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  1. If and when the new season kicks off and fans aren't allowed into matches or a the ban is lifted and subsequently another ban comes into place, I guarantee you people will feel deceived.
  2. If you are selling season tickets (especially full price tickets) it is surely under the proviso that fans can attend those games. That is dishonest because the club must know that fans, more than likely, will not be allowed into stadiums at the beginning of the season, if not on a longer basis. I've seen October being banded about assuming there is no significant increase in cases when lock down restrictions are lifted and there isn't a second wave going into the winter months but there are a hell of a lot of unknowns at this stage. The truth is no one knows when fans will be able to attend football matches again. As it stands I can't afford and won't be buying a season ticket but nonetheless I think it's morally wrong for the club to sell a product at full price in the knowledge that, almost certainly, they will not be able to provide that product as sold - ie, a full price season ticket. That's compounded by the League Cup/Uefa Cup offer when it seems extremely unlikely these matches will be played in front of fans, at least on the usual time frame, if at all.
  3. I won't be but there is a cynicism and dishonesty in offering them for sale to people when there is the current uncertainty over whether fans can even attend matches. Are Motherwell making people aware that there is a possibility fans could pay for a season ticket and never see a game? The season ticket web page doesn't even acknowledge that fans paid for a full season last time and doesn't offer any kind of discount to previous season ticket holders. Instead they offer free entry to a match in two competitions that might not even happen. Don't sell me something when you have no idea if you can deliver or not. Would you buy a TV, sofa or anything else when you had no idea if the seller could actually supply it? I have been very, very loyal to Motherwell for a long, long time. I am going through, like many people, a very difficult time financially right now and for the foreseeable future. A little bit of honesty and respect from the club would be nice given the circumstances.
  4. I've said it before no one should be selling season tickets when it's not even clear if fans can attend games or even when the season will kick off or what the competition format will be.
  5. Ya Bezzer!

    Season Tickets

    Not been paid in months and I strongly suspect if there is any football there won't be fans there, at least in 2020. So right now it's looking like I won't be getting one. It's a tricky situation, I know the club needs the money but I don't have any. It's as simple as that. And in terms of Scottish football governance I'd only expect more confusion, muddle, in fighting and agenda driven decision making. Honestly, I think Scottish football doesn't even know how much trouble it's in yet. It will dawn on them in the coming months.
  6. Looks great so far. Probably the most interesting thing going on in Scottish football right now! People who say things are 'sad' are a real bugbear of mine. It's usually because they have no skills or interests themselves and therefore contribute fuck all. I'm not very handy but I'm learning Punjabi and have a MS Paint masterpiece on the go.
  7. The league season was predicated on playing 38 matches. If 38 matches can't be played then the league season should be null and void. There is a hell of a lot of 2020 left to play the remaining games of the 2019/20 season. If we still can't play in June, July, August then professional football is going to have much bigger problems than determining leagues places, payments and promotions. It's going to have to look at whether it can survive or not.
  8. For me the season either has to be annulled completely or played to completion at some point. What's happened in the lower leagues is to my mind a complete disgrace. As per usual it seems Scottish football comes to the worst possible conclusion. I accept that clubs needed money to be released but surely this could have been done without ending the season? As for clubs asking fans to renew season tickets after this shambles, I think they have a nerve. We literally don't have a clue what's going to happened and they want us to stump up for next season when most likely a lot of the support are in financial hardship themselves? I know I am. Scottish football needs to get it's act together or I suspect a lot of fans just won't come back. The state of the game and of leadership in the game just stinks.
  9. The suspension of the season is the right thing to do. This virus is a serious danger and everything else has to be put aside right now. At present the season should be mothballed until such a time as we have a better understanding of what is going to happen. I've heard Euro 2020 is almost certainly going to be cancelled so that gives us time to sit and wait. However I just watched a long interview with one of the top experts in infectious diseases and he says that the virus isn't going away any time soon. Right now it's wait and see. However if mass gatherings can't be reinstated then I'd be in favour of playing the remaining matches up to at least the split behind closed doors. Even then player infections might make that impossible but mid to long term I think clubs should try to fulfil fixtures if at all possible even if it means there are no fans present.
  10. We started terrible, we'd already made a couple of bad mistakes before Ross County scored in 2 minutes. And we looked shapeless until we got a break with the ball falling to O'Hara for the equaliser. After that you could see the team fill with confidence and Campbell and O'Hara were excellent and dominated the midfield. Campbell in particular was fantastic, tonight must be up there as one of his best performances. Tonight showed who we should be building the team around. Watt did well when he came on as well.
  11. If your boss is screaming at you ever day it effects you. If your boss wants you to do something and you have a different idea it effects you. If things aren't going well and you don't feel your manager is supporting you properly it effects you. There loads of different things that can effect you in a working relationship. I'm not claiming to know anything, but my instinct is that something is going on behind the scenes. Too many players have gone to shit at the same time over a sustained period for this just to be inconsistency or lack of confidence. Players just don't look interested and as others have said don't even look match fit.
  12. Disagree on formation. In terms of goalscorers Rangers have 17 league goalscorers and Aberdeen have 13 league goalscorers, the same number we do. Agree on Robinson's forward signings. Looking right down the league there are loads of strikers I'd take, the likes of Ogboe, Templeton, Obika and Boyce are better than we have. It's a fundamental failing on the managers part that virtually every club in the league has better striking options than we do.
  13. You could have Dunne at left back. I'm not a fan of Dunne but I'd prefer him in the side and 4 at the back than 3 at the back. At right back you have a choice of Tait, Grimshaw and Donnelly. At centre back you have Gallagher and one of Hartley, Mugabi and Donnelly. I'd have Maguire in because I think he is a good player and deserves a chance and have him play with Campbell in the middle and have O'Hara on the right and Aarons on the left. Then I'd have Watt and Long playing up front as traditional strikers. To me that's as solid as we get right now.
  14. Mentioned that previously and you could also throw Aberdeen in there too who play 4-3-3 sometimes. I think the problems are bigger than one thing so its not a case of changing formation and everything will be fine again, last night proved that, but I do think if you play the same formation week in, week out against teams 3, 4, 5 times a season you are going to get found out and that highlights one of Robinson's biggest flaws - his lack of a plan B. You can see it in us as regards formation and you can see it in the players he's brought to the club. He doesn't have the foresight or vision to see that we might need to change things until we are deep in a hole. His changes have come from desperation not from cool judgement. I do think the players have to have a look at themselves. Tait saying after the match "They wanted it more" really irked me. Robinson also mentioned that he'd screamed at the players plenty times but would have to start trying to build confidence. I just don't think it's a happy camp right now and that our plunge in form, the word 'drop' doesn't cover it, since Robinson's arrest went public can't just be dismissed as a coincidence.

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