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  1. Silly question. We all know that Forbes can offer a moment of magic, tonight could have been the night. When they went to ten I wanted someone to come on, maybe not Forbes, but I wouldn't have moaned if it was.
  2. Totally don't agree with all the making an atmosphere shite. If you want to do that, you know where to sit/stand. If you want to sit and watch the game, you know where to sit. Don't be pulling the main stand folk up for not singing there hearts out for 90 minutes. It's never going to happen, why do folk think that all of a sudden for a big game that they people who sit there week in week out are going to change for one game?
  3. He didn't even offer us that tonight. Anything that was floated in, Carroll collected with ease.
  4. Yer still talking utter shite. They had once half chance and pounced on it. We should have hammered them.
  5. Its all a fair point. However, it's becoming clearer with each passing game that Humphrey has a decent cross on him. It's always going to the back post area, our strikers are fucking idiots for not being able to capitalise on this. Casagolda did in the Killie game and it paid dividends. Sutton seems to have realised this, but he was played too deep to actually be in the box to recieve a cross. Humphrey whips the ball in with pace, which is what we need. How many times did Carrol come and collect crosses? None of them were from Humphrey. If Humphrey gets much better, we'll struggle to hold onto him. Lasley needs to get his fucking head out of his arse. There are folk other than Tom Hateley and Stevie Hammell in the team. The number of times he gave Humphrey the nod for the ball over the top then passed it in the other direction was fucking ludacris. That's my only real qualm from tonight. Oh aye, if anyone finds Tam Hateley there might be a reward, been missing since 19:45 tonight. FTD, I'd have brought someone on for Hateley before 70 minutes. Litterally anyone. He was barely moving and hindered us going forward as Lasley had to track back as Hateley was useless at doing so, this meant we had no midfield support when pumping high balls up field. The amount of time Hateley was having on the ball at the end was insane, yet he still managed to do fuck all with it. Someone with fresh legs should have came on to run at them. I totally agree that the game would have been too fast for Forbes, but you never know, he may have done something special. Maybe he'd have passed to Humphrey all those times he was unmarked.
  6. I'm unsure how this will go. Does CB make someone mark Utaka/Djemba or do we go with a solid team? Personally I think Hateley and Lasley are pretty inept as defensive midfielders, Fitzpatrick could be good there but we never get a good chance to witness it. I'd stick Page infront of the defence with Hateley and Lasley infront. Humphrey, Murphy and Sutton being the top 3. With Humphrey on the right and encouraging Hammell to bomb down the left with a midfielder covering when he does so. That obviously favours Fitzpatrick though. Will just need to wait and see.
  7. I'd be looking to take out Djemba-Djemba, maybe sticking Page onto him would be worth a shout?
  8. Casagolda onto Blackman. Brilliant. Sounds like Saunders and Page have been getting stuck in. Humphrey with one of those shite crosses I suppose
  9. Maybe, we'll need to wait and see. I think if he has a good run out, even at centre half, he could start in midfield on thursday, playing in Jennings role infront of the defence.
  10. Well needed rest for Sutts. I reckon this will make up Browns mind on who takes Jennings place. I think Page may just edge it.
  11. Kinda wish I'd made plans to go now. Ahwell, will nurse my hangover in slightly more comfort but minus the killie pie.
  12. We more than deserved a goal. If we actually had some shots from outside the box instead of fannying about and trying to walk it it, we'd do much better. We should have had atleast one penalty. Ref was shocking.
  13. Thought it was between Humphrey and Randolph again. Went for Humphrey as he was the only person, barring Murphys effort at the start, that looked like causing any trouble. Our midfield was non-existant at times and I am glad that we will have to play someone other than Lasley and Jennings in the next leg. One great free-kick doesn't constitute you being Motm, Hateley was pish untill that point but no doubt will get a number of votes.
  14. Agreed with you up until that last bit. We made our point in a professional manner on the 22nd of July when we issued the first press release that also appeared on SSN. They are taking the piss and I would much rather have a chairman like Boyle who showed his commitment and loyalty to the club.
  15. Going into administration and not being able to pay folk/making them redundant, is totally different to not paying a club a transfer fee when you are solvent.
  16. Aye, chief exec said in the Bellamy conference.
  17. Ye need to spend a while there before you feel the effects...
  18. Hahaha, Sky Sports News Breaking News.

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