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  1. Having to announce a 2nd positive case mid press conference while going full gammon was something special.
  2. Credit to the management team and players for gaining an unexpected point today. Robinsons shift to 433 coincided with some very expansive, naive and ultimately inept performances against Rangers and Celtic at Fir Park. Today, we resorted to basics and got our rewards with organisation, effort and determination. It was great to watch. The much maligned Mugabi was outstanding for the 2nd week in a row, pipping the impressive Cole and tireless Watt to motm. Ultimately though, the lack of quality on the bench prevented us having a right good go for the win in the last 20 mins but we held out for a fairly comfortable point. One or two decent additions middle to front and/or the return of a motivated Long could make the world of difference for the remainder of the season.
  3. Slap in the face for clubs and their staff that have been going the extra mile to comply with regulations and keep everyone safe. There’s no point in us complaining too much though as we’ll gain little sympathy. Just go out and pump them both 4-0. Then next time we are involved in a relatively high profile game pull out an hour or two before kickoff.
  4. Great strike from Turnbull, hopefully he can keep fit and well for the summer. The player that caught my eye tonight though was Jamie Murphy, thought he was excellent playing as the 2nd striker.
  5. Last week I thought we had no chance of reclaiming the 6 points but the fall out of Celtic’s irresponsible and tone deaf trip to Dubai has surely played in our favour. On a related note, no surprise to see the Scottish cup and there’s lower leagues have been suspended. Unless they can afford regular testing, I don’t think they’ll be back in the next 12 weeks.
  6. Very encouraging first half and it was refreshing to see us carry a genuine goal threat with all three forwards getting into goal scoring positions. St Mirren had the upper hand in the 2nd half and while it was never a pen, I can’t grumble at a point. Baffled by some of the digs at Mugabi, I thought he was very good today and looked to have regained some confidence. O’Hara also impressed despite his early booking. And while Hastie still has some way to go, it was nice to see him make a positive contribution.
  7. Agreed, that was my biggest gripe with Robinson who always favoured quantity over quality with a view to creating a competitive spirit. Ultimately, he got himself in a pickle not being able to settle on a first 11 and the players couldn’t find a rhythm. It’s mental to think we can cater for around 25 players in the current financial climate.
  8. He was excellent that night in Paris and he also started the 1-0 at Hampden. A very solid Scotland performer over the years.
  9. This would be welcome news, I can’t take to Mo Ross at all and suspect he’s had his part to play in our downfall. Lasley as reserve team manager makes sense for now.
  10. Timing and personality. I have no qualms over Wright’s record, he did an excellent job at St Johnstone. However, I don’t think when he left a provincial club where he’s considered a legend, he envisaged turning up at Fir Park the next season. It’s often said that manager’s have a shelf life at a club, I think in some instances that can be extended to a level or league. For me, the prospect of managing Motherwell isn’t going to fill Wright with excitement but if there are no better offers around he’ll take it. Now Hughes has obviously been around the block a few times with some great success but having taken a few knocks and been out the game for a while, I think he’d have been well up for the opportunity. As for personality, Wright strikes me as having similar character and values to Robinson. That’s no bad thing but at a time when the squad hasn’t been responding to Robinson, I’d be concerned that Wright would offer more of the same and not provide the fresh approach required (not that the players should get off the hook, I’d try and punt anyone that isn’t giving it their all but that’s easier said than done). Hughes for all his flaws and cringeworthy patter meanwhile, would imo have had a better chance of lifting the spirits of the squad and in time, playing better football. Just to be clear, I’m not saying I’d want Hughes as manager if he were available but he’s certainly no worse than the options being presented.
  11. The four suggested candidates fill me with no confidence or enthusiasm for a variety of reasons revolving around how tough a job this is shaping up to be with the current squad. I’m far from a huge fan of John Hughes but if he were still available I’d probably take him over the four mentioned - that says it all.
  12. This is the first we’ve heard about the trigger for a contract extension for Gallagher eh? Scotland heroics aside, I’ve not been convinced by him this season and I don’t think his earlier comments on Robinson’s mental health, while admitting the players weren’t giving it their all, was befitting of a club captain. I’d punt him if he’s one of the players that doesn’t give a fuck about Motherwell. If Celtic want Gallagher though, they’ll need Hartley too to talk him through a game.
  13. Regardless of who comes in we appear to have a number of players who are unwilling to give their all for the club. That puts us in a really worrying position. I feel for Lasley, this opportunity couldn’t have arose at a worse time for him.
  14. That doesn’t work in reality. Sign players of that value and they’ll burst the wage structure multiple times over. The key is to try and unearth a few gems (e.g £30k Moult) with plenty potential but it’s easier said than done,
  15. Don’t believe what you read in the Sun of all gutter press. We’ll make an appointment as soon as we can. Having said that, it would be refreshing to hear from Burrows or the Board, particularly on the back of such a dire display today. As for the game. Not much to be said. No response whatsoever to Robinson departing and has often been the case this season, Watt was the only one that performed to an acceptable level. Hopefully we can get the keeper punted, no harm to the boy but he was signed at a time when we were looking for a cheap backup option that would hopefully never need to play.

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