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  1. What a difference a week makes, credit to the lads for the performances this week. Great win today.
  2. I would say thanks but my Kaspersky has just went crazy.
  3. Was reading this earlier today What do struggling clubs need to stay up. It reckons 32 points is the average points required to avoid finish 11th in recent seasons. Used to be 35. If that's the case where do we see 4 points coming from? At this time, I can't see us scoring 4 goals during the games that are left let alone get 4 points.
  4. From BBC: The suggestions that Rangers winger Greg Stewart could be on the move to either Motherwell or Ross County appear wide of the mark. Information is he is going nowhere for the last few months of his contract. They are also saying Gallacher going nowhere....
  5. Celtic Rumours page saying that a deal has been agreed for Gallagher. Was looking to see if Robinson had a choice of Killie or Celtic for his next job
  6. Main worry now is if we give Las the next 3 games, we end up further adrift and little chance for a new manager to make changes during the transfer window. I have watched that today and have been left wondering what manager would want to take over with the goal of keeping us up with that shower of crap. Clear out needed but who is going to take them. Mugabi is a bombscare, h ecan have a decent game one week then crap for the next 3. Grimmy probably needs to move on now. O'Donnell I imagine will be away if he want to keep his Euro dream alive Hastie needs to be sent packing If Seedorf can't get ahead of Hastie then bye bye. Polworth either needs to step up or leave Cole, Long not doing the job and shouldn't have been brought back.. Especially Long.. he's only here cos he didn't get any other offers. I love Carson but think that the injury earlier in the season has probably done him. So not sure how much we can rely on him for the rest of the season, Chapman not good enough so we either need to use PJ orget another keeper in. Big job now for whatever sucker gets the job.
  7. Now if he'd only resigned a couple of weeks ago we could have asked Sam Allardyce... Not sure if we should get a short term manager in or a longer term... If we end up relegated then we could have to say goodbye to a long term manager, if we go short term, then we could be bringing in players a new manager doesn't want.
  8. So with Robbo gone, who next? Gary Holt - Done okay at Livi until this season, worth a punt? Simo - Seems to be some admirers Crags - Would he give up his media duties? Las - Sometimes continuity works... is this the right time though. Neil McCann - Sorry.. just wanted to give a scare on who is available.
  9. Dom Thomas assisting Euan Murray to two goals for Dunfermline against Falkirk tonight.
  10. I was logged in early enough to see both goals but then the page crashed, can't get back in May be a blessing.
  11. I for one mcu prefer the tweets of what is happening in the game there and then, rather the way it is. At least you get an idea of how the game is going. The way it is just now, when a goal is scored, you don't know if it was coming or against the run of play. For those of us that don't get to every game, the tweets should be providing that insight.
  12. Not the clubs fault there is no stream.
  13. Here's the bbc's take on it... Touch and Go. Anyone else spot the mistake?
  14. Tickets already bought. Brilliant pricing from the club. Hope we get a good crowd.
  15. Sky still got Scott to Hull, not seen any official confirmation
  16. Another one out the door at Hull, not sure if they'll have a team for Scott to join
  17. Seen HArtlepool were supposed to be interested in Johnson
  18. Already being discussed in the rebuild thread
  19. James Scott trailed by Bristol City as Motherwell braced for English interest
  20. What is the club playing at? Cole is away and the transfer window has been open for 21 hours already and and we haven't signed a replacement... c;mon get the finger oot!!! Happy New Year Folks.
  21. 'Flow did say in the interview they can now start looking to next 5 to 10 years planning now. So I don't think any move will be quick but I suppose it's got to be considered. If we can sell David Turnbull 10 times over we'll be fine
  22. Scottish Sun reporting that Robinson could be on the shortlist for the Hears job if Levein gets sacked, he could also feature in Hibs shortlist if it's them looking after the weekend
  23. That was my thinking when I saw that, nothing like advertising him. Especially when there is a club close by that may consider him as a replacement for Mark Allen.

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