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  1. Doesn't matter what the facts are. Folk love to moan. We've conceded goals recently which is not down to the personel in defence, It's down to the way the team play the game.
  2. I must point out, its Hutchinson. He's recieved injuries because he is a young guy still growing. He's only played a handful of games, Page has played atleast 3 times what Hutchinson has. Page also had experience coming through the youth set-up at a 'bigger club', Portsmouth I think it was. Hutchinson was nabbed from a Boys Club. Surely had a better level of coaching from a younger age. Also add in that Page has always been a defender, Hutchinson only adapted to that position on his arrival at the club.
  3. Love threads like this. At least two of his errors came from trying to do the job of two defenders, because Craigan was out of position. Calm the fuck down.
  4. When he get's fit and ahead of John Page in the pecking order.
  5. Totally disagree. The problem is that we run out of puff towards the end of the first half then start the second half pretty flat. I think this is down to our middle 3 being too narrow. Hateley was rotten today. Even the cross for the first goal looked unintentional, as he hit a similar ball into the box shortly after which Stack cleanly took. The biggest problem today was that no one was there to help out Saunders. He was bombing forwards and no one from midfield dropped in. With Hibs 3rd goal someone should have been tracking Miller but decided to leave him to Saunders who was already marking a man.
  6. Waiting for the first vote to Casagolda. Though Humphrey was by far our best player. Ran himself into the ground and put in atleast 5 crosses that should have been converted into goals.
  7. Referee wasted the game. Can't believe some of the shite on the radio afterwards. Going down because Sol Bamba has all but raped you is apparently verging on play acting. I really hope Blackman or Casagolda can hit shots with power, the amount of chances we passed into Stack's hands was unreal. Atleast get someone to test him.
  8. ...and if they've none he should come on here to moan about it, right?
  9. Hahaha, good one wee boy. He may have been vital for you in FM but he certainly wasn't to Motherwell in real life. That's why he's, what's called, a luxury player. I didn't accuse anyone of saying that O'Brien was, the fact is that Hateley was far more creative and important to the team. O'Brien had moments of greatness, but more often that not he lost possession and hindered attacks by running the ball into dead ends all for the sake of beating a man.
  10. Canny be arsed quoting posts, but Tom Hateley was statistically our most creative player last year. Get the O'brien being important nonsense out of your head.
  11. Does that mean no one with you asked either? Sports Relief? Comic Relief would be more apporpriate given the hillarious assurances by some in this thread. In before Comic Relief isn't hillarious.
  12. Mainly, keeping him away from you I'd imagine.
  13. I think it was him. He wasn't massively tall, just deceptively lanky. Was certainly shorter than Sutts.
  14. Hahaha, SCDave is about to burst. Is there a limit to the number of quotes in a post?
  15. Who's to say they didn't want them, maybe he demanded too much?
  16. Wee rundown from what I saw of the game. Randolph did okay but didn't communicate well with Page and Hutchinson. Page looks far superior to Hutch at the moment. Meechan did nothing, although he was at right back. Fitzpatrick did okay at left back and got forward well, McCluskey ripped him in the second half though. Forbes tried to control the game but was over run by Jennings and Lasley, his passing was outstanding though. White No.7 was pish, had maybe one good tackle but other than that looked a bit wreckless and had poor positioning. No.11 was alright but didn't seem to be able to adapt to Fitzpatricks overlapping runs. By the end of the game it looked like he was pissing blood from his chest. Gary Smith and McHugh worked well together and were unlucky not to score. Tom Bradley, who came on fro Randolph for the second half, played really well. Made a few good saves and wasn't afraid to come for the cross ball, although he did flap. Hollis was alright, did well with the few shots that he had to deal with and made a couple of good free kick saves. Black No.2, did okay, worked well with Humphrey in the first half and a few good runs and crosses put in. No.4 was pretty solid, hit the bar with a header and at one point ended up running the length of park only to see his shot charged down well. Dario Quinn was also solid at centre half. Lasley and Jennings worked well again. Humphrey was outstanding, for his goal he cut inside from the right just over the half way line and turned Hutch inside out twice before unleashing a curling effort into the top left hand corner. No.9 (the big algerian boy) had a good first half on the left wing although he dallied a bit too long on the ball at times. Second half he was played as a striker and worked well with the midfield. Esteband Casagolda was pretty average but showed some great movement. Jamie McCluskey was fantastic. I thought it was him at the time but obviously the team sheet was wrong. Scored a great goal and hit in a few fantastic crosses. Won a penalty and then proceeded to hit the worst penalty I think I've ever seen. Has got a great amount of skill and pace. The centre min in the black side, Innes and Pollock, were fantastic. Innes played more of a holding role and was quick to shackle anyone breaking from midfield. Pollock showed some great touches and awareness, and really should have scored. From the trialists I'd look to sign McCluskey or Salim.
  17. He wasn't the worst player on the park. Wasn't amazing but he showed some good instincts, looked to play the other players in a few times and his knock on to Pollock at the end was one of many great first touch passes. Was also about to burst the net when Jennings took the ball off of him. Wasn't amazing and wasn't shite. If 'that' freekick had went in, there would be a different response on here.
  18. Why don't you come to the game? He is here.
  19. CASAGOLDA IS HERE. Number 10 for the blacks.
  20. Or... maybe, Choose Life will be on the kits. So they couldn't play in the home top as that would spoil any press gathering to announce a special sponsor. Apparently there was only one set of the 'euro' shirts made, so why print a temporary sponsor on them if that's the case.
  21. Shh, I'm saving the story for when he's Englands number 1...
  22. Ruddy has been conceding goals for fun in pre-season at Norwich. Of course that means he's better than a 'keeper who'd being tracked by a host of premiership teams.

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