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  1. Nah, companies are entitled to top up the Govt contribution to cover 100% of wages. What an employer can’t do is reduce hours/salary then ask Govt to pay 80% of it. If clubs opt to furlough players, it means they effectively go into cold storage. No club led training regimes, no appearances on club media, no phoning fans etc. Aberdeen have opted not to go down this route as McInness wants him and his coaching team to retain contact with the squad. They are obviously in a far stronger financial position than most Scottish clubs though...
  2. I see minimal football happening between now and Christmas, unless there is a shift in Govt policy and ethics. Aberdeen owner on sportsound just now suggesting that any sport in America between now and the end of the year will be behind closed doors, at best.
  3. Next season is going to heavily disrupted regardless. I maintain that we should finish the league when the measures are suitably relaxed. In the case of the Premiership, relegating Hearts with 8 games to go would be a terrible decision that would no doubt result in lengthy legal challenges. And that’s just our league, the same rules should be applied to all professional leagues across Europe. Regarding next season, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and switch to summer football and start in March 2021.
  4. I remain unconvinced that we’ll properly get our teeth into a new season this year. At best, lockdown measures will be turned on and off for many months. With that in mind, I don’t see the advantage of drawing a line under this season and we should look to complete when it’s possible to do so. I appreciate that causes huge issues with player contracts and ST income but clubs and players will just need to adapt in the same way most employers and employees are being asked to.
  5. Incredibly distasteful from Hearts, jumping on a pandemic to try and ease their own financial mismanagement. I’ve lost any ‘sympathy’ I had for them should they be relegated on current standings.
  6. Clubs have no option but to ensure their employees adhere to the current national guidelines on social distancing and self isolation. As suggested by PM, the measures will become more stringent in the days ahead if the spread of the virus fails to slow. Significant time needs to be bought for engineers from other industries to build thousands of ventilators, medical staff from other specialties to be trained in intensive care and respiratory disease and undergraduate doctors, nurses, other health professionals to be potentially fast-tracked. My unprofessional opinion is that unless there is a shift in national moral values on saving those most vulnerable, we are in this for a very long time - the Govt scientific advisors working tirelessly in the background are implying that this would be until a vaccine is found, tested and distributed (12-18 months at best). Now during this period there may be a pattern of pressing and lifting the brakes on the stringent measures aligned to rate of growth, economic performance and nhs capacity. With that in mind, competitive sport looks to be miles off and clubs like any other business, will need to do their best to pick up the pieces if and when relative normality returns. Ive been accused of pant wetting on this thread but everything is being done to save a loved one in the vast majority of families across the country.
  7. Would anyone be overly surprised if there was no sport for the rest of this year? The latest Govt measures, which will become increasingly aggressive, are here for the long haul.
  8. I was wondering about this. Will the prize money still exist for distribution? You would hope tv companies will still honour their payments... Growing speculation this morning that European football will be off until September.
  9. That would only work if club employees were immune from catching it. Instead, you are going to have players going into self-isolation regularly.
  10. 250 deaths in Italy in the last 24 hours. 189 the day before. See who’s pant-wetting in a few weeks.
  11. Our response to the pandemic is evolving at a rapid pace and we are facing an unimaginable number of deaths. Football and routine social interaction will resume when the time is right, that could be weeks or in all likelihood many months. In the meantime, there are far bigger concerns to worry about than professional sport. Take these measures as a warning as to how severe the situation could be.
  12. No the right thread for this but current death count in Italy will predominately relate to those who caught it well before shutdown. The ‘evidence’ around social distancing is further afield.
  13. This like any other UK sporting event, really shouldn’t be going ahead imo. The Govt policy of ‘herd immunity’ while social distancing has proven to stem the tide in other countries, concerns me greatly.
  14. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while but with lockdown looming, it feels rather irrelevant now. From a sporting perspective, the precautionary cancellation of Man City Arsenal due to the Olympiakos connection highlights the domino effect. It’ll be interesting to see what the spfl do should we get to the stage that the season can’t be completed.
  15. I felt a bit emotional towards the end of that. Superb content from the club. Clearly the boy has the mental strength and dedication to match his talent. Fingers crossed he goes on to reach the level he was destined for and he’s representing Scotland come the summer.

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