesday after they play us not sure if that's effecting at all. Couldn't imagine them playing the Sunday-Tuesday so if there was to be a change i'd imagine it'd be early kickoff. They might just be choosing not to show it.
  9. To be fair the major fixture changes only really effect the away games so far. After taking into account the fixture amendments, we have 6 home games. Four of those are still the original 3 o'clock on the Saturday, one is an earlier kick off on the same date as it was originally scheduled for. The only one where there's actually a date change is the Friday night Hibs game.
  10. Off topic but I see Jennings has made his full debut this evening.
  11. marty

    Bill Dickie

    Apologies misread the title of the article, get it deleted!
  12. marty

    Bill Dickie

    Sorry if this has already been discussed just never noticed a topic on it. Tremendous gesture from Bill Dickie leaving the club £1.5 million in his will. http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/4482210/Motherwell-chief-Bill-leaves-15m-will.html
  13. Pretty sure I read in the paper last week at that point we were just short of the 4000 mark and last year including half season tickets we had a total of 4091 sold.
  14. Fair enough but I'd have thought we would got a decent amount over a season. They had kiosks all over the stadium and even a wee desk in the Cooper Suite pre match. There's a Ladbrokes at Perth, Tynecastle & Ibrox. If it's good enough for them it should be good enough for us. Even if it was just a small income for the club it's better than a poke in the eye with a shitey stick.

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