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  1. They beat us the last time we played in the cup!
  2. You get it on garage forecourts from a hand held nozzle.
  3. Positives - good at penalties Negatives - everything else
  4. Only Motherwell can pull this shit.
  5. Games like this scream 'nuke the entire squad'. I've said before that there is an unprofessional attitude at the club in terms of the standards that are demanded and tonight is that squared. We are being out grafted by a team that might well be in the League 1 next season and we don't seem that bothered. There is an absolute pall of apathy out there in a Scottish Cup game - it's not good enough.
  6. I've said this a number of times but.... We don't need to produce a Turnbull, Campbell, Scott every year. We just need to produce players that are capable of playing in the Scottish Premiership and holding down a position. Of course we'll take a Turnbull if they come along, but the primary objective of Motherwell FC's youth development should be to produce players for Motherwell FC. Paul Quinn level players are fine. And I get that we need money but I think the aims of our development system has been warped slightly by the pernicious influence of the quick sell on. We need to develop 'workmen' like players too.
  7. How the fuck can Grimshaw STILL be hanging about next season? Fucking tipp-ex the contract or something!
  8. Everything is relative! But St. Mirren are joint second worst goalscorers in the league, which I guess is what happens if you sign Lee Erwin.
  9. There's a thread over on P&B on who the next Scotland keeper is going to be since the current ones are getting a bit long in the tooth. Might be in Kelly's interested to get some guaranteed and reasonably high profile game time. Problem is other clubs will be looking for a keeper. Hibs being one since Marciano is off.
  10. Ya Bezzer!

    Big Dec

    Contract Columbos out in force!
  11. Henri Anier scored twice for Estonia today although they still got pumped 4-2 by Belarus.
  12. Magloire - a lesser option than Mugabi in my opinion. Hastie - Not exactly been given a run this season but not done enough to be retained. Nolan - I like to imagine him having an eye patch and a wooden leg as I don't think I've ever actually seen him.
  13. Harry Who? No disrespect but I wouldn't just automatically try to retain Roberts. He's done well in a couple of games but I see in him someone that would probably be inconsistant over a season. I think we could potentially bring in a better player. A year long loan on Kelly would be nice.
  14. I'll no even be counting it as a win!
  15. Would have been nice to tick off either of those grounds. Ah well.

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