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  1. DosserJoe


    This is getting beyond a joke. Get that Murrant gadge involved. Keep the sweaty mokit furry hings
  2. DosserJoe


    We can't put such decisions in the hands of Flowbowdector The boys a technotard. He's no got a clue how to email said weans about their preferences (although he's worked out the Justeat app). One of the three boards need to step in to prevent this sorry mess spiralling out of control.
  3. DosserJoe


    Dafuqs this shit about getting rid of Claret & Amber? Honestly, if this gets sanctioned, Burrows should walk. Remove this important part of our heritage & your ripping out the heart and soul of our club. Lest we forget, without the help of Claret & Amber, Scott Mullen wouldn't have learned all he knows about football. How can we face a future where we lose such a platform to launch such journalistic talent? That & ma weans quite like going to see "The Teddy Bears"
  4. DosserJoe

    Lee Hollis

    His 2nd job probably pays more than footballer wages & doesn't require declaration to the tax man
  5. No read any if this thread coz I canny be bothered In summary Stuart McCall - best ever manager for the league Stuart McCall - god awful manager for cup competitions Can we get Butcher back into the coaching staff & put him in-charge of cup games only?
  6. Or ask if they will give you a discount aff ma jersey & some lucky poster will have the pleasure of ma company at yer sponsors night
  7. It's his usual tactic tae be fair. Welcome back Pearo eh
  8. Your clearly lying. Fra Kerr? Good game?
  9. Anyone looking for cheap digs in Rekjavic, I'd strongly recommend Guesthouse Pavi if you enjoy sleeping in an open gym hall. Gives you that natural disaster feel
  10. Zero percent chance apparently. He's still under contract down South and whilst he has a release clause, he's no intention of returning to the SPFL.
  11. I suspect the hair colour is correct

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