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  1. Pal, you make a twat of yourself without paying a membership fee. You win. Ye happy? The stewards don't have a clue. In situations like tonight either everyone goes or no-one goes. Can't eject one person for something that 20 more have done and do nothing to them. On a side note. The 'Well Boys' Could never come up with something as witty as "Yer just a big Russian paedo!" Thats claimed by us in the back row.
  2. yeah but you support Celtic so fouling and getting away with it is a key tactic.
  3. But that was after you had fouled me several times and i made you go the totally wrong way lol.
  4. I've played against him and made him look silly. How he is with a Premier league team is unbelieveable.
  5. Nah, I was just trying to show some jovial witticism in light of our team being shite as usual. But i guess thats not allowed on www.moanymoanynaefunmenonline.co.uk
  6. Were a wee diddy team from a small town. Last season was a turn up for the books. McGhee is a one hit wonder and always will be.
  7. Me too, In reality we should be around the bottom of the first division/ The fact we've sustaned our position in top flight football is astonishing.
  8. aye cos your such a good leader ya robot twat. How many Autocons are left now?
  9. Now and again it would be good to see some litterate posts on here.
  10. Put it this way, The guy kows his way about the park. Given match fitness his positioning will be back. Given that he is the kind of defender we've been crying out for we must seek to keep him here. Craggs is not good. Espescially when he should be sent off most games for knee capping fast attackers he can't catch.
  11. An improvement on Craigan. I would like to see a big switch around at the back. Just to give Saunders a run in the team. He looks like he could be a latest product of the youth sytem.
  12. Saunders, looks solid. Klimpl, a step above Craigan. Actually attacks the ball. No case for the strikers. we were ok but we just cant score.
  13. In all honesty another poor performance tonight will show the extent of McGhee's manageria abillity. I think he would be a great international manager. His style would be suited to it.
  14. -----------------Smith ---------Boab--Klimpl--Reynolds Hughes----------------------Hammell -------------Lasley--Fitzy ----Murphy--------------Carkson ----------------Porter Mcghee loves his tactics
  15. So do Me, Jenny, McQ, Ross and Ross' Pal get mentions again for all the wee hardly noticable thunderstick packets on the seats?
  16. Looked? he showed us. I swear man, you ever seen a snake choking on cow? Pretty much what it looks like.
  17. hahaha, naw man, cos it would only be guys with massive knobs that could compete. Thats no really fair for yees. Would just be me n Dave
  18. And that we took there beloved Mr. MMMcGarry from them.
  19. If need be deploy Reynolds in midfield. With Reynolds and Lasley sitting in front of our defence we could actually get a few cleansheets.

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