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  1. Joeboy

    Who Stays And Who Goes?

    As I said, in the rebuild thread, I'm torn on McHugh. What we have to consider is that given he signed his current contract at the start of last season, it's a captain and first choice central midfielder's contract. The wages in that won't reflect a backup centre half, which is the circumstance I would keep him in. Good player to have about the squad, but I'd only keep him if the wage of his new contract reflects his current role in the squad.
  2. Joeboy

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    It's mental that we have this academy graduate who's come into the first team, taken it by storm, scored twice on Saturday, one of which a fantastic solo goal, yet you come on to the match thread and we have people giving in-depth analysis of each and every part of it to try and discredit the lad. Gees peace.
  3. Joeboy

    Carson or Gillespie

    He was on off the ball and the open goal podcasts yesterday and said he is on warfarin (a blood thinner) and can't do contact sports until May 25th when his dosage of that ends. He said they are still trying to find the root cause but he hopes to get the green light to return for pre-season.
  4. Joeboy

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    If he was willing to change his wage from a first team midfielder's wage to a backup centre half's then I'd consider it, otherwise I'm veering towards no.
  5. Joeboy

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Yep, it definitely is being relaid indoors at the minute.
  6. Joeboy

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    I know we are talking teams of totally different scales and ability, but Main's performance last night reminded me of Giroud for France at the world cup. Nothing of note at all inside the box, but a lot of graft as the focal point outside the box, allowing the ball players behind him to play. After his initial purple patch, it would be a bit sad if that's all he ever was, but it might be what the team needs just now.
  7. Joeboy

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    Enjoyed both the game and the result last night (who knew actually playing football could work) but I'm trying to use the fact that it was a rank rotten Hibs side as reason not to get carried away, especially after Saturday. The back four looked to have a much better balance to it, even with a left footer at right back. I'm not as negative about Hartley and McHugh but it was quite clear to see how our style of play benefited from their absence. Grimshaw for me was excellent against Accies at right back and was very harshly dropped against County and was again superb last night. Lets give him a run of games there. He seems to be the one player in the squad that doesn't let frustration or how the games going alter his good attitude, you get the same from him every week in that regard. I was very impressed with Hastie both physically and technically and whilst I feel sorry for Frear, who's been waiting so long for us to play a formation with wingers, I'd like to see Ariyibi and Hastie continue. Main scored 9 in his first 16 games for Motherwell and has scored 5 in 31 since. I guess the fact he came in and played with an arrogant swagger, which we all enjoyed at the time, is possibly counting against him now. It must be difficult to go from a ratio of better than 1 in 2, to worse than 1 in 6. I don't know if he's now a good player going through a bad patch, or a bad player who went through a bad patch, but his best career return being 10 goals (in a season he played 44 games) probably tells that story. I thought he was dreadful against Ross County in both quality and application, his body language looked like he couldn't be arsed. It's good to see that at least the application part of that was sorted last night. I'd probably have gone with Sammon last night (who I perceived to be the lesser of two evils) but on the night Main done the job asked of him effectively. Hopefully we can halt the stop-start nature of our season and get a result against Dundee on Saturday, who'll be buoyed by last night's result.
  8. Joeboy

    2018'19 Game 1: Hibernian (A) Sunday 5th August

    For me, I'd pin more of our problems on Saturday on Robinson than I would the players. Obviously Robinson didn't stick his hand out towards the ball like Hartley, or play everyone onside like Taylor-Sinclair, but he set us up for the result we ended up getting in my opinion. So many times on here we've seen people say that wing-back isn't Frear's best position and he would be suited to playing in front of a left-back. So what do we do, we play a left back yet drop him, despite his creativity saving our bacon against Clyde. Had it been a back four and a narrow midfield, I could've lived with it, but Rose spent the first half hugging the left touchline. Bigi coming on at half time was a breath of fresh air - and while he will still continue to divide opinion - it wasn't that he done anything earth shattering, he actually just started passing the ball to Motherwell players. I've heard people say "we shouldn't bring him into the team to play side-to-side passes", I don't know about anyone else, but if it's up to me I'd rather see Bigi play a sideways pass than watch any one our midfield battering rams continually lose the ball going forwards. Robinson has to own the signings he has made to supposedly improve our squad. From what we were led to believe, Rodriguez Gorrin was meant to be an upgrade on Bigi. We'll continue to hear the "he isn't up to speed yet", I refuse to believe that's acceptable for a guy we signed on June 20th. Grimshaw, Cadden, Main and Sammon never really offered much between them and whilst I'm not going to credit them, the awful lopsided formation they were sent out to play did hang them out to dry. So far this season, we've drawn (and then were effectively beaten) by Stranraer, scraped through a win against Clyde and whilst I came away from the QOS game speaking postively, had they taken their chances against us early on, we could've been lamenting that result too. All of that on top of Sunday's result certainly drop my optimism for this season. Although he should've scored a couple, fair play to Johnson for waking the Hibs keeper up. He has to start next week.
  9. Joeboy

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Marc O'Hara of Dundee, who the papers linked us with a few months ago, has now signed with Peterborough. Wonder if he was one of the Scottish based names Robinson had said he was talking to.
  10. Joeboy

    The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Agree with the vast majority of this. Robinson obviously has a style and identity and Grimshaw and Rose have been useful players in that. My only concern with Rose is his injury proneness. He had two lengthy spells out at Cov last season. I'm happy to admit I got the Grimshaw thing wrong, I'm probably on record on this thread a good few times branding his signing unnecessary. He has proved me wrong with a few vital performances in the latter stages of the season and deserves an extra year. The creative midfielder, if we want one, could be Bigirimana for me. I think he does have the ability but he doesn't suit our plan A. I can't see him being on a wage that befits a plan B player, or being happy being one. I expect him to go a year early and if he does, I'd be happy to internally replace him with Turnbull rather than stifle his progress signing someone. A naturally left-sided wing back and a quick striker would now complete the list, along with Aldred signing permanently for me.
  11. McHugh is clearly one which divides opinion. He had a stinker on Saturday, no doubt about it, which he has done a few times this season. I also think he's had several games where he has done his job very effectively, only to come on here and read contrasting opinions. I think it may still be the case that he is a better player in defence (he did play all but one season there before coming to us) and that his technical abilities in the middle of the park are very limited. He is not particularly a great passer of the ball and not very good at carrying the ball in possession, but in terms of winning headers, tackles and moving the ball on simply, he's our best player at doing so whilst on song. Last season, we saw a small glimpse of him in midfield either side of the head injury, but mainly he was used in defence. I think between the fact he played well in defence and the fact that our midfield was largely rotten during this period of time, people built up an opinion in their heads that he was more of a complete central midfielder than he is, with little evidence. I don't think he's a centre mid who oozes class or who will ever make us money in a transfer fee, but I think he is a midfielder who effectively operates at this level, fitting in with our style, most of the time.
  12. I agree it's too early and daft to "rest" players for the final at the moment, but if there are players carrying knocks, that for me is slightly different. In ways I find it actually quite good we're in the bottom six and relatively safe ahead of the final. In 2011, we conceded three to Hearts, four to Celtic and Dundee United and five to Rangers after the split, meaning we entered the final with the back door well and truly open. Hopefully this year, we can manage a few positive results which see us go into the final on a bit better form.
  13. Joeboy

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Miller couldn't play for us, even if he was cup-tied. Were we to sign anyone, they would have had to have been a free agent by the end of the January transfer window and lets be honest, anyone who fits that bill isn't going to get sharp enough to make a difference in four weeks.
  14. Joeboy

    The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Great news about the contracts we have managed to tie up. Dunne has a few shaky moments in early parts of the season but he has been a revelation since. I think he is very suited to playing left of a back three, so would be happy to see him continue there. Rose once again had a quietly effective game on Saturday, as he does so often and Grimshaw more than proved anyone who said he shouldn't have started (myself included) wrong. I have said often that Grimshaw was a bit of a pointless signing, as I believe he's an older, yet poorer version of Campbell, but if Rose does want to return to the US, having him as backup for another year may be quite a sensible idea. The only downside of Saturday for me was Ciftci. He came on and looked more tired than the rest of team who had played the previous 75/80 mins or whatever it was. His attempted Zidane turn when he lost the ball and allowed Aberdeen to then get up the park was embarassing, as was his dive and roll about. I'd imagine he'll easily "come to an agreement" with Celtic in the summer and be free to sign for whoever he likes, but I hope we don't make any effort to try and make that us. Main has been a revelation and naturally, there was discussion of "Moult or Main" at Saturday's game. For me, they are different players and in one of those hypothetical situations, I'd have loved to have seen how they combine. I think Main is a better version of Bowman, rather than the same type of player as Moult. Bowman has definitely merited his extra year with his work rate and attitude this season, but I'd like to think next season we'll see him as backup and one of our main aims of the summer will be to sign a striker to play alongside Main.
  15. Joeboy

    The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Aye, cause getting assists from set pieces is of absolutely no value to a team whatsoever. As someone has already mentioned he rounded the keeper to create that empty net, do you think McFadden's goal against Macedonia was rotten as well then? It must take a lot of effort to search for negatives the way you do. Aside from this, Elliott Frear was signed by Mark McGhee to play as a left winger, with a left back behind him. With McGhee lasting little over a month after he signed, since then we've only really seen him play as a left wing-back, but for a couple of exceptions. People are on here judging him as a left winger for the way he plays as a left wing-back. Football doesn't work like that.

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