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  1. No, it isn't. Selling shirts with no sponsor and no indication from the club that we have one/will have one is a bad sign. That isn't the case. Calm yerself.
  2. Was he playing defensive or attacking within the midfield? Always thought he had the makings of a great defensive mid.
  3. Looked a tidy defender at times but also looked a bit of a hatchet man. Feel that the scottish game would be too fast for him.
  4. Was discussing this with one of my mates. There are two distinct types of football fans and it really comes down to perception of the game. Most will jump on Humphrey's back because someone doesn't get on the end of his cross, irrespective of the quality of the cross. Others who can then see the bigger picture, and that the problem lies in not having strikers who can match Humphrey's pace and be in the box to meet his cross. There will always be more of the former in the support of a football team. It's the same with Forbes, because he has the ability to score unthinkable goals and play great passes he is jumped upon when he doesn't do something extraordinary. Happened with Fraser last season too.
  5. Was just talking to my brother there, says a guy was doing freestyle tricks for about an hour in the town centre today. Could it be Esteban? P.S. his drawing of the guy...
  6. Dunno if anyones seen this but ...
  7. Totally down to them being away from home and playing more defensively I think. Carlsen and Mathisen being more all out wingers than Herra and Olsen. Straight swaps really.
  8. I disagree. Even though it looks cheap, I find it a bit different with the 'swooping seam'. Still, IMO, the Hearts top is by far and away the best.
  9. Also, that wasn't just raising money, that was for a specific purpose.
  10. I think that O'brien would have ripped that team apart.
  11. From watching the highlights a few times, I think that Saunders chest down was due to a shout from Craigan, atleast that's who Reynolds shouts at, with Randolph telling Saunders to use his eyes. Hateley did really well to get the cross in for the goal and Humphreys wee knock back was superbly taken. The finish was just placed perfectly. I think for the penalty, Phillips stumbles over his own leg before Saunders makes contact, very unlucky.
  12. I remember it looking awkward but I don't think it was a foul throw, think he stooped when he threw it.
  13. Better than the construction site at the Civic Centre haha.
  14. Agreed. He'll have the benefit of probably not seeing it again so it shouldn't do his confidence any harm. I thought Phillips was there deadliest player before the game and Saunders had his number, the same with Aaroy at set pieces.
  15. I may be wrong, but, wasn't it second choice players in the last bounce game? Think if there is one it will be the same again. Was glad to see Boab McHugh get on tonight but he did nothing, despite a hat-trick in the bounce game.
  16. At least someone is having some banter on here! Gutted you won't be coming over.
  17. No chance. Think we should do something though.
  18. Naw, haha, Just think that there was a bit of Jorge Campos running through the mind of whoever designed it. Then again, I like the pink top.
  19. I dont have a biased opinion when it comes to the actual football. If we were shite then I'd have said that. The matter is they didn't dominate us like some of there fans are claiming. So, I'm stating my opinion on the matter, like many others are. Remove your thong in your own time.
  20. Was paraphrasing what one of the Aalesund fans said previous to tonights game... Maybe it is worth a retraction
  21. I already made the joke in the mans thread, the tumbleweed was unreal. Seriously
  22. Indeed. Maybe folk will stop with the consistant 'he needs to bulk up' comments. He's a Legend.

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