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  1. Hopefully the surprise is that its a wind up and that isn't really our home kit.
  2. Me either. Especially after all the 'unique' talk. Away one is not too bad but totally ruined by the mfc logo rather than our badge.
  3. No one is suggesting we advertise the kit without a sponsor but surely we can show one pic of the kit without a sponsor to the fans. All seems like a big drama over nothing.
  4. Why not just show off the kits without the sponsor ?
  5. I would like to see a return of the satin knickerbockers.
  6. White shorts and black socks were part of our kit long before claret and amber.
  7. Crawford needs a fresh start away from accies. Be delighted if it was for us. I think Carson will be off. His international commitments over the last couple of weeks have probably delayed a move. Cardiff most probably his next club. The Donnelly signing is a strange one. Seems too good a player to be coming to warm the bench. Could we be going for a flat back four this season of Kipre, Donnelly, Hartley and Dunn ?
  8. The Hibs home one has grown on me. Very late 80's look about it.
  9. Noticed that today. I think its supposed to be [email protected] as i have used that one before.
  10. How did you manage to link 2 accounts? Me and my daughter have different codes,but she is on the free child place i get with my ST, so when i log into her account, it expects me to pay for hers.

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