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  1. Quick Google search brought these up so at least 6. https://www.sunderlandecho.com/sport/football/sunderland-afc/league-one-game-postponed-after-positive-covid-19-test-2991848 https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/grimsby-town-coronavirus-league-two-19015559 https://www.espn.co.uk/football/tottenham-hotspur/story/4187941/carabao-cup-tottenham-clash-with-leyton-orient-postponed-due-to-positive-covid-19-tests https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54525749
  2. Don't know why people think it hasn't been. There's been a bunch of postponed fixtures in England.
  3. You've got to worry about the season even at this stage. If we see a Covid upsurge during the winter months that matches that usually found with other viruses it's going to be very difficult to complete the season.
  4. Motherwell McDonald's has closed now and is only doing home orders. Maybe that's cleared it up a bit for you.
  5. UK has 42,445 total deaths and 14,542 new cases yesterday from a population of 67 million. Germany has 9,635 total deaths and 2,462 new cases yesterday from a population of 84 million. Yes, it's different in different countries.
  6. You know fine well all teams in the league get money on a sliding scale, you don't have to win League One. And that on top of that they have other income revenues. Every decision made by the Government right now is a fine balance of economic, political and public health related considerations. The best message that the Government can put out there instead of explaining every decision in it's full complexity is to say that's it's just not safe and for everyone to accept that and that, while a difficult situation, the Government has to make hard decisions for the public health of the country....not mump and moan when you've already been given special dispensations, espouse completely ignorant opinions with no understanding of virology or come up with demented conspiracy theories and Trumpisms. At the end of the day there simply isn't a case for re-opening grounds as long as Covid is exponentially rising again as it is right now, regardless of what to you "seems pretty low risk". Everyone knows that the pandemic has to be brought back under control now before the winter months come in so it's not going to happen and pundits, league officials and even punters are being highly irresponsible in going public with their descension. It's hard enough right now without the weight of a mass of idiots pressing on the gates.
  7. Prize money for winning League One is £125,000. What pub gets a six figure sum prize if it's open and doesn't serve a customer? The situation is far from ideal but football has revenue sources outside of match day customers and if the worst comes to the worst it's easier for the SPFL or the Government to support a couple of dozen part time teams than it is to bail out the entire national hospitality business.
  8. But how come you can do this and that but not go to the football...blah...blah...blah. It's called risk management. Football has TV revenue and other revenues that allows it to operate. Pubs, cinemas and shops don't and won't exist if they don't open. So what you going to do? The government has to make very difficult choices right now. It knows people going to the pub will catch Covid but it has to weight that against the entire hospitality industry collapsing. It knows people will catch Covid from school kids but it has to weight that against the effect of suspending education and of school closures. It knows university students will catch Covid but again it has to weight up the possibilities of universities going bust. Has it always made the right decisions? Probably not but this is an unprecedented situation and maybe alternative decisions produce other or even more serious problems. Opening up football stadiums right now simply doesn't add up in terms of risk and if football thinks it's being hard done by it needs to take a look at other sectors of the economy. This season was always going to be a write off for fans. Honestly I'm kind sick of people in football moaning about it. Everyone knows that this winter is potentially the worst the virus is going to get, so buckle in cos this thing could well get worse. What the football authorities should be concentrating on is getting this season completed, no getting fans into stadiums.
  9. Last season Cole was our best option through the middle when we were playing 4-3-3. However does being our best option warrant him being brought back? Also are we even going to play 4-3-3? And with all due respect Cole had 6 goals in his last 47 league appearances going back to 2018 which hardly represents a big improvement in goal scoring over our other strikers who don't often score. You kind of get the impression in that bringing back Hastie, Long and Cole that we are out of new ideas.
  10. Kilmarnock have 2 wins 1 draw and 1 defeat at home and the defeat came from a slack back pass in the 94th minute. They have also scored almost twice as many goals as us from fewer chances. Since they've only failed to score twice, away to Rangers and Aberdeen, it's likely we'll have to score twice to get a win. They have two fairly inexperienced full backs at Premiership level so I'd maybe be looking at that if I was trying to figure out how to hurt them.
  11. You've got to wonder if the English Championship gravy train is going to be ended by Covid, at least for the immediate future.
  12. Keeping it to the last 5 years or so. Full backs are the clear weak spot for me. Mark Gillespie Richard Tait Tom Aldred Declan Gallagher Jake Carroll Allan Campbell David Turnbull Alex Gorrin James Scott Louis Moult Marvin Johnston
  13. Just got round to looking at the highlights. I was expecting more controversy about the two Rangers penalties. I thought they were both stick on penalties. Don't think either was deliberate but you can't have high hands any more and that's that. I'm all for changing the rule back to deliberate hand ball but the rules are different now. Our two penalty shouts I thought the Campbell could definitely have been given, which if we'd scored it would have made it 1-1 and might have given us a bit more energy and confidence. I thought Lang went down too easy though even though Helander had his arm up, didn't see any downwards force. 2nd Rangers goal, I think people have been a bit harsh on Lamie to be honest. Sure he gets done by Jones for pace but if someone is faster than you there isn't much you can do about it and if you actually look at it Jones has done the entire back 4 for pace. Lamie is in the full back position but the entire 18 yard box is exposed cos no one else is matching the run either so it's easy for Jones to come inside and score. In fact Lamie is a good yard or two further back than any one else in the back line and Mugabi is miles off. Not saying for a minute that Lamie hasn't been poor this season but it's too easy to pin the blame on him for that one. 4th Rangers goal kinda falls into the same category. Lamie has two Rangers attackers to pick up which obviously he can't. He has a decision to make and I think he should close Itten and doesn't and gets his position wrong but for me that goal is down the midfield getting caught out and not picking up and sticking to runners. Also Mugabi is pulled out of position again for this goal. It's a great finish but Itten should not have the space he has more or less in our D. 5th one is just one of those ones where it falls to the wrong or the right person in the 6 yard box. Don't think you can really do much about that. Overall with out seeing the full game it looks like we've been done for pace all over the pitch. Full backs, centre backs, midfielders. Not sure if that is tiredness, laziness or just lack of pace in general but you'd maybe expect the manager to factor that in to our tactics which doesn't seem to have been done.
  14. Didn't see any of the game today but looking at the league table there are 5 teams that are as bad as one another with 1 point splitting them. You can bang on about individual players or individual coaches but everything points to our season so far just being the level for non city Premiership teams. I've been saying for some time that the level is garbage and something has to be done about it but when watch you Motherwell these days the stink is much stronger than just our club. The source of the smell comes from Scottish football in general and until some thing serious is done to improve the standard of the game watching clubs like ours is going to be mostly a deflating experience.
  15. When I got a notification we'd scored I actually wondered if one of our strikers scored it. Then I clicked on it, saw, and realised what ridiculous things go through your head.

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