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  1. I’d really have liked Odoffin, he caught the eye on a number of occasions last season. Shame we appear to have missed out on him but if we were interested it’s reassuring that we are pursuing players of such quality and profile.
  2. Alongside Kelly, KVV, Woolery and Shields, this looks like another astute signing that underlines our shift in transfer strategy. Patience required over the next few weeks while our new additions settle in, with more to follow by the sound of it.
  3. Has the prospect of away fans for all fixtures been discounted for now? I noticed there was only 200-odd at the Airdrie game yesterday.
  4. Outstanding business from the club and credit to the Board for making it possible. The shift in transfer policy from the Robinson regime is clearly apparent and one which I welcome. Not to be greedy but a couple of further signings in the Kelly or KVV mould would set us up well for the new season. Good luck to Kelly, should he go onto replicate his form from last season, a Scotland call-up won’t be far away.
  5. McGregor and Christie are far from finished. Both have been integral parts of our upturn in fortunes but sadly neither came into the tournament in good form. Hopefully Turnbull gets his chance soon enough but he presumably didn’t impress in training despite having a decent game against the Netherlands. I do think/hope Clarke will regret persisting with two non goalscoring strikers when Christie, Fraser, Forrest and Turnbull have all got what it takes to contribute in the final third. The long ball tactic needs to be put in the bin.
  6. Very disappointing performance from O’Donnell and the majority of the team, bar Robertson and McGregor. After the first ten minutes it quickly became evident that we didn’t have the energy or tactical nous to cope with Croatia and we invited a Modric masterclass. Plenty for Steve Clarke to reflect on, the balance of the midfield was wrong in the two Hampden games and I’m not sure I’ll ever understand why we switched to two non goalscoring strikers for this tournament. Nevertheless, it’s been an absolute joy to be part of, providing the greatest excitement and anticipation I’ve experienced in football for many a year. Back to reality with a bump though and time to get up to speed with these new Motherwell signings.
  7. I’d be delighted for O’Donnell if he can get a move on the back of this tournament. I’d like to think any exit clause while modest will still be good money for Motherwell. Should this come to fruition, maybe we can enquire about taking young Nathan Patterson on loan. Heard he’s decent...
  8. Nicola heaping praise on O’Donnell. So much love in the room.
  9. Ticket sorted for Tuesday now. Same again SODs.
  10. Take a bow Stephen O’Donnell, an outstanding contribution to an excellent team performance. He’s had to take some unwarranted criticism from notorious sections of the media over the last week and shut every one of them up tonight. Huge credit to Stevie Clarke too, kept his cool all week, defended all his players, and produced a textbook performance that we can all be proud of. Here’s to me monitoring the UEFA ticket portal for the next three days.
  11. Just home from the game. First and foremost, it was a pleasure to be back in a stadium, the organisation, atmosphere etc all very good. My heart sank though when the lineup was announced. The absence of Tierney was a huge blow but there’s not much you can do about injury. Leaving McGregor out though, I just don’t get it. We didn’t have anyone in midfield looking to pick up the ball from the centre halves and knit the play together. Anyway onto O’Donnell. He made a nervous start then plugged away as best he could with minimal support as he went up and down the right. There were worse players on the park...
  12. Unpopular opinion but I’m a fan of white shorts and I think they would have worked well here, complimenting the white trim on the top. Overall though, another decent effort and I’m pleased to see us stay with Macron who have served us very well throughout our contract. I’m interested to see how adventurous we’ll be with the away kit. As fans hopefully reform to the stands, an illuminous Shivute effort would be well timed and add to the Fir Park atmosphere.
  13. That game sticks in my head as it’s the first time I can recall watching us comeback from 2 down. Cooper came off the bench and Big Buff equalised late on.
  14. That’s quite simply sensational from the club. I’ve not bought one in recent seasons but I’ll certainly do so now. Credit to everyone that has made this possible. On the back of the proposed super league and unrest down south, I hope this pledge gets the spotlight it merits.
  15. Not the move he would have anticipated when he threw the toys out the pram in Dec/Jan but a decent move for a player of his standard. I wish him well but I never fully took the guy despite a very good first season at Fir Park and his significant role in Scotland qualifying for the euros. As a captain he let the club down badly and that won’t be forgotten. We’ve lost better centre halves in recent years. Hopefully we can unearth another Kipre, Hutchinson or Aldred.

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