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  1. Hopfeully it will.
  2. Ya Bezzer!

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I like him as a player but he's 21 now. Needs to step up soon.
  3. Ya Bezzer!

    Livingston Man of the Match

    Would go for Gillespie today. Had an excellent season since he came into the team.
  4. Ya Bezzer!

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I don't see it though as he's not featured. The thing about it though was the 1 match he did play, despite it being one of the worst team performances of the season, I thought he was our best player that day.
  5. Oh yeah, probably. The play offs are here, there and everywhere at the moment. Still think we could have given a couple of younger players a start and give them a taste of first team football, especially as quite a few players are off at the end of the season or haven't been in great form.
  6. Livingston were probably the better team when we went 2-0 up. Poor defensively again with Dunne again not covering himself in glory and Livingston actually had more chances than we had up to that point. Great wee 'off the training ground' style goal though. Livingston then went into holiday mode and it looked like we were going to give them a drubbing until HT came and we went into holiday mode. Bit gutted Turnbull didn't get his hat trick. Donnelly playing the Gorrin role and not sure it quite worked out. Few misplaced passes and didn't seem to really get on the ball very often, it was only one match though. Will be interesting to see the second Livvie goal on TV as it looked miles offside to me.
  7. I would have liked Maguire or Livingstone to get a start. Was it a good game on your laptop?
  8. Disappointing line up to be honest.
  9. Ya Bezzer!

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Aldred has been our best defender in his time here but we've conceded 3 or more goals 9 times this league season and Aldred played in all but one of them. As I've said before the defence needs a complete re-work. This summer needs to be a rip it up and start again one. Gallagher is coming in, we need another starter centre back.
  10. Ya Bezzer!

    Robinson yer time is up

    I think that was just because he watched the match.
  11. Any so called Motherwell supporter who doesn't want Motherwell to win every game is a weirdo and needs to find a new hobby like doing jigsaws but not bothering if they complete them or racing pigeons but not bothering of the birds show up. The whole point of the game is to win! It's our team vs another team - that's all the meaning you need.
  12. Ya Bezzer!

    2019-20 Rebuild

    As I see it we have... Gillespie Gallagher Turnbull Campbell That's who's good enough to go into next season as stick on first choice players. Perhaps there are other players in the squad that can join that group, maybe Tait goes back to right back, or Polworth comes in and does a job but that remains to be seen. Right now we have 4 proven players.
  13. Ya Bezzer!

    Robinson yer time is up

    Most of those players were on the way out anyway. And he hardly binned Lasley. I'm talking about the his own players, players that have 40, 50, 60 matches under his management. Robinson has been very loyal to a lot of them, overly loyal in some cases and the end of this season should be the end of the road for a lot of them. Quite a few of them should have been out of here 6 months ago, or a year ago. Robinson stuck by them for not much return. He can't afford to make that mistake again.
  14. Ya Bezzer!

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Why's he not been playing these end of season matches then? Especially as Tait has been poor recently. I'd like to see him get a chance but I'd rather he got game time now than going into a new season not knowing if he can step up.
  15. Ya Bezzer!

    St Johnstone Man of the Match

    Gillespie made three or four decent saves and therefore saved it from being even worse.

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