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  1. We'll find that out in a couple of days.
  2. Excellent signing. We needed a right back and we've brought in probably the best one available.
  3. It's all a bit mixed up. As a club we've been putting out a 'come to Motherwell, we'll get you a big move' type message. Then we lose a couple of games and the managers tearing strips off players for having agents.
  4. I don't think Long is absolutely terrible but I don't think he's been great either. Yet even though he didn't want to be here and didn't set the heather on fire I think it's rather strange that Robinson went back out there and brought him back. I'd have thought he might think he could bring in someone at least as good, if not better. I mean, he must know he doesn't fit into his preferred formation, right? They are different types of players of course, but presumably ourselves and Livingston have scouted the Championship last season and they have brought in Forrest and we've brought in White. That sets off some alarm bells for me.
  5. It's still early in the season but I just had a look and if you include cup matches this is actually Robinson's worst run of matches, 13 for 1 win. If you just include league matches we had a 12 for 1 win in 2017/18. Currently on 11 for 1 win between the end of last season and the start of this one. I've said it before but we've barely kicked a ball since James Scott departed.
  6. I thought he was lucky to not give away a penalty two weeks in a row against Dundee Utd. Not been anywhere near last season.
  7. In the three games this season we've managed a shot on goal every 34 minutes. Could make all the difference if we get 12 minutes of injury time.
  8. And he highlighted Campbell as our best player despite leaving him out for the first match. Hmmm.
  9. My concern is that there just aren't enough goals right across the pool of forwards. Watt and Long have never got in double figures in their careers. White's record isn't great and what there is is at a low level (Scottish Third division!). Lang has got a few goals at League 2 level but it remains to see how he adapts. McIvor is just a young lad. I think we'll be lucky to get one of those guys over 10 league goals his term and if you look at teams that really struggle it's usually because they don't have a goal scoring forward.
  10. Watt may or may not be better than White but he's not scored more than 4 league goals in a season since 2014/15.
  11. 3 performances that just haven't been good enough. Have Hibs and Celtic away coming up and of course Accies at home. Eeeek!
  12. Funny old game. Thought we were playing a wee bit better and then we've lost the lead.
  13. We've been poor apart from the goals and don't deserve to be ahead but football isn't and never will be fair so we'll take the good fortune. Good to see Campbell score. Got 6 goals from a curtailed season last time and he's got us the lead tonight. He gets into good areas and I think its a part of his game that goes a bit unnoticed and something he can get better at as well. I did say after the first game of the season we build the team around Turnbull and Campbell....

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