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  1. Obviously, forgot to click send home when notified of the bug.
  2. Get In... Now for Utd to get beat tomorrow, if we can then get something from the Hearts game, it'll make sure that Utd and County can play out for a result that suits both of them.
  3. another needless yellow for KVV
  4. Was up in one of the DC boxes for that game, with half the team sitting behind me, they went wild at the goal going in then saying that Crags would be suggesting he meant that to happen
  5. Passing - Fail Control Possession - Fail Score - Pass Keep a clean sheet - Pass Suppose we did the important stuff but boy, did we give Dundee to much space and time on the ball. Adam then McGowan looked almost Messi-esque. Sooner we get back to closing down from the from front the better. We cannot give teams that much space on the ball, especially when we seem to find them with more of our passes than our own players. Thanks God we have Liam Kelly at one end and Tony Watt at the other.
  6. I called in the office yesterday and advised I'd normally get it sent out, they advised they would hope to be able to do that this morning, they are waiting for a part, guessing for the printer then. EMail sent out says if you aren't sure if it'll be delivered to phone in.
  7. Dunne off after 30 minutes with a kock...
  8. Result aside I enjoyed the game yesterday and I believe we have enough about us to not be dragged into a relegation battle. Enough for top 6, I suppose we need to see how the new CD;s are. As the defence is our weakest point at this time. Was failry happy with the midfield, we still have O'Hara to come back as well. KVV looks like he could take the crown from Louis, liked his control and first touch, don't think the Hibs Defence did though. Slattery looks good and will become a mainstay in the team. However apart from the game, how good was it to be back at Fir Park? A decent atmosphere as well even f the drum wasn't allowed.
  9. Can't believe we have folk dissing SOD as Captain, Man City are apparently bidding £100 Million for a player he dealt fairly well with
  10. Starting to feel like it's de ja vu. Same crap as last season. Surely it can only get better. Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  11. Probably but you know we like to have a number of players that can play across the front 3..
  12. May have to look for someone else as Jordan Roberts may not be returning
  13. Wages the hold up apparently for Carson moving to Hartlepool LATEST ON HARTLEPOOL UNITED’S PURSUIT OF MOTHERWELL’S TREVOR CARSON
  14. Absolutely buzzing with Kelly back, especially on a permanent contract.
  15. Just wish they'd hurry up and announce... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57666280

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