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  1. it is probably better for Moore to be out on loan playing for a team he helped get promotion last year(?) than getting splinters from sitting on our bench and getting a few minutes here and there when we take Moult or skippy off. Haven't saw blyth play but from McGhee's comments he is a different player form what we have, whereas Moore is in the same mould as Moult and skippy. Is Watt a right back? Tait certainly is but needs a bit of time to fit into our side. Personally i am happy with Mcghee's signings. We needed players for midfield and now we have a couple. blyth, clay, lasley and cadden will all get plenty playing time this year and it is nice to have cover in case of injury and/or suspension. I think we are a wee bit heavy at the back but in McGhee we trust.
  2. if he goes to QPR or anywhere else. Undisclosed Amount is how much we will receive. heard it here first.
  3. cup final winners names through the away one.
  4. with his pay cut, it might just have been a cup of hot water.
  5. Skippy signs. offical http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2016/07/01/mcdonald-extends-his-well-contract/
  6. Where has the £240k come from? a player who hasn't been anywhere near the 1st team and we could have gotten £240k for him On McDonald i have not read or heard anything that says we offered him lesser terms. The club said they wanted to take up the option of his second year and we were waiting on him getting back to us. It does look like he is shopping himself about a bit but i wouldn't be surprised to see him turn up once preseasons done
  7. i am sure i read somewhere, might be the BBC piece, McGhee saying its a starting point. We have made them an offer, they will ask for what they want and we will meet somewhere in the middle. I am pretty sure Hammell and Lasley are going to be here, McManus more than likely. I love McFadden but i think he has had his day. time to hang up the boots and start coaching. Samson i couldn't care less about. I would prefer to have our own keeper rather than a loan but in McGhee we trust. The guy above who said punt them all, really needs his head looked at, these guys have plenty experience and for some a genuine love for the club. These are exactly the type you need in the dressing room to point the younger guys in the right direction. It also helps if they are good players which they are, as long as their playing time is managed correctly.
  8. this is a must for me!
  9. Close it was a midweek game later that year. 19th November 1986 3-2 win for Hearts at fir park. Walker 53, Farningham 78 / MacDonald 51, 55, Berry 70 - From Wikipedia.
  10. Game in mid 80's against Hearts was the start of my love affair with Motherwell and my hatred of Hearts. Don't remember too much about it but we got beat and it was bloody cold. that was back in the days when you could get lifted over to get in. few years later i joined the claret and amber club, it was great getting the tickets for the old firm games for £1.50!!
  11. a full main stand???? never!
  12. On communication. I emailed the society from the website early last week after the news about Les going to re-pick up my membership and take one out for my daughter. my reply? Oh that's right, there wasn't one. Anyone would think the people running it don't want it to succeed.
  13. Steelmen

    Mark McGhee

    He needs to realise we are the club where he is at his peak powers!!!!
  14. Sums it up exactly. I am sure there is some health and safety guidelines about people standing there. I have been moved on several times when i am just waiting for a break in the game to get back to my seat.

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