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  1. 'Flow did say in the interview they can now start looking to next 5 to 10 years planning now. So I don't think any move will be quick but I suppose it's got to be considered. If we can sell David Turnbull 10 times over we'll be fine
  2. Scottish Sun reporting that Robinson could be on the shortlist for the Hears job if Levein gets sacked, he could also feature in Hibs shortlist if it's them looking after the weekend
  3. That was my thinking when I saw that, nothing like advertising him. Especially when there is a club close by that may consider him as a replacement for Mark Allen.
  4. Disappointed if that's us done. Robinson stated last week, how much he realised we were short in defence. Also, feel that we need an out and out striker.
  5. O'Hara signs - Official MFC Site
  6. Ther's no guarantee that it would've been once in a lifetime offer though. He may well have gone on to have a good enough season here that he could have been looking at a better move down South next season. I would say he has now got his work cut out to make to the Rangers 1st team, with rumours of them signing Kent permanently. Murphy was a better player by the time he left us than Hastie in my opinion. and he's being shown the door. Whether that's down to deemed not good enough\fitness\recovery not went as well I obviously don't know.
  7. Or they could just be two fo the three players that were reported to be sick yesterday.
  8. Cadden, Sutton and McLean scored as well
  9. Tanner offered a contract extension until Xmas The Sun
  10. Think I have just about calmed down after last nights inept performance. During the group stages, I did have some concerns about how the defence would stand up against a higher level of team. Now we are finding out. Without going over every player's performance last night, my lasting thought is if Lennon is getting stick for shoehorning players into position, then why is Robinson getting away with it so easily... Jake Carroll gets suspended but rather than play and develop Livingstone, he moves Tait back over that side. Hearts even played a 17-year-old at left-back last night so why didn't he give Livingstone that chance? The interview withPolworth during the week, states he's used to playing a No. 10 role, more like Turnbull was playing last season, but has been asked to play deeper Long, Cole, Hylton and Seedorf all confirmed as can play anywhere across the front three, yet no out and out striker among them. I felt sorry for James Scott getting subbed last night, he might still be a little naive but he was the only one willing to try and close the ball down up the front. Their keeper definitely got an easier time when the ball was at his feet in the second half.
  11. Apparently Scott Bain has picked up an injury and will be out for a couple of months. Lennon now looking for cover, wonder if they'll come calling for Carson.
  12. Middleton apparently wants to join Hibs on loan, so probably in the same pecking order as this morning.
  13. Apparently Jason Cummings has been told he can leave Notts Forest, worth a punt on loan, seeing as we ain't getting Ariybi back?
  14. Big John Sutton has scored (2 in 2 games for the big man) and Nicky Cadden is running the midfield by the sounds of things Shagger McHugh just came on as a sub.
  15. I went for Gallagher for long periods of the game today, he looked the most composed and dealt with most things well. Campbell was just edged out. I also have to mention Semple, really came onto a game in the 2nd half and looking forward to seeing more of him. James Scott may have missed a sitter in the first half but he had the gumption to see the interception and as the game went on got more involved and looks like he will do us a turn. I am still undecided if he needs loan time somewhere or if staying around the first team and getting game time with us is better option.

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