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  1. Pissing with rain in the North East Ricky, with a fair wind. Gayfield would have the waves coming over the back wall...
  2. Good. Was at Gayfield on Saturday, watched Arbroath v. Aberdeen (a mate was doing the line). Easy wee ground for me! Magic pies too.
  3. Anyone else heard about a game versus Arbroath?
  4. The bully boy tactics continue, with the same arguments from the apologists.
  5. I just don't like them. If they were a holiday, they'd be the one where all your stuff gets nicked at the airport, you spend ages getting through customs and the hotel would be a midden.
  6. Seems to me their plan is to just let the league start, play in it while 'sorting out the loose ends' and if any legal bumps are encountered, defer on that as they're already playing anyway.
  7. SPL will have to provide details of the vote. Can't see a way round it for the various boards, who must all be clear by now on the views of the supporters.
  8. I understand when people give the financial argument, but it is far more than that. Why should any football club, outside of our interests, allow Rangers straight back in to the SPL as a newco? Doesn't seem particularly reasonable for fans at any division. Directly regarding the money - they have been proven to have financed their continued gain through, essentially, theft. I see no reason to assume that we'd be 'better off' by allowing the chance to carry on as was.
  9. No. The TV money I think would be less in the pot overall, but there may be the potential for other clubs to have a larger share thereof. As for the chance of it creating a siege mentality in Rangers in the future - would it necessarily? And, at what level? The Fans? The players? The Board (whoever that may be)? To my mind there is an opportunity here. Not to destroy Rangers (the damage they've done from within, they can build back from). The real opportunity is to change the current hegemony for the better. Both in terms of what happens in the league on the park and also to actually try and create a fairer, more democratic league. Miss that opportunity, to hand out some slaps on the wrist and we give up far too much.
  10. Ayr was a great trip last time. I think.
  11. might do Ayr or Raith. Most like Ayr if either.
  12. http://www.dundeerotaryoktoberfest.co.uk/beers.htm taking priority for me.
  13. Pretty sure we did that in OSB a few seasons back, about boo-boys. Still looks like Freddy Mercury to me.

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