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  1. Dougie Ramsey is working as a surveyor in the Rail industry and was still playing Junior football last I spoke to him.
  2. At the end of the day it will make fuck all difference to any of us. Season tickets will be renewed, strips bought, society money paid etc etc etc, season after season and we will all go along and watch the Well.
  3. great signing, loan or not. I have no idea who some people on here think we are.
  4. Samson agreed a 2 year deal according to twitter
  5. Samson agreed a 2 year deal according to twitter
  6. Sutton has apparently signed for St Johnstone
  7. Leeds fan on twitter reckons they are also after Marvin.
  8. Just read on twitter we are playing Herenveen away pre season.
  9. Celtic supporting mate reckons they are sniffing about Erwin.
  10. Welldel

    Baraclough Out

    Gannon was crucified for pissing off the "old heads". He should have been supported.
  11. Welldel

    Baraclough Out

    Who is going to prison ????????? Cant be arsed reading all of the shite to find out.
  12. We are all in this for the long haul, or at least we should be. I don't expect anything from the Team in terms of trophies, league position, Europe etc. The main problem we have as a support is that the younger element are spoiled, the older fans amongst us will remember relegation battles or even actual relegation. It all made no difference to us as fans. We still paid our money, followed the team and enjoyed the ride. The club are going through major changes, we all hope for the better. In the meantime all we can do is support the team. No one wants to be relegated, however que sera sera, its all part of being a Well fan.
  13. Kilmarnock,Airdrie and Clyde all currently scouting in our back yard. Apparently now extremely difficult for young players to get picked up by us, unless they are associated to Braidhurst.
  14. Seen on twitter we had Dean Shiels on loan ?????

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