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  1. Starting to feel like it's de ja vu. Same crap as last season. Surely it can only get better. Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  2. Probably but you know we like to have a number of players that can play across the front 3..
  3. May have to look for someone else as Jordan Roberts may not be returning
  4. Wages the hold up apparently for Carson moving to Hartlepool LATEST ON HARTLEPOOL UNITED’S PURSUIT OF MOTHERWELL’S TREVOR CARSON
  5. Absolutely buzzing with Kelly back, especially on a permanent contract.
  6. Just wish they'd hurry up and announce... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57666280
  7. At least you can give an almost non-biased view
  8. You'd think so... but I thought Harry Kane could've handled it as well... yet after last night, he'd be lucky to get a game for Airdrie...
  9. I probably didn't know Graeme but as always thoughts with his family and friends. RIP Graeme
  10. Well-Made


    Shocked to hear this news, Thoughts with family and friends. RIP Andy.
  11. It's reported to be around £7 Million, they may take it, not a bad deal doubling your money in what? 10 months... Even if they have to give us a chunk of that, they still will make a decent profit.
  12. If they go, they'll want their Colt Teams to progress further than League One. Means their fans will be happy if they can't affored to go to England for games they'll still have something to watch.
  13. What a difference a week makes, credit to the lads for the performances this week. Great win today.
  14. I would say thanks but my Kaspersky has just went crazy.
  15. Was reading this earlier today What do struggling clubs need to stay up. It reckons 32 points is the average points required to avoid finish 11th in recent seasons. Used to be 35. If that's the case where do we see 4 points coming from? At this time, I can't see us scoring 4 goals during the games that are left let alone get 4 points.

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