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  1. popped into the club earlier this morning just to chance my arm for tickets. Got 12 tickets all seated together no problems.
  2. So because i dont know everyones individual circumstance i can't comment. If that was the case most posts in this forum would be "stupid comments." They point i was trying to make was, motherwell fc will not retain any of the floating supporters because we don't win enough trophies ect. They only want to join the rollercoaster ride when things are going well but the minute it takes a wee dip their off again.
  3. absolute BOLLOCKS folk dont get on his back because 100 % of the time Hately gives 100%. So things didn't go his way tonight, that in no way takes away from his previous performances. He has shown time and time again he is solid, and reliable,
  4. you call them floating supporters, i call them glory hunters.
  5. just in from the game totally gutted, cant fault the players for effort but we need to start converting the chances into goals. Anyone shed some light on what was going on at the dug outs when we were waiting to take the penalty? Mon The Well
  6. Anyone know who the three players are that craig brown had contract talks with yesterday. I know one is Jim O'brien but who are the other two?
  7. 3 v 1 to the well, with sutton, o'brien and craigan for us, and Imrie scoring for them.
  8. congrats to Jack and Victor. The lid will be off the roses the nite.
  9. Anybody got any idea where the first team are training and when. I know its usually DL but current weather seems to have put a stop to that. Promised my son ages ago i would take him to see the team train.
  10. I think Rickoza has got it spot on. Going to Aberdeen is a sideways step which ever way you look at it. Their fans are totally stuck in a eighties timewarp. They believe they are the third force in Scottish football.
  11. noticed some scaberdeen fans talking on their forum and they seem to think Mark McGOO spoke to the powers that be at motherwell about jim o'brien. The outcome of this was give us 20k and they will get o'brien, but the board at scaberdeen said they didn't have 20k to spend on a player. Some serious drug abuse going on within the scaberdeen support if they think JOB is only worth 20k.
  12. Aye but why does that shit always happen to us!!
  13. I would be gutted to see jim o'brien go especially to another SPL team.
  14. aye the cleaning squad. There's no place for him in the football squad though .
  15. oh feck i hope not. we really need to try and keep Ruddy. obviously if its within our means to do so
  16. at no point at all does that translate to "he likes a drink" and even if he was head and shoulders above the rest of his team mates he was never getting on the park as gannon had a personal grudge against him.
  17. Anyone know where to get the draw for the next round of the league cup
  18. anyone know of any of of jim o'briens other songs. It would be interesting to hear, the guy's got talent.
  19. in fairness to plaul slane he did say in an interview his coupon wasn't the best. He's only 17 his acne will pass and by that time he will have that much money burds won't care what his face looks like. Paul Slane and your acne we salute you
  20. when uncle phil died his wife said she took great comfort from the fact that motherwell staff and supporters all paid their respects in many ways. Surely if the club and supporters can offer any comfort to paul's widow at this traumatic time the we should. The best way to do this for the supporters is when a game is on and everyone is in the same place.

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