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  1. Not the clubs fault there is no stream.
  2. Here's the bbc's take on it... Touch and Go. Anyone else spot the mistake?
  3. Tickets already bought. Brilliant pricing from the club. Hope we get a good crowd.
  4. Sky still got Scott to Hull, not seen any official confirmation
  5. Another one out the door at Hull, not sure if they'll have a team for Scott to join
  6. Seen HArtlepool were supposed to be interested in Johnson
  7. Already being discussed in the rebuild thread
  8. James Scott trailed by Bristol City as Motherwell braced for English interest
  9. What is the club playing at? Cole is away and the transfer window has been open for 21 hours already and and we haven't signed a replacement... c;mon get the finger oot!!! Happy New Year Folks.
  10. 'Flow did say in the interview they can now start looking to next 5 to 10 years planning now. So I don't think any move will be quick but I suppose it's got to be considered. If we can sell David Turnbull 10 times over we'll be fine
  11. Scottish Sun reporting that Robinson could be on the shortlist for the Hears job if Levein gets sacked, he could also feature in Hibs shortlist if it's them looking after the weekend
  12. That was my thinking when I saw that, nothing like advertising him. Especially when there is a club close by that may consider him as a replacement for Mark Allen.
  13. Disappointed if that's us done. Robinson stated last week, how much he realised we were short in defence. Also, feel that we need an out and out striker.

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