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  1. They have a big game with Brondby inbetween the two legs. Could be interesting.
  2. They're fans seem pretty confident, but most aren't writing us off completely. Like the post above they seem, like Aalesunds, to think we're long ball merchants.
  3. On a few travel sites they're saying that it's around 30 euros when purchased from the station. That's not too bad. Link for train trravel. http://www.dsb.dk
  4. The first flights I looked up were in on wednesday afternoon and back friday night. £360 to Copenhagen, then you need to do an Island hop to get to Odense. Although, not checked it there are any internal flights.
  5. I don't think anyone can take Mallorca's place if they are in the process of appealing, I'm sure.
  6. Yeah, as someone said on another thread, the rhythm of the game didnt suit him.
  7. In the second half, until Lasley went off, he had a thankless task against 3 defenders. I though his movement was great in the first half though the amount of times he lost his marker to bomb in at the back post was unreal. We didn't really play the high ball in the first half so that didn't suit him. Took his goal very well though.
  8. Definitely, when we stopped attacking he became very ineffective. There was only really one lapse from him at the back tonight and luckily it didn't cost us a goal. Another point is that there were fitter and faster players on the park tonight than him. It really showed in the second half. Onwards and upwards.
  9. Saunders for me. Craggs/Reynolds may have had Aaroy in their back pocket, but between Randolph's command of the area and Saunders clearing headers, they were never scoring from a cross/set-piece. Saunders also showed the other side of a fullbacks game for the first 45 minutes. Glad he wasn't poached away in the summer and think he looks capable of becoming a full International. Craigan and Reynolds were also outstanding for the whole game. Sutton, Humphrey and Murphy had fantastic first halfs. Was glad to see Fitzy get on and even more glad for Page, I expected him to be above Hutch in the pecking order, but not as a sitting midfielder haha.
  10. Everyone had wanked themselves into oblivion over Ruddy by this stage last season so why not. The thing that has impressed me most is the he makes sure his defence know what they've did right and wrong, when most focus on the the latter. Oh aye, and his kicks.
  11. I can only imagine that the extra, if there was any, money offered to them was taken by Randolph. I also imagine Hateley will have a much increased deal. I reckon that's where there money has went. The only thing that's bugged me so far comes with the apparent news that there will be no new players. Halsman was sent out on loan to Annan and I think it will be a great move for him, but I think he's the closest thing we have to a proper left mid. I don't really want to see Forbes play there for the most of the season. Of course Humphrey may play there but I think that makes the team pretty lopsided. Hammell has the abillity to bomb down the wing or make runs into the box whereas I've not seen that from Saunders yet, who I reckon will be right back for the season, with Hateley most likely in right mid.
  12. If i'd copied it, it would have been much more exact My brother is like one of those rainman characters. See's something and can draw it from memory.
  13. Of course, but from what we've been hearing that could be the role that Fitzy fills.
  14. Well, one fine example was the game last thursday. Bombed down the left, stopped and cut inside, waited till Murphy had got into the box before Humphrey knocked the ball to the back post. The defender managed to get the ball away, from the moment he stopped the ball on the wing you could hear the murmuring dislike towards what he was doing, and even though it was the right option there wasn't any noticeable appreciation towards his efforts. It's something he's did a few times and it's worked pretty well. Did the same against Killie last season, IIRC, but instead of crossing played in JOB for a shot. If he had more playing time then we'd get to see more of this. Of course, It looks like Forbes is going to be our preferred choice on the left. One thing I have noticed is that when Humphrey is in the team with Hateley behind him, Hateley dictates what Humphrey does, which I think has a negative impact on his game.
  15. Just because you can afford to go to one or two games abroad shouldn't mean you get priority for a home game.
  16. Well done. I was making a case for the guy. It's the same with ever player that comes to our club. Porter, shite. Then he scores and is lauded. Jutkiewicz, Exactly the same. Some folk on here still say O'Brien was shite whereas the rest were converted when he started tearing wingbacks new holes on a regular basis. When someone finally gets on the end of a Humphrey cross, I have every confidence it will be come a regular happening. I never said it would be once a season.
  17. When we finally have the moment of Humphrey bursting down the wing and whipping the ball into the box and big Sutty bangs a header in... well. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.
  18. The last thing we need, IMO, is another centre mid, unless he is a class above those we have.
  19. Saying that Canterbury and Canterbury Europe are different things doesn't have anything to do with us having a deal with them. Which we did. Anyone thinking that the shirts being released with no sponsor means we wont have one is off their rocker. Having money to buy players is something thats rare at the club anyway. Most money will have been tied down in giving about 8 players 3 year deals.
  20. Euro games are, at this point in time barring a glamour tie, only big to the club and it's fans. That's a fact. Our 2 most important players? Granted Juke was important, however I think Jamie Murphy has shown in the euro games that he is prepared to step up and be our first choice striker. I'm guessing the other was Jim O'Brien. Since when has a luxury player been important? Granted he did a good job for us and helped win us games. He'd have been a different option up till now but I don't think he would have made the team significantly stronger. I don't see how a fortune has been put in jeopardy but the fact it's still being negotiated can only be a good thing. It'll be down to terms at this point and not anything monetary. It's been suggested that we wont actually be recieving money as such, and with no one from the club (I may be wrong) saying this has impacted our ability to secure new players, I have no worry about it. I'm sure the club were more worried about the situation with Canterbury and the implications of them going under since we had a 3 year deal with them. Finding a new kit supplier would have been more of a priority.
  21. Who's to say there hasn't been? Im glad that time is being taken over it. If its say, a 3 year deal that will benefit the future of the club through funding of youth development/training facilities, I'd take that over a quick lump sum of cash.
  22. Page can play anywhere in defence and, IMO, looks comfortable. A future defence of Page, Saunders, Hutchinson, Halsman would be great. Glad that the latter has been sent out on loan.

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