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  1. If they said our Goalie top, then it'd be credible.
  2. Hope he signs and equals Jamie Murphys euro record.
  3. That's shedding some light on it. Was that so hard? I SAW half of the game, you had nothing in the way of attacking proficiency and had no substance in the middle of the park. Looking forward to controlling the game and destroying you next week. If theres a decent referee then you won't finish with 11 men on the field. Nice team of hatchet men you have.
  4. Does everyone in Norway wear those rose tinted glasses or is that just in Aalesund? I asked if anyone could shed light on it. You clearly can't do that? In the meantime, stop bastardising the language.
  5. Can I borrow your glasses? Love that rose tint.
  6. You didn't control the game at all. The stats show that. So much for making us out to be long ball merchants. The penalty was a sickener. Seconds left to play and the ball was heading out of play. Very unlucky for Saunders, felt that he barely touched the guy as he played for the foul. The earlier chest back looked down to a lack of communication as Randolph didn't get on his back about it. Would have taken 1-1 but i'm now left with a bitter taste. Humphrey looked good when he came on, but the problem remains, No one in the box for him to aim at. He played a good ball into the back post, after holding play up, and Murphy was still the only player in the box. Missed the first half, anyone shed light on the substitutions?
  7. Didn't look like that in the highlights of your last 3 games. 4-4-2. Two centre midfielders, two wingers, one striker and one in behind him. If it is a 4-3-3 then one of your midfielders must play an advanced role while the other two sit back.
  8. I've watched what highlights I could from the season so far on youtube. Look pretty tidy, wanting to play touch and go football. They like to play down the wings, right side inparticular. Tend to favour using pace to get onto a through ball as opposed to dribbling with it. Very quick to rush upfield. The big man up top doesn't look very technical with the ball at his feet and seems to go down rather easily. Defenders seem to sit back and let the opposition play, rarely closing down til play reaches the box. Centre backs don't look that great at reading the game, especially in the air. Looked very lucky to win at the weekend as the highlights were dominated by Valerenga. Very much a 4-4-2 line-up with wingers. Despite having fast players, the game speed is slower than in the SPL but they do possess a very fast counter-attack. If we can get our strikers into the box I think we will get some good scoring chances. Mon the 'well!
  9. Sounds more like a spanish 'cash your gold' outfit.
  10. So you'd be happy if we just raided a lower league team for players. Why don't we just sign 6 Forfar players, just so you can stop moaning.
  11. You must mean before I posted just there. Good one.
  12. When did folk start clicking on?
  13. Indeed. Most players end up in different positions when they join a pro-club.
  14. He might have an wage rise in his contract. However, I'm sure its a stipulation in the EPL that in relegation your wages are reduced.
  15. No chance, His wage will drop because they were relegated. Even Pompey will have that clause in there players contracts.
  16. I think that was more down to the club signing up players who it was seen had potential, not simply down to Gannon. If I remember correctly, in the few games he played in I think we only kept one clean sheet. He definately has the potential to be a star though.
  17. Who said he wasn't a goal scoring midfielder?
  18. In the friendly I saw, Page looked more impressive. That has nothing to do with why he isn't playing though. Craigan and Reynolds are much more experienced, and right now thats what we need.
  19. Please drop Hateley. He was played on the right side of midfield tonight in place of Humphrey. In Humphrey's short time on the park he played 2 good balls into the box, something Hateley failed to do all game. And if what I've heard is right, they'll just stifle us and play the high ball all day, so we need to get in behind them. Humphrey seems to be able to play brilliant balls onto the 6 yard line, sadly there's never anyone there to finish them. I'm comfortable with the defence and centre of midfield but I just don't think we're utilising Sutton correctly. If we can do this then I feel we'll have the potential to score a ton of goals between Suttons heading and Murphy's acceleration. In the long term, as has been said before, Forbes needs to be behind the front two.
  20. It's not even that. If he uses his pace and gets past the left back and hits a cross in, 9 times out of 10 we only have one player in the box.
  21. If anything Hateley is the one that should be dropped. Dire.

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