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  1. Pleased to have Hastie back, a welcome addition to our wide options. Long replacement aside, that must be us just about done with incomings. Im slightly surprised but impressed with our ability to bolster the squad in the current climate, particularly when any potential for crowds to return earlier than anticipated appears to have been knocked on the head.
  2. I fully understand the return of Hastie would generate mixed feelings amongst the support but I’m all for it. One of my biggest gripes in recent times has been losing some of out best prospects before making many or any first team appearances. So while the circumstances aren’t perfect, I’d be happy to see him kick start his career at Fir Park and bang in a few goals. The idea of Campbell, Turnbull and Hastie lining up together, even just for a short spell, is an appealing one.
  3. The speed at which the lockdown relaxation is moving, socially distant crowds may well be permitted come August. We may have indicative dates from the Govt. come 9 Jul.
  4. I love it, such a design has been touted on here before. Disappointed to read a sponsor will be added prior to release though.
  5. I’d fully support the calls for financial prudence as most fans will. The club will be working towards multiple budgeting scenarios just now relating to the cost of testing, the cost of making Fir Park and the training environment ‘covid secure’ and the obvious impact of closed doors, followed by the likely tentative introduction of socially distanced crowds. With that in mind, I’d be more than happy to go with a small core squad filled up by youngsters. For any club that is relatively cash rich however, never has there been a better opportunity to acquire one or two gems at a time when players have little bargaining power. Maybe we could get involved in that if we can build a financial cushion with the sale of Turnbull, Campbell or Gallagher. I’ve not had a chance to look but has there been any chat around youth/reserve team football in Scotland and England? If the cost of testing proves prohibitive, that opens the door to another pool of players looking for first team action.
  6. Such grim reading. WishIng you well G&F.
  7. Lobey_Dosser

    Season Tickets

    While I understand the sensitivity around furlough, I find it a tad surprising that the club haven’t commented on this. This would be something I’d want to know before purchasing a season ticket. As admirable as it may for a provincial club to resist Govt support, solely plugging gaps with transfer and season ticket income while others are using furlough, would put a club at a significant disadvantage to their competitors.
  8. I’ve watched Jordan White a couple of times on the tv since we were linked in Jan. As his record shows, he’s not a prolific striker and a I didn’t see enough to judge his link up play. He has the movement of a typical number 9 though so I have a hunch that he’d be a useful addition. I’m interested to see how Motherwell and other clubs go about their transfer business, given the uncertainty over the new season. Is it viable to insert a clause that covers the possibility of no training or games for months to come?
  9. Nah, companies are entitled to top up the Govt contribution to cover 100% of wages. What an employer can’t do is reduce hours/salary then ask Govt to pay 80% of it. If clubs opt to furlough players, it means they effectively go into cold storage. No club led training regimes, no appearances on club media, no phoning fans etc. Aberdeen have opted not to go down this route as McInness wants him and his coaching team to retain contact with the squad. They are obviously in a far stronger financial position than most Scottish clubs though...
  10. I was wondering about this. Will the prize money still exist for distribution? You would hope tv companies will still honour their payments... Growing speculation this morning that European football will be off until September.
  11. No the right thread for this but current death count in Italy will predominately relate to those who caught it well before shutdown. The ‘evidence’ around social distancing is further afield.
  12. This like any other UK sporting event, really shouldn’t be going ahead imo. The Govt policy of ‘herd immunity’ while social distancing has proven to stem the tide in other countries, concerns me greatly.
  13. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while but with lockdown looming, it feels rather irrelevant now. From a sporting perspective, the precautionary cancellation of Man City Arsenal due to the Olympiakos connection highlights the domino effect. It’ll be interesting to see what the spfl do should we get to the stage that the season can’t be completed.
  14. I felt a bit emotional towards the end of that. Superb content from the club. Clearly the boy has the mental strength and dedication to match his talent. Fingers crossed he goes on to reach the level he was destined for and he’s representing Scotland come the summer.
  15. Delighted to see Murphy prove the doubters wrong in such style. Sadly, his form does rule out any chance we have of signing him,

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