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  1. Rolling the dice... a winger, midfielder........ and a bleeding defender!!!!! WTF!!!
  2. Taking Spittal off for Shields, like swapping Beyonce for my Gran
  3. FFS!!! this is shocking! Especially from that distance
  4. timewasting already need to make sure the ball is on target, if it's taking them that long to return it
  5. Wonder if my work will complain if I use their VPN, currently connected to Atlanta
  6. It is indeed, I was looking at taking the player on but to spend out another £15 is sticking in my throat right now.
  7. From the friendlies point of view, apparently there was at least one lined up but they cancelled, according to comments made by Alexander. So it may not be a lack of trying. Anyway on tonight I hope we come back with a win but we need better performance than last week for that to happen.
  8. Looks like another Scot bound for Hartlepool: Possibly one for Hartlepool
  9. Tony Watt may be looking for pastures new... Utd have just signed Steven Fletcher as their new No. 9.
  10. Ticket renewed for the DC but have had to move seat to accommodate the two lads also getting one each. They were PATG if they were going and very rarely were they able sit beside me.
  11. No he's not. He's mved on to Alexandra Burke, and he's going to be a daddy soon.
  12. He is included in the list of players that Norwich are releasing. Wortht trying to see if he'd come back up the road?
  13. Obviously, forgot to click send home when notified of the bug.
  14. Get In... Now for Utd to get beat tomorrow, if we can then get something from the Hearts game, it'll make sure that Utd and County can play out for a result that suits both of them.

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