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  1. Kinda agree. If you take his two spells at Hibs and his spell at Dundee Utd he's got 46 league appearances and 12 goals. Not terrible but not great either. I think you should be looking for 1 in 3 from a striker and McNulty hasn't matched that. Then as you say most of those goals were a couple of seasons ago in his first spell at Hibs and not much since.
  2. He's totally been caught out by a July start to the season if you ask me.
  3. I think the major concern is the absolute lack of motivation by our players to play for the jersey going back about 3 seasons. They play when they feel like it and generally show the passion for their trade of a slacker office temp at a photo copier. This is something that goes back beyond Alexander's appointment and was probably what lost Robinson his job. If you ask me there has been far too many dross journey men pass through the club over the past few seasons. In our pursuit to find The Pele of Exeter we've stripped away our own aura and status as a club. We're supposed to be a top level club yet we are sifting through the bins looking for a diamond someone threw out with the curry scrapings. We've become a clearing house for the inept of character and the bereft of talent. It still makes me angry that fucking Jacob Blyth sidled up here and got a contract from us. Sometimes it seems like we will literally take anyone. And as I pointed out yesterday our most experienced player has 39 appearances. There is no one in that dressing room that really gives a damn about the club. Everyone looks at everyone else to pick them up but there is nothing there and so they all flop. We have a dressing room full of hopeless transients. Next season half of them will be gone again. When I first started coming to Motherwell games our results were just as shite as ever but the players had some technique in their locker, some fire in their bellies and some actual personality. Not only do our current lot lack the technique, they are the very epitome of the modern day robot footballers. They aren't passionate about what they do, they don't care if they win or not, they have no ambition, they seem to me like automaton mediocrities going through the motions. If I played for Motherwell I'd get sent off after 3 minutes in every game. I'm not expecting players to be fans and act mental. Just show us you aren't bored to tears or daydream in the dressing room about the heady heights of being a solicitors cashier. Housewives in the Soviet Union had more joie de vivre than our players.
  4. If we beat Annan and Airdrie beat QotS we'd probably go through as a best 2nd placed team.
  5. I know we are short of numbers right now but the team selection to me has seemed odd. O'Donnell must surely need a rest but he's played every minute. We've only used 14 players over the three matches. Guys like Amaluzor, Parker and Shields brought in but no where to be seen. Guys like Max Johnston and David Devine nowhere either. Same team, more or less, same tactics. Not using these matches to try out various things or look at players. It all seems a bit....rigid.
  6. Like I said at the weekend we are miles off it right now. However I am prepared to wait until the window closes before I start hitting the panic button. That said there is very little proven quality at the club, we are significantly weaker than last season, and if we don't take the appropriate measures it will likely be a long hard season. Let's hope we get it right in the coming weeks.
  7. Setting up my super duper spreadsheet for the season and I noticed that of all the players we've used in the opening league cup matches NONE of them have played 50 league matches for the club. Highest is grizzled 'Well veteran Tony Watt with 39 league appearances. Liam Donnelly is the highest scorer with 8 goals. Overall the 14 players used so far only have 274 appearances and 16 league goals for Motherwell. Even if you include all contracted players the only one that can better Tony Watt's league appearances tally is Liam Grimshaw with 101. Just shows you how much player turn over there has been recently. Totally bizarre we could put out a side where guys with 20 or 30 appearances are the old guard....
  8. Let's hope he doesn't have a dip in form.
  9. It's so the guys at the back of the Hampden terrace could read what teams were playing.
  10. He's too busy inviting lower league chairmen to his hollowed out volcano base and showing them his shark tank before subtly suggesting they might be going for a swim if Rangers and Celtic colt teams don't get into a reconstructed league.
  11. This. We all know the first XI and squad are short of quality especially in midfield. Today's result was irrelevant to our league season, win, lose or draw. The player recruitment between now and the window closing will determine how we do this season. Until then it's premature to judge our squad, our form or our results.
  12. We're miles off right now you'd have to be super duper happy clappy to think we aren't. However it's July. Everyone just needs to calm down a bit and wait and see what happens.
  13. OK, let's go out and get 5 world beaters in for training on Monday.
  14. This result (so far) just proves more so it's essentially we don't rush people in and get the recruitment right.
  15. Which we won't do if we sign crap and are stuck with them. Like I said it's about getting the right guys.

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