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  1. Tetris theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWs3uR8Cll0 Motherwell we adore you, Motherwell for you we sing! Na na na na etc...
  2. Tetris theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWs3uR8Cll0 Motherwell we adore you Motherwell for you we sing! Na na na na etc...
  3. Fitzpatrick is the player that most seem to think that Lasley is. He's had horrible luck with injuries and in his limited game time has done more than enough, imo, to be offered a deal until the end of the season. Blackman I can take or leave, unless he's going to form a partnership with someone I don't think he'll continue to be effective. I'd honestly rather give Casagolda a chance. Gow, He really does try the 'one man show' approach far too often. However, If we extend his deal and build a formation around him playing behind the striker(s) I think it will pay dividends. However, building our attack on Humphrey and Murphy seems much more viable.
  4. It must also be said, we had a very good away attendance, despite the lack of public transport.
  5. Today was horrendous. We didn't match up to Hamilton at all. I'm at a loss as to why Fitzy wasn't playing instead of Hateley. Blackman just wasn't at the races and Gow would be fantastic if he had a bit of awareness of how the game is actually played. They had Humphrey sussed from the get go and he was always going to be our attacking outlet. They stiffled us and compacted our whole team, which is why Imrie had so many runs against a backtracking defence. We totally lack solidity in the centre of the park at the moment, and sadly I don't even think that's just down to Jennings being out. Also, Not starting with Sutton against that defence is sheer madness.
  6. Randolph was the only player who ensured we didn't lose today.
  7. Not when then new man in charge will have a very decent pot of money to spend in January.
  8. If he does then proceed to get right into Rangers it'll raise his profile considerably. If not then no harm done. All because of a wee article about how he'd jump at teh chance to play for Scotland. Well done on the club for getting into the press on an international weekend.
  9. That's why the quotes are the same, clearly. Some folk have no common sense.
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/s...rem/9081765.stm Smashing news Credible journo too...
  11. Gow. We looked pathetic in the second half till he came on. Murphy was back to being the headless chicken today but finished well from Gow's sublime cross. First 20 we should have skelped them. Humphrey's goal was a peach. Think we went flat when Humphrey and Murphy switched in the first half.
  12. I also remembering coming across Forbes goal against St. Johnstone last year on an Italian Sky Sports goal of the week highlights.
  13. Lasley had a good first half and Jennings had a great game throughout. The thing that irks me is that Humphrey has blistering pace and we never use it to our advantage. I can't recall anytime today where the ball was played over for Humphrey to chase that wasn't verging on going out of play or so far away that the defenders were under no pressure. Most of this, IMO, comes from Lasley. Never finds Humphrey with a decent pass, Playing plenty great passes ahead of Hateley to run onto but can't do the same with Humphrey. Humphrey's crossing wasn't great at all today but he made some great darting runs with the ball. I took Jennings as MOTM as he did the dirty work and played the simple passes that kept us ticking. Despite the short time he was on, I thought Forbes playing in the hole looked bright and had a bit of an attacking spark that we miss in the centre of the field. I'm a big fan of Sutton but he needs to be dropped.
  14. Hateley needs to be dropped for his own good. Page to slot in at right back and Gow to start if he is up to speed by the St.J game. I'd also drop Murphy. Not because he's been bad, just for a rest.
  15. Regular goalscoring central midfielders are a well sought after comodity. Thats why smaller clubs don't have them/can't hang onto them.
  16. Of course, however, After seen the Motherwell vs Motherwell game a few weeks back, I think some of our youngsters are fearless and talented enough to be thrown into the deep end on occasion. It pisses me off that a guy like Forbes, who everytime we've played Celtic has had Brown in his back pocket, doesn't get a start when we have 2 midfielders who clearly need a rest. Even more annoying was that Humphrey was kept on/in position when it was clear that their left back had his number. Brown has said himself that he sees Casagolda as a creator rather than a goal machine. It was pretty clear in the Killie highlights that he had no problem coming deep and spraying passes aroun, as well as getting his head onto the ball from crosses. I had thought he would start for sure. Now we're crying out for a creative midfielder/striker when we could have on in the shape of Casagolda.
  17. Not at all. As has been said I don't feel that he contributed much other than covering ground. If he covered that ground to support our attack then fine. That's not the case though, and when he does recieve the ball in an advanced position he will turn and pass the ball back, usually to Hammell but he was off for the majority of the game. The number of times Lasley had the box on the left hand side of the park with us in attack, stopped turned then passed to a marked Tom Hateley was sickening. Aye, Hateley was totally off the boil today, and has been so far this season IMO, and squandered most of these passes, but that wasn't entirely down to him being pish. Lasley only looked good to some people today because Jennings was fucked, in a normal game Lasley's workrate wouldn't be commented on when compared to Jennings. Kudos to Lasley for bursting a gut for as long as possible, but that doesn't mean he was fantastic. Prime example today was in front of the east stand. The ball was running out for a Celtic throw in with the Celtic player turned away from goal in anticipation to collect the ball for the throw in. Lasley wasn't even the closest Motherwell player to it, yet he charged after the ball when there was no hope of him keeping the ball in play, and instead of a throw in costs us a free kick thats under 40 yards from goal for the umpteenth time. One point that i've not seen made yet. Blackmans long throws, My god!
  18. Getting himself out of breath no way means he was giving 100%. Chasing everything is never good, usually leads to being out of position, thus hindering the rest of the team. Someone made a good point on thursday night, chasing the ball out for a throw in to the opposition when you're never going to catch it doesn't mean you're trying 100%, it just means you're stupid.
  19. It's the SPL, everyone is shite on different levels. Some folk need to realise this. We didn't go 5-4-1 at anypoint, which I've seen someone post. Hateley was man marking Maloney until McCourt came on, so after then Maloney had free reign, which left our defence fucked. Today we should have started Blackman and Casagolda up top, two new boys with no pressure on them against a team we are 'expected' to lose too. Jennings was apparently feeling unwell, I saw him take a knock to the head just before half time, was holding his head for the last couple of minutes. Celtic were visibly fitter and more aggressive than us, that, more than anything, is what won them the game.
  20. 1. Casagolda. 2. If one of the dense c***s that plays with us actually goes to the back post for Humphrey's crosses then we'll be fine.
  21. Thought Lasley was pish. Jennings did a fantastic job of marking Maloney out of the game for the majority of the first half, when he went off and left Hateley with that task, we were doomed. Lasley pissed me off today, How many more times will he have the ball in the middle of the park then indicate to Humph for the ball over the top, then not actually play it. Pathetic. He covered the park well but if he wasn't first to the ball he gave away a foul. If the game today was refereed properly, like our euro games, then it'd have been a different outcome. Randolph just for that save in the first half.

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